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How to Create a Better Experience For your Mobile Customer

The overwhelming growth in popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices in the last several years represents a huge, rapid change in the 21st century cultural and business landscape. And along with this change, we as online marketers now have some stellar opportunities.

An Online Marketer's Dream

By adopting smart mobile marketing strategies, we can enjoy a major boost in sales. We can reach out to and capture the attention of large segments of our target markets we might otherwise miss.

Mobile marketing is a potential goldmine whether you are in the B2B or B2C realm, and more and more companies are striking it rich each year. We can hop on board the mobile train, or we can get left behind.

But to enjoy the kind of results we want, we have to do mobile marketing right. And in order to do it right, we have to pay attention to the quality of the mobile experience we give our customer.

Customer experience is critical to your marketing success. And the experience you offer your mobile customer is no exception. Indeed, mobile may be the most critical place for you to focus your efforts on providing a great customer experience.

First Impressions Matter

Want A Better Experience For Your Mobile Customer?

Think about it: it's a cliché, but it's true – first impressions matter. This applies to so much in life, and it's critically important in marketing. And because so many people are so in love with their mobile devices and use them so often to help in the shopping and purchasing process, the first encounter a customer has with a company is at least somewhat likely to be through a mobile device.

So instead of thinking of mobile as only a small part of the customer experience, maybe we should think of it as being at the very heart of it!

A strong, positive first impression from a very enjoyable customer experience can make a lot of difference in your marketing results. It can help lead to a pattern of success. The flip side is that poor customer experience often repeated in mobile or any other part of your marketing can lead to failure.

A great mobile customer experience can lead to a long, profitable relationship with a very happy customer who buys from you over and over and happily tells his friends about how great it is to do business with you. If the mobile customer experience you offer is subpar, on the other hand, it could cost you a bunch of golden sales opportunities.

Keep in mind that just like they often are when viewing your website or other channels of your online marketing from a desktop or laptop computer, the mobile shopper is probably busy and easily distracted. Maybe even more so, because he's often looking at your mobile website, app or email while he's on the go.

If the mobile customer experience is frustrating, confusing or difficult, if it's not user-friendly, it will cost you a lot of chances to make sales, including those very important repeat sales.

So what can you do to give your customer an excellent mobile experience?

First and foremost, as with everything else in your online and offline marketing, understand your customer intimately. Put yourself in his shoes. Go through every part of your mobile customer experience as if you were your customer.

Some Important Questions

Want A Better Experience For Your Mobile Customer?

Ask yourself some tough questions, and answer them honestly and frankly. Is your mobile customer experience a pleasant one? Do you make it easy for customers who want to engage with your company through their mobile devices?

Is your website mobile-optimized? Does it have a simple navigation structure and a quick page load time when you view it through a smartphone or other mobile device? If mobile users have to wait for a long time for your page to load, or if they have trouble going from page to page and finding the information they want, you can bet that your mobile customer experience is costing you sales.

Along the same lines, if you run an online store, how easy (or hard) is it for shoppers to buy through their mobile devices? If it's a breeze, you'll make more sales and possibly more repeat sales. If it's a real pain, your mobile e-commerce sales will suffer.

In B2C and especially in B2B marketing, written content is an important tool for leading prospects through your funnel and transforming them from leads into customers. A lot of your readers will want to read content on their mobile devices.

Granted, despite the latest “conventional wisdom”, long form copy and content are not dead. They still have their place in the world of online marketing. But don't expect mobile users to respond to them. Mobile content needs to brief and to the point. Remember what we said earlier about mobile users being on the go.

Chances are your mobile prospects are accessing your content while they are out in public as opposed to relaxing in the comfort and quiet of their own homes. Hardly a recipe for long form content marketing success, don't you agree?

So if you want your mobile users to respond to and be persuaded by your marketing content, keep it brief. This might be a situation where you want to focus more on visual content like videos and infographics and less on written content.

But don't assume. Testing to find out what works best for you is key. Speaking of video marketing, here's a tip – video marketing is still marketing. You need to employ strong copywriting and content marketing techniques.

Build Top of Mind Awareness

Want A Better Experience For Your Mobile Customer?

Apps can be a valuable asset to a mobile marketing campaign, and can help you give your customer a first rate experience. They can build top of mind awareness (TOMA) in your customers. They can lead to brisk sales and repeat sales. They can be a wonderful addition to a smart mobile marketing plan for a local, brick and mortar retail business, like a restaurant.

But in one regard, apps are no different than any of your other online or offline marketing tools. If you are going to offer an app for your business, customer experience is critical.

A great customer experience provided by a first-rate app can be a major asset to your business. A lousy customer experience from a poorly designed app can reflect negatively not only on your app but on the business as a whole and could even cost you business.

One key thing to remember about mobile marketing and the mobile customer experience is that it doesn't exist in a vacuum. A great mobile experience can enhance the rest of your marketing efforts; a poor mobile experience can hurt them. So pay close attention to the quality of the mobile customer experience you offer. It's very important.

Your Customer Experience End Goal

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The end goal of giving your customer a great experience is to enjoy a higher conversion rate. To increase conversions as effectively as possible, you need landing pages. And since so many people now use their mobile phones for shopping, including e-commerce buying, you may be cheating yourself big-time if you don't have a first-rate mobile landing page.

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Happy Marketing!