Make the most of your Pinterest Marketing with these 7 tools

Learn How to Use Pinterest Ads

If you struggle to improve your ad´s results and have already tried many tools and online tutorials and things just get more useless and confusing over time, this article is for you!!

Let´s clear up the air a bit about the power of Ads on Pinterest and what really works or not these days, the best tools and techniques to increase your revenue and so on, new tools come and go every week, so it´s important to be up to date to avoid wasting time and efforts on your ads.

Understanding Ads

Before we go deep into the specifics of Pinterest Ads, let´s see a quick overview of it´s Advertising Standards.

Pinterest is all about people´s taste and inspiration and it has high standards for ads, you should not promote spam or any kind of bad content (against the law content and so on).

Your content should also be authentic and honest, letting people know what to expect when they find your ad, so no misleading images or exaggerated claims will be tolerated.

There are restrictions on ads for the following topics: Alcohol, contests, sweepstakes and political campaigning. Don´t forget to check the prohibited subjects such as: Tobacco, Online gambling, Adult entertainment and healthcare.

Best Practices

Just to make sure you stay in track let´s keep in mind the best practices for Pinterest Ads.

It´s really important to start knowing what´s not allowed: prices or discounts on images, confusing layouts/designs on images, profanity or shocking content, images or videos with only capital letters, symbols or improper grammar.

The ad is driving people somewhere, it can be a Pin to drive awareness, to capture intent and increase engagement or even a Pin to drive clicks only.

Make sure you understand your goals and get the right packages on Pinterest, they did an amazing job to help users get great results with their ads.

Promoted Pins

Ok, now that we have covered the basics let´s jump into the best part, how to reach new customers and grow business!

Now that we have our goals set, it´s time to get our ideas/products (content) out there, in the most relevant places for your business on Pinterest.

You can manage your promoted pins on the Ads Manager to set up for a successful campaign.

You should check the Pinterest guides for more detailed info, but it´s important to know from ground zero that you´ll need a business account to use Promoted Pins.

In the Ads Manager you can create a campaign (to organize your promoted pins) and pick the pins you want to promote, after it´s all set you can add details in the process and the 2 topics below are really important for your ads:


Allows you to reach people based on their taste and affinity for certain subjects, again, you need to search for the right type of customers and not a random public. They will see your promoted pin in their Home and Category feeds.


We can´t simply overview this one, with the right keyword targeting you can reach the audience in their “moment of action” – that´s the sweet spot, when you can guide people to take action with your brand/business.

View more on the Ads Manager Guide!

Targeting Tools

Targeting is key for Pinterest ads, it´s the best way you can really reach people, to make them try your ideas or try out your products in a professional way.

By using the Pinterest Ads Manager you can create better targets in 3 different ways:

  • 1) Customer list targeting: Target existing customers using emails or mobile ad IDs
  • 2) Visitor retargeting: Reach people who’ve visited your site before
  • 3) Lookalike targeting: Reach a larger group of people who look and act similar to your audience (this is an amazing tool!)

Final Considerations

You can promote your ideas and business using Pinterest Ads, a nice control over the available tools can help you to get a revenue increase.

There are many metrics and analysis that can be done to give a better direction and results for your campaigns, based on the public´s affinity for certain topics.

This is called targeting, aiming the desired amount and type of clients based on the goals of the company.

Let´s just not forget about the best practices and avoid everything against law and regulations. With the content of this article your next campaign will go just fine on Pinterest!