Landing Pages for Holidays

Ideas to Update Your Landing Pages for Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching and customers are completing their Christmas purchases in an effort to make sure gifts arrive by Dec. 25.

Companies worldwide have also been preparing for this occasion, doing whatever they can to make the shopping experience as streamlined as possible for consumers.

While some business owners may focus on extending their hours or providing gift wrapping, it's important for entrepreneurs to not forget about their Web presence. It's just as important for organizations to update their online stores and landing pages for Holidays.

Let's take a look at some of the ways companies can do just that:

Make Layout Festive

If they aren't already, prospective clients are beginning to get in more of a holiday spirit as the big day draws closer.

Completing their Christmas shopping should only increase that sentiment, as the time is one of giving and celebrating with loved ones.

Businesses can aid this excitement by altering landing pages to be attuned with the season. A simple change of colors to incorporate red and green or the addition of Christmas-themed designs will go a long way with consumers, according to Wordstream.

These upbeat pages can keep customers cheery even as they spend money.

Ensure Mobile Optimization

While responsive landing pages are important year-round, they're most critical during the Christmas rush.

According to xAd, 44 percent of customers said their mobile phone is the most important aid to them making a purchase decision.

The report also found 35 percent of people who researched their upcoming purchases on their smartphone or tablet expected to buy within the hour.

If these statistics are any indication, making sure a landing page is optimized for tablets and mobile phones should be a top priority for businesses this season.

Utilize the Fold

Most consumers understand there is a deadline for when they make their purchases for them to arrive by Christmas. In addition, companies often offer holiday promotions that are constantly changing as the day gets closer.dije

This is vital information for those customers who are stuck in the sales funnel. To push them through the process and increase their conversion rates, organizations should take full advantage of the space above the fold on their landing pages to display these materials.

Since many clients may not scroll past what is displayed first on their page, companies should make sure shipping deadlines, holiday hours and updated promotions can be seen when the site first loads.

Promote the New Year

Although it's crucial for companies to change up their landing pages for Christmas, it isn't the only time period they should be paying attention to. Businesses should also use this season of good cheer to advertise what's to come in the upcoming year, according to Marketo.

Revealing promotions during the holiday season keeps people on their toes, but why not tease new offerings that will be available in 2016? If consumers were satisfied with their Christmas purchases through a particular organization, chances are strong they'll return in the future for other products and services.

This practice keeps clients engaged past the current time and keeps them guessing what a company has in store for the new year.

The holiday season, while somewhat stressful for some merchants, should be a time of cheer and giving. To make Christmas purchases as easy as possible for customers, companies should update their landing pages for the holiday season.

This practice doesn't have to end there, however. Businesses can use this technique even after Christmas for New Year's and other holidays - St. Patrick's Day, Easter, etc - if they apply to the organization's offerings.