How to Write Landing Page Content That Converts

How to Write Landing Page Content That Converts

While landing pages have many different elements, content is an important, though often overlooked component. You have to give your brand a voice, engage readers and successfully direct them to the next step.

Although it may seem tricky to get the right mix of aspects in your content, the process could be simpler than you think.

To get content right, you have to ask yourself a few simple questions, including the following:

  • What makes your business different from your competitors?
  • Who is your primary target audience?
  • What do your clients value most?
  • What can your business do for them?

These queries should provide a jumping-off point for writing content for landing pages.

In terms of the first question, you can't just tell potential customers what makes you so great because they aren't likely to believe you, according to Positionly. Every business says it offers great service, which makes this claim sound less credible.

Your competitors probably make similar claims about why their solution is the best and website visitors are tired of hearing it. You need to consider what your business can offer customers that other companies can't and express this to them through the landing page copy.

Considering what your target audience really wants can make your pages generate higher conversion rates.

Don't Forget the SEO Side of Writing

While identifying your target audience and their pain points is a good first step, you need to consider the search engine optimization keywords you'll use to bring the right people to your website.

This goes back to identifying customers' needs because you have to determine the search terms they will use to find your landing pages, Search Engine Watch stated. The challenge here is moving away from conventional SEO best practices, which may slightly be outdated due to recent changes to Google.

In the past, most companies would select their target keywords based on which had the highest search volume. Another common SEO suggestion is to choose keywords that your competitors are using.

But if these are industry buzzwords, it's unlikely a potential customer who is currently unfamiliar with your business will ever punch that term into a search engine, rendering your keyword research useless.

You need to determine the phrases your target audience would actually use when starting their journey to becoming a customer.This can guide the selection process and writing and it ensures that the right people will end up on your website in the first place.

While keywords are certainly still important, overusing them will come at the expense of your content. One of the best ways to refine your landing page copy is to provide valuable, informative content to visitors. This can build credibility in your brand when you go beyond just highlighting your value propositions.

If you're too focused on stuffing landing pages with keywords, the writing won't seem as authentic. A good test is reading through your landing pages and seeing if the copy seems like something a real person would say.

Once you get the basics down, be sure to craft a compelling call to action. Similar to how the rest of the landing page should communicate the benefits to the visitor, your CTA needs to give him or her a real reason to click or fill out a form.

While good copy is important for the conversion rates of your website, don't bog landing pages down with too much content.

Copy should be scannable; bullet points or lists work really well for this purpose.

Do you have any other tips for high-quality copy?