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Hot Tips To Create A Great Splash Screen For Your Marketing Campaign

What’s a Splash Screen?: The mobile development industry is expanding at a faster rate. The developers always strive to find new ways of making their apps more enticing for their customers.

The most used approach is continually changing the app design. If designed properly, the app will attract many users and give them maximum value.

The first impression is very important in retaining clients. This is the main reason we will focus on what’s a splash screen and all the important tips related to creating a splash screen.

A splash screen is the first image that appears on a program when you try to download the program. It may also appear when you are closing a program.

A splash screen doesn’t provide you with any information about the news or the special features in the app.

This screen is cosmetic in nature. It is comprised of the app logo in the background, the name of the app and occasionally, the motto of the app. For this reason, the splash screen strengthens the brand loyalty.

It also informs the user how long it will take to download a program. Brand loyalty is good for your business as it will popularize your company name and lead to the growth of the business.

Why are the Splash Screens Necessary?


We live in the age when almost everything is just a tap of a button away. Technology has made it possible for customers to buy products from the comfort of their homes without wasting much time.

So, how long do you think your visitors will be willing to wait for your app to download? What should you do when your app is complex and requires more time to download considering the dwindling patience in the society?

This is where the splash screen comes to your aid. It will give your user something to keep them busy and entertained as they wait for the application to download.

Tips you can use to make a perfect splash screen

Keep it Simple and Unique

Splash Screen

The idea of the splash screen is to hold the attention of your audience for a while. Ensure that you have a simple design with a sense of creativity to make it unique.

Use eye-catching colors with a mix of creative backgrounds, logo, and dynamicity to make it more interesting.

Don’t add text to your splash screen. They are not going to last long enough for the user to read your text. Just keep it simple and avoid sharing idea or messages as this will annoy your users.

Manage the Size of Your Splash Screen


It is important that you get the right size for your splash screen to make it more effective. You can get the general information related to the launch screen size on Google. You may also check out the sets of static images for your iOS devices on Apple.

We suggest that you use small, medium and large gradient and logo sizes depending on your screen resolution.

Keep your Users out of Anxiety


The last thing you would want to do is to keep your audience waiting. This will annoy them and they may just abandon your app altogether.

This is how you can keep your users out of anxiety:

• Display the progress of the download to reduce anxiety, annoyance, and irritation.

• Remember, no advertising- Your aim is to make an authoritative impression that your company is reputable, credible and the users should trust you to deliver your promise.

Exposing your commercial orientation will impact negatively on your business. The users will feel that you are trying so hard to impress and you may lose their trust.

• Don’t provide multiple screens- Allow your splash screen to show for a few more minutes. Allow the users to wait a little longer. The short span user concentration doesn’t apply on the launch screen.

Show the Awesomeness of Your Company

Splash Screen

The image you display on the launch screen should clearly identify your company. Don’t copy the solutions of related build-up companies.

We advise you against the traditional way of adding the name or the motto of your small company to the splash screen.

Find a unique way to communicate your awesomeness and spirit. You don’t have to use words to convey this information. Do you? Find other better ways to do this.

Entertain your Users


The users will get really bored staring on a motionless logo or repeatedly read an encouraging slogan before the download is completed.

If your app is complex and takes longer to launch, offer your users another lightweight game such as a snake game to keep them entertained. You may also give them any other interactive engagement. It doesn’t have to be a game always.

Incorporating the entertaining features on the splash screen will:

• Bring out the best of your creativity, spirit, wit, and ingenuity.

• Help you grab the attention of your users.

• Give your users the confidence that your app not frozen and that it will eventually download.

• Make your company different from other companies in the industry.

• Ensure that you give your users a great experience.



• Do not confuse your splash screen with a splash page. The splash pages are used to make announcements and showcase products to the visitors before they access the website. The launch screen does not allow any promotional activities.

• The splash screens are different from the landing page. They are not designed to convert traffic. You should not include any call to action or a lead capture form on your launch screen.

Use the splash screen for the sole reasons of entertaining your users while they wait for your application to fully load.

The do’s and don’ts of creating a splash screen

If you decide to use a splash screen, remember to adhere to the Microsoft’s best practices as discussed below:


• Customize your splash screen with enticing images and branded colors to make your application different and unique.

• Use images that are consistent and related to the app your users are downloading.

• For the best visual effects, use a transparent PNG.

• Create an extended splash screen. Make it relevant and consistent with the first splash screen. This will add an ‘’indeterminate ring’’ and encourage your users to wait a little longer as the program downloads.

• Create a splash screen image of sizes, 620*300 pixels. This image is sized for all the three scale factors.

• Be creative with your splash screen design. Originality and authenticity are key.

The Don’ts:

• Never use the splash screen to showcase your products to the users.

• Don’t use the extended splash screen to show different, several splash screen images. This will confuse your users and they may feel that you don’t understand what you are doing.

It will also beat the purpose of an extended splash screen as the smooth onboarding experience for the users will be interfered with.



Splash screens have their own shares of advantages and disadvantages. However, they can do magic when appropriately designed.

You can use the simple DIY tips we have discussed to create your bright and authentic splash screen.

For more inquiries about ‘’what’s a splash screen?’’ contact us at Lander. We have a team of experienced and dedicated staff to help you with your website marketing needs.