How To Build a Landing Page Using Lander’s Features

When people ask me what makes Lander the best landing page platform around, what do I say? I tell them it’s Lander’s versatility, ease of use, functionality and measurability that set the app apart. Everybody can create amazing landing pages using the incredible features Lander has to offer.

So versatile…

So versatile

Lander offers you a range of layout templates. Each has been created to help you achieve specific marketing goals, from increasing sales to acquiring subscriptions. Simply choose the template that most closely matches your B2B or B2C campaign. Then use Lander’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor to customize your landing page design. So you can connect with your customers on the move, for every landing page you create Lander gives you the possibility to add a mobile version. All you need to do is activate it and add the content you want!

So easy to use…

So easy to use

Lander’s drag-and-drop editor means you’ve no need to mess around with html or CSS. It enables you to easily execute design skills like stretching the width of your landing-page background to 100%. Lander also auto-saves your designs as you edit them. And you can integrate any number of applications or analytical tools, simply by embedding your tracking codes or java script.

Lander’s easy-to-use form building tool is your passport to capturing all the user information you need. For each individual visitor that completes it, Lander can even create a customized welcome email. Meanwhile, adding a customized, SEO-boosting URL is quick and simple with Lander. Just point your landing page to any domain or sub-domain you already own and it’s done.

So functional…

so functional

With Lander, the range of UX-enhancing features you can add to your landing pages is almost infinite. Here are some of my favourites:

  • Videos: Simply paste in the URL for the Vimeo, YouTube or Ustream video you want to embed.
  • Twitter: Easily add and adapt your Follow button, or integrate Twitter’s search widget.
  • Facebook: Just a couple of clicks and you’ve added your FB ‘Like’ box and ‘Comment’ box.
  • KISSinsights: Enable your visitors to feedback and show you care what they think!

To streamline your online marketing activity, you can also integrate your Lander-created landing pages with the likes of HubSpot and SalesForce.

So measurable...

so measurable

Lander knows you want to monitor and optimize your landing page performance. So its dashboard displays your traffic volumes, numbers of leads and conversion rates. Lander also lets you do A/B split testing on up to three different versions of the same landing page. As you change your layout, text, images or calls to action, Lander displays the affects on your page’s performance. Enabling you to make more informed, real-time decisions.

If you have a Lander query or just want to know more about landing page best practice, there’s also Lander’s exclusive Support Center. Contact us and you’ll find the answers to all your technical, billing and marketing questions.