How Online Marketers Can Boost Christmas Holiday Sales

How Online Marketers Can Boost Christmas Holiday Sales

Are you an online retailer? Maybe you are a “brick and mortar” retail business owner trying to boost your online presence to increase Internet sales and walk-in traffic? Are you frantically trying to maximize your sales revenue this Christmas holiday season? Hoping to set the stage for a very prosperous 2018? If you answered “Yes!” to any or all of these questions, read on. This article is written for you.

The period from “Black Friday” through the end of the Christmas season is typically the busiest time of the year for retailers. As trying and difficult a time as it is, it's one that retailers look forward to; most need a very successful Christmas holiday shopping season in order to break even financially, much less enjoy a profit.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could enjoy a very successful holiday shopping season while setting the stage for a prosperous 2018? Wouldn't you like to enjoy a brisk level of business all year and not have to wait until the results of next year's holiday season to see if 2018 was a financial success or not?

Let's talk about some ways you can.

From Black Friday - or even before, until the end of the year, the public is in a mad buying frenzy. They are going to buy from someone. So how can you attract them to your store instead of losing out to a competitor? How can you get them to buy from you? How can you persuade them to buy more than they expected earlier in the season? How can you get them to come back to you to buy regularly next year, and not just next holiday season?

Let's talk about you can answer these questions and implement solid strategies to help you market successfully during this holiday season and all year long next year.

A Word On “Last Minute” Shoppers

Even though this is the busiest retail season of the year, a lot of people are procrastinators by nature. At 7 PM on Christmas Eve look at the parking lot of your local shopping mall or “big box” retailer for evidence of this.

Remember: you can experience higher conversion rates through limited-time offers. Here's something you can do to encourage these procrastinators to finish their shopping earlier in the Christmas season:  send them special coupons with limited-time offers that expire well before Christmas Eve.

It's true that it's much easier to make a sale to a current customer who already knows, likes and trusts you than it is to persuade someone who's never bought from you. In order to increase holiday sales, send a notice to your current customers thanking them for their business and offering them special holiday incentives to buy from you again.

Make them feel appreciated and important, and give them offers not available to the general public. Tell them these offers are only available to them, your valued previous buyers.

Don't Miss Out On These Two Very Powerful Retail Marketing Tools!

Powerful Retail Marketing Tools: email marketing or text message marketing programs

If you don't have email marketing or text message marketing programs, start them now. Offer customers and store visitors incentives just for joining your email and text message lists. Give discounts and incentives that are only available through email or text message.

Strategically time and plan your special email and text message offers; make it your goal to attract holiday season visitors and also to drum up sales at times when your business is typically slow. For example, if you own a restaurant and Monday night visitor traffic tends to be light, send email and text coupons offering special Monday night-only deals like “Buy one entree, get one at half price”.

Even if it's too late in the season to enjoy maximum benefit from email and text message marketing if you are just starting these programs, you can begin to lay the groundwork for very successful text and email campaigns next year.Your store will have higher traffic than usual this month. Take advantage of that and collect as many email addresses and mobile phone numbers as you can!

Please note that email and text message marketing are not sales techniques specifically related to the holiday shopping season. But they can help you avoid the “feast or famine” syndrome that plagues so many retailers who experience slow sales all year long and then endure a mad rush during the holidays.

And because you now have more traffic in your store than usual, you have a wonderful opportunity to grow your marketing “apparatus” in a big way by simply asking customers to join your email and text message lists.

Holiday Content Marketing Strategy

In your holiday marketing push, don't rely on only one means of communicating with your customers and prospects. For example, don't try to do all of your marketing with email or text messages or social media.

Employ a comprehensive marketing communications strategy through a number of different channels. Today's digital technology offers retailers like you (whether you work online, have a walk-in store, or both) many very useful marketing tools that can help you reach your target audience and grab their attention. You can also use offline marketing to enjoy a larger, more widespread reach and to compliment and help boost the success of your online marketing efforts.

If you use content marketing as part of your holiday marketing strategy, you can use social media to help get your story out. If you run a local brick and mortar retail store, you can use text message marketing to give special text-only deals to walk-in customers.

Your holiday marketing campaign can benefit GREATLY from the power of email. Whether you run a local retail shop or an online E-Commerce store, or a combination of the two, you need an eye-grabbing, visually appealing website. You need to drive traffic to it. You can do this with SEO and SEM. Remember to use holiday-specific keywords.

Keep It Relevant

Your site, whether it's for your local retail business or your online store needs to feature holiday-related content, graphics and specials. Remember that people respond to information they view as relevant to their situation; during the holidays, the vast majority of people are focused on shopping and gift giving. Grab their attention by giving your site and all of your marketing channels a holiday theme.

Conversion: You Need The Right Tools For The Job

Conversion: You Need The Right Tools For The Job

If you run an E-Commerce store, you need to be able to smoothly convert shoppers into buyers. The right landing page platform fits the bill. Landing pages are a tool you must have in order to enjoy the level of online marketing success you want.

Lander offers you E-Commerce-optimized landing page templates engineered to help you enjoy higher conversion rates – more holiday season sales! They feature PayPal integration to offer your customers an easy way to pay at checkout.

Lander's advanced A/B testing capabilities help you quickly determine which parts of your holiday-themed landing pages are working most effectively to help you win new sales. This is just one way Lander can help you enjoy more online retail success.

If you run a local retail business, here's a feature you will LOVE: our landing pages come standard with Google Maps integration. This will help frazzled Christmas shoppers find your store quickly and easily.

Earlier we mentioned how retailers like you can experience higher conversion rates with limited-time offers. Our landing pages have a built-in countdown timer. This is a persuasive tool to help you drive home to your E-Commerce customers that your spectacular pre-Christmas sale is about to end, and if they don't buy soon, they will miss out big time. Talk about a powerful way to help you make more holiday sales!

Any questions? Talk to us today! Or please leave a comment in the box below!

Happy Marketing and Happy Holidays!