Wifi Landing Page

10 Essentials For a Great Wifi Landing Page That Converts

With the current digitalization of almost everything, a strong internet connection is very important. A WiFi landing page could just be the best solution for the digital world.

It is basically a wireless network that provides internet connection to phones and other entertainment devices. It uses radio frequency.

Naturally, the large market base attracts stiff competition. Business owners must, therefore, coin ways to stand out from the crowd and get many leads.

Creating a good WiFi landing page helps in customer conversions, thus give the business owners maximum returns on investment.

3 Things A Wi-Fi Landing Page Must Have To Earn Customers’ Trust


1. Important basic details about the internet provider.

2. Adverts from partnering companies.

3. Disclaimer about internet usage.

2 Ways you can use the WiFi landing page

To Start A Conversation with Your Customers


The page gives you a chance to collect personal details about your customers. The details include names and email addresses which you may use to strike a conversation with the visitors and entice them to buy your services.

It is a great opportunity to showcase your skills and inform the visitors why they should do business with you.

Just ensure that you remove the main navigation menu from your page. The hyperlinks may be confusing and make visitors leave the page before undertaking the required action.

Also to avoid is the generic ‘’submit’’ or ‘’sign’’ up button. Instead, use a more enticing and value-driven call to action button like ‘’find my newsletter.’’

To Provide Maximum Control and Security


Use the captive portal to give terms and conditions for using your services. You can make use of bandwidth restrictions.

This will prevent unnecessary devices like Xbox from popping online, therefore, saving your visitors’ data usage.

10 essentials for an excellent WiFi landing Page

Showcase Your Brand


Strategically place your brand. The best way to do this is by placing it at the center of the first page.

Don’t shy away from doing this thinking that it is fruitless and gives a sense of self-promotion. If anything, it makes a lot more differences.

Your customers will feel safe and secure knowing who is providing them the services. In return, this will build their trust and they may just end up signing for your network services.

Make the Page Updatable


Most people have a short attention span. So, you need to keep up-to-date with the trends. Give your customers the kind of information depending on the services you are currently offering.

Have a Responsive Design

Wifi Landing Page

It is so frustrating when a user is trying to load a page on a mobile device and it just cannot load.

Many people are currently using mobile phones, for this reason, ensure that your visitors can access the offer on a mobile device.

Make the form mobile friendly using kick-back email so that your audience can access the form at a later time.

Some of the people on your wifi landing page might have actually filled out forms on your website, and you can, therefore, access these details from your database.

Progressive profiling will minimize repetition and will show new forms filled with the returning visitors. This is helpful for the visitors who prefer mobile devices.

If you have laptop users among your customers, then make the page format friendly to them as well.

It is, however, important to note that it is not just about your form copy fitting a particular screen, controlling the information you provide in each format is very key.

Have a Great Background Image


Don’t just use any image for the sake of it. Ensure that the image you use is eye-catching, clear, and related to your content. The quality of the image should also be high such that it remains clear even after zooming.

Use an image that fills the page to make your page appear expensive. It will even be better if you add cool fitting filters to make the image pop out more.

Use a Strong and Clear Call To Action


It is of less value getting several visitors on your wifi landing page if you cannot convert them to leads for the business.

A call to action button helps you direct your audience to perform specific required actions. Avoid the generic ‘’click here’’ or ‘’sign up’’ as much as possible.

Customize your CTA to focus on one particular action at a time. Make the action button big, clear, persuasive and easily actionable and do not forget to make it consistent with your headline and source copy.

Don’t assume that your visitors will figure out what to do by themselves.

Give an Option for Social Sharing

Wifi Landing Page

Consider having social media sharing button to encourage your loyal clients to evangelize your offers and values.

Be sure to only include buttons used by your audience. Social media referrals are essential in the current digital world which you do not want to miss.

Give the Visitors Reason to Come Back On Your Wifi Landing Page


Inviting your guests to make more reservations in future is a great way to generate more leads. You can easily do this by adding next visit coupon.

Take note of the needs of your clients and work towards satisfying them. Read the feedback you get on the website or from the kickback emails from your potential leads and make necessary adjustments aimed at providing better network services to your visitors.

Ensure that the information on your page is related to what your visitors need and offer solutions that address these needs. This will give them enough reasons to continue using your services.

Give Login Options


People have different preferences on just how much of their personal details they are willing to share online. Giving them an option to access your services using an email address, phone contact or Facebook account could be a great idea.

Just make good use of whichever option the customer goes for. If for example, a customer goes to the phone contact sign up, make your form copy brief, interactive and fun. Facebook signups mean that the customer is interested in social approval and memories.

Co-Branding Builds Community


‘’Community’’ is very important for any service providing industry. This ranges from you as the service provider, the visitors and the neighboring related businesses.

Use the wifi landing page to cross-advertise with other businesses within your locality. But make sure you ask for their permission first to avoid landing in problems related to piracy.

Talking with your business neighbors will help you know if they are interested in doing business with you or not.

Protect Your Business with Terms of Service


Although it is mostly about your customers, don’t forget to protect yourself too. Clearly spell out in your terms and conditions the rules that the customers must adhere to. State the limits to your liability ends in case of breach of contract.



You can adapt boilerplate and customize it to fit your own terms and conditions. If someone carried out some illegality via your network services, which you clearly spelled out you are not liable to, then that would be their own cross to carry and deal with.

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