Customer Service Team

How To Build Awesome Customer Relationships

As you know, amazing customer service makes all the difference. Answering people’s questions helps boost public appreciation of your business and adds real value.

Don't get me wrong, we know a brand can generate value in many ways - like inbound marketing, digital marketing strategies, sharing great content, and amazing design and usability. But when you’ve all these things up and running perfectly, you’ll really value having a great support team behind you too.

"The key to business success lies in winning the battle to deliver great customer service and an exceptional customer experience that builds customer loyalty and retention."

So says Flavio Martins the VP of Customer Support at DigiCert Inc. in 5 Winning Tips From Great Customer Service Companies.

What Makes Good Customer Service?

  • As a top priority every rep should be really friendly and quick.
  • Thinking outside the box is a must!
  • NEVER lie to your customers. Be honest.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness are mandatory..
  • Always listen to your customers and don't make promises you can't keep.

Flavio reckons your Customer Service people should also:

    • Be trusted and empowered to act pro-actively.
    • Look to win customers with winning words and soothing phrases.
    • Strive to break-down customer barriers.

Our Customer Service Team

At Lander, we finish almost every communication to you with words like:

"Create different landing pages. Experiment all you want. If you get stuck, just contact us and a friendly Lander customer service rep will help you!"

We do so ‘cos we’re confident our Support Center rocks!

So, don't be shy! If you have ANY question just email us, call us, Tweet us, become a Facebook fan….reach out and touch us!
Our Customer Service Team is shaped by Sebastian and Mariana!

Lander Customer Service Makes the Difference

How to get in touch

You can email us for support at
Tweet us at @LanderApp or directly to @MarianaAtMS or @SebasAtMS

Also, if you prefer talking, well... just call. Sometimes, though, it’s easier for us to answer your questions by email. Please, keep that in mind!