write a stellar landing page copy

How to Write a Stellar Landing Page Copy Even if You Are Writing For the First Time

A good copy sells. But, a great copy converts a visitor into a customer. You will sell your product or service, depending on the copy you have placed on the landing page. This is irrespective of how well you have designed your landing page. A great landing page copy is the one that intrigues a reader and gets them to read more of your landing page, so, a great copy converts! 'Conversion' is a science of the mind. To write a stellar copy, you must be aware of how your prospect's mind processes information, makes decisions.

Why the right copy matters?


The right copies matter more than ever. The tone of your ads, the music you choose, the images you use matters the most. The copy must support the feeling you are selling. Adopt a pithy style of writing to match the copy to your brand.

Just consider Coke. It is brown water, with a bit of lime and caffeine. What is so amazing about it?
And how is it still the popular drink in the world?

It is because that the company understands that people do not buy products, they buy brands. They have understood the importance of that creating a relationship with their audience through their Ad copies, such as "Open Happiness" which always revolves around summer, fun, friends, youth, and freedom.


You have already put time and effort into generating traffic. Now it's time to convert that traffic into revenue. We present you with a few techniques that are proven to work.  Use these to write that perfect copy for your landing page.

Have a picture of your ideal customer

Before you start looking out for the right visitors to visit your website or buy your service or product, be clear about ‘who’ you are alluring.

Visualize your ideal customer: Male or female? Is she mid 20 or well past 50? Does he drive a shiny Mini convertible or a super classy sedan? Does he have kids or is he enjoying a single cosmopolitan life?


If you don't know who your customers are, then learn about them. Do what it takes. Understand your customer, their challenges and motivations. If you understand all this, you can make them crave for your products.


The bottom line is you cannot write a converting copy without getting to know who your real customers are.


Focus on the benefits, not features

Customers do not care much about your products or services, instead they care about what solution you're selling them. And mind you, the customers already know what they’re looking for, they are waiting for you to sell it to them.  They are well aware of the features and requirements that they require and the product must meet their requirement with a benchmark pricing.

If you are just giving them the solution, then it isn't enough. This is because you aren't completely giving them what they need and want. So, include the benefits that you're giving them along with the solutions. The solution is just a signal to the customer that he or she is in the right place. But the benefits that you are providing is what makes you stand apart from the rest who are providing the same solution. When your customer understands this, they will make a decision to buy.

Don’t ignore the power of a great heading

Your prospects scan and skim across the page. Adapt to your prospect's reading style to produce a copy that will compel them to click on the CTA maneuvering their skimming habits. They pay attention to headlines and subheadlines. The headline is the most important piece of content. Through the headline, give them an idea of what to focus on. Keep the heading bold and clear. Write a subheading that portrays the product's benefits. If you are discussing the benefits of your products, use short bullet points or short paragraphs.

Focus on the writing style

Simple copies give the best conversion. Nobody ever complained that your writing is simple. Simplicity is the most powerful writing skill. Why? because simplicity sells. Just write the simplest clear statements as your copy. But at the same time don't replace creativity with jargons and buzzwords. Let the sentence structure be simple and short. Try telling what you what to convey with the most basic words.

Don’t write like a robot - bring in the human touch

At any given point in time, you are talking to a human being. This is the most crucial thing to remember is, if you have to crush your competition.So sound like a human being. The person who is buying from you always prefers to connect with other similar people. Definitely,  not with robots! Ensure that your copies sound like a human wrote it. Make your writing more personal, write the way you speak. Fracture the grammar rules if it makes your writing sound natural.


Demand action from the reader


You need to push your readers to take the action in the direction you want them to. Support your nudge with enough actionable data and you are good to go!


Double check for any errors

Check for all kinds of things that could possibly go wrong in a copy. Double check for the tone. Check if it is conveying the same thing as you want to convey about the product or service. Is it within the bracket of your target group.


What did you learn?
If you are thinking about writing a great copy, start with simple words, keep it, customer-centric. Focus on benefits rather than features. Use images that are not distracting but complementary. If you use a slider for displaying copies,  includes a differentiator.
Keep the primary CTAs near to the headlines. Remember, testimonials are important. Include it within the first 2 seconds of reading.

Keep it aspirational.