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How Instagram Likes Helps You Get More Traffic To Your Business Site?

While starting a website for supporting the business online and offline as needed, you would see people talking a lot about the requirement of social media marketing and uttering the involvement of popular social sharing sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Especially, these days after the huge popularity that Instagram has fetched for itself and associated accounts on it, the importance of Instagram has soared to great heights. Hence, you would see a lot of online marketers, advertisers, SEO specialists, business persons, and website developers talking about Instagram accounts, shares, posts, and likes.

‘Likes,' which once was used mostly for posts on Facebook, are now being used as much and even more for Instagram. Why this kind of change and shift is being seen, and what is the significance of Instagram likes? If you are wondering and also pondering if you should also get so much inclined and focused about gathering Instagram likes for your website promotions, then here is what you need to know about this.

Why are people crazy after Instagram likes?

To put it up in simple words, the Instagram posts which gets the most likes are those who are interesting and high-quality pictures. And the profiles posting such high-quality pictures in a good or high volume fetches maximum numbers of likes. The more likes you get in Instagram, the higher is the traffic to your IG profile. The higher the traffic to your profile the more followers you get, and the greater the chances you have to direct this traffic to your webpage.

More traffic to the webpage can increase sales of your product, increase revenue, and make your business successful. In short, this is the whole story, which makes people crazy after getting success on social media. In short, if you are having an Instagram account and have created the account to represent your business, then likes are really important.

Your online presence is boosted

Whether it is Instagram or any other social media site, you would like to get visibility through it. The purpose of using Instagram or any such social sharing site is to get visible. When you post something that would evoke interest in viewers, they would like the post, follow you eventually on finding you posting such interesting content repeatedly in intervals. This is visibility. When people find your profile and posts interesting and loves coming back to it, then you do get visible. Otherwise, mere turning the profile into the publicly viewable mode is not visibility, although you stay technically visible.

However when you get viewed by more people than you get visible and visible enough to snatch public attention. Likes play a major role in increasing visibility because people using IG would tend to view those posts more which have more likes compared to the ones who don't have as much.

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Get recognized on Instagram

Why are some profiles on Instagram more viewed and popular than others? The main reasons for that are the number of followers those successful profiles have. The numbers of followers a profile has marked it distinctively and tells people that this profile is special for reasons. To know why it’s special and has so many followers, people visit it, find posts interesting and like them, and eventually become followers. This helps increase the number of followers over time, and this makes a profile more visited than others. That’s how you gain recognition on Instagram and similar social media sites.

Traffic to your web page

Traffic to your web site comes from various sources. If you want Instagram to be one of the major contributors to this, then you must nurture and develop your Instagram profile that way. There are ways to make your posts interesting and attention snatching. If you succeed, you will get likes, followers, and traffic. The simplest way to get traffic to your webpage through IG is by attaching your webpage URL on your IG profile. You can mention your website on your Instagram profile, about me section. And if you really can evoke enough interest in viewers about your web presence, you surely would get a considerable amount of automatic IG likes and traffic through the route of Instagram.

Why likes are important in Instagram

If you plan to get your business successful through the utilization of social media, then you should try to make your Instagram and other social media profiles as interesting as possible, so that you eventually get likes, shares, and followers. And ultimately traffic through that route to your website. And now you understand why IG likes are so much valued by social media marketers and SEO specialists.

Using audience insight to increase IG likes

There are many tips and tricks to increase IG likes. Some work and some don’t. Still, people try all to see which one turns out to be lucky. But the use of audience insights is quite much scientific and backed up by real data. It works like this. You have to check the audience insights section or tools in IG to find out what type of viewers have liked your posts. If you are getting likes, then this tool would give you an insight into the viewer types. Based on this research, you would better know which kind of audience is automatically getting targeted to view the posts and like it. Accordingly, you may continue to post that way or modify some things to attract audiences from other types and segments too. However, if you think that most of your tried tactics are not fetching you satisfying results, and time is slipping out of your hands, then you always have the option to buy real likes for Instagram from trusted services.


The activity of a business profile on Instagram is to fetch traffic from his social media site to the business website and increase sales. If you are facing obstacles in that, you may always get professional help, because Instagram has a high population of all types of users to make your business successful.