Homepage vs. Landing Page

Homepage vs. Landing Page: All You Need To Know

Businesses are improving and growing very fast. Competition is one of the key factors making business to come up with new ways for their growth.

The need to serve a wide range of customers makes business to use the internet to look for new customers.

You need to develop an interactive website which should serve all your targeted group. When developing the website there two key pages to your website.

Landing pages and Homepages are important for determining the conversion rate of your website. Sometimes developers use the home page as their landing page which ends up confusing the visitor.

Below is the break down between the landing page and homepage.



Basically, the homepage is like a door to your house. The homepage is the first page you get to when you visit a website.

The homepage creates the first impression of your website.

When someone visits your website, the homepage is the one which tells them whether you are offering the products or services related to your website. It contains links to other pages on your website.

Homepages are used to disrupt visitors to a site. It may direct the visitor to educational contents or allow them to learn more through the website. In the awareness, stages homepage are sometimes used for prospects.

Every website must have a homepage since you will use it to navigate through the website.

The homepage is the one which occupies your root domain. For example, if your website domain is www.cisco.com, when you click on that domain it directs you to the homepage of your website.

Visitors can tell the business you do by visiting your homepage. It gives detailed information about your business. The homepage links the other permanent web pages of your website.

For you to visit another page in your web page a link is provided in homepage. Give customers information reach you. This is the page which contact and social media here you can contact the owner of the website is provided.

Homepage vs landing page: What is a Landing page?


Homepage vs. Landing Page

When you create your website, you should have a section to advertise your products. The landing page is the page on your website to offer advertisement. The landing page is designed and created purposely to turn the visitors to your website to leads.

The landing page is the key page to increase the conversion rate for your website.  Landing pages are used to increase the SEO optimization for your website. Landing page makes many people visit your homepage through the SEO optimization.

The landing page is designed in a way that it receives traffic from all sources. It helps the visitors to perform a well-defined action. For example, it helps visitors to provide their information through filling specific forms.

The landing page is used to downplay navigation options. When you have content which you are not intending it to be a permanent part of your website, you can put it on the landing page.

Homepage vs landing page: Landing page uses


  • When you want to launch a new product or service.
  • When running target Ads
  • For a paid search campaign
  • For Facebook Ads

Homepage vs landing page: Use of a Homepage


  • When listing basic information
  • Running retargeting Ads
  • When your business is first time online

Homepage vs landing page: Landing page is better than a Homepage


Homepage vs. Landing Page

The landing page is appropriate to use when you are want to perform or achieve a specific goal through your website.

The landing page is oriented to perform dedicated actions and is also applicable when you want to have temporary information on your website.

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Homepage vs landing page: Conclusion


When developing website it important to know task for every page. Different pages perform different tasks. Both pages are important when developing a website. You should ensure that your landing page is linked well to the homepage.

The homepage should have detailed information about the website. Both pages should have related information towards your products or services.  Both are used to increase the conversion rate for your website.

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