Social Media in 2019

How Social Media Would Change in 2019

As a business, you are likely to have a social media strategy. But marketing on social media seems like an ever moving target - what works now, will not work forever. Keep it  fresh to make the most of it by playing along these changes which social media could take on in 2019:

The Focus is on 'Today’s Generation'link

Today's generation has grown up with social media as an everyday reality of their lives. As this generation gets older, it is necessary for social media marketing to focus on them as they grow into becoming independent money-spenders. Social media marketing is  progressive and agile. It is increasingly important to keep in touch with Generation Z and how they’ll utilize social media as they grow older.

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If you are a CEO, then you might have to become a little more 'social'

Gone are the days where CEOs were working in the corner office! The digital age is changing how we perceive a company's leader. With the amount of resources available online, the lack of transparency with your audience is inexcusable today. So, you need to use social media to share your insights as a leader and connect and listen to your audience. You may be busy running a business, but in 2019,  being active on social media will be a part of your business.

The most valuable content  will be short-lived

For example,  Instagram Stories are temporary, but a popular way to update profiles.

Share stories consistently (at least it is less annoying than posting half a dozen posts in a day) to keep your followers engaged and it can even increase the followers. Instagram stories are about twice as popular as Snapchat. This is what makes 'stories feature' valuable. Sharing  #behindthescenes videos can give your audience a glimpse of the culture you follow at your company ( You don't need to invest billion dollars to make the most of it).

As yourself these questions: Is the content you share on social media 'authentic'?  Do you craft content in the hope that your audience will like it? Skim through user-generated content from your audience to get an idea of what kind of content they like, so that you can engage them (this means giving credit to the creator on your channels as it can give your audience a sense of connection). Sharing content straight from your audience can help you connect with your followers.

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Social media will be the world’s most 'influential storytelling' platform

This is a shift towards the positive. Stories give you the  power to influence the world and the people who consume them. With this influence you must also take up responsibility. 'Stories' consume people, shape who and what they become; they can touch, inspire, elevate, educate, and change people and how they think and act. Your obligation is to use this influence for the greater good.

According to, by 2020 almost 5 billion people will be connected.

This means the stories you tell through social media have the power to reach and influence more than 60% of people on the planet! Facebook has reworked its algorithm and Google is focused on digital wellness. This is good for business.

"Facebook has a responsibility to make sure our services aren’t just fun to use, but also good for people’s well-being.” - Mark Zuckerberg.

Storytellers are going to reverse the trend of negative and fake information. Businesses and marketers who create and post content are pushed to spark meaningful interactions. These interactions will be an activity beyond simply scrolling. Such content is bound to see a greater reach. The way we tell stories will continue to change. New technologies are going to take over - machines will be used for story telling. This can improve engagement as stories can be tailor-made to individual prospects or customers.  Our practices on how and when it’s appropriate to use social media will change as well with the evolution of media and publishing.

Social media will face a critical moment

Though we fear that social media as an industry has failed by allowing it to distort our perception of realities, there is also a better side to it. Social media is pushing marketers to take meaningful actions, to be more truthful in communication and real in their content and to be more authentic with human connections. Marketers have a critical role to play, ensuring that social media can be used to influence for good.

If you are a creator, a writer or a technologist, what you do has an impact on the well-being of society. Push content that can leave a lasting impression on anyone who consumes it, and makes them feel worthy of their time and attention.


The goal is to adapt to these trends by next year. Not to forget - they are already in style. Pay more attention to what social media speakers  in your industry are saying and doing, so you can be well prepared for 2019.

Grow, learn and understand how to influence in the emerging areas.

While your competitors are celebrating this year's success , you'll already be working on an exceptional social-media strategy for 2019.