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8 Solid Tips for Great Signup Forms with Examples

Signup forms enshrine a pivotal part of any website. They can be used for different purposes as well. One of the places where any business organization can predominantly see registration forms are in the website signup area.

Based on the purpose the form fields included in the registration form varies. To help any business organization get a better idea and choose from a wide variety of choices in this free registration forms list, it contains all possible types of registration forms.

But before getting into the free registration forms list lets see how to makes an effective registration form that helps a business organization get more subscribers or registration by signing up such forms:

Signup Forms Tip #1: Less is More (Few fields = more conversions)


Every field, a business organization can be asked to fill increases friction. The best thing they can do to improve conversions is to get rid of as many fields as possible.

In most cases, they do not need to ask for anything but the email address. In one study, an 11-field version of a contact form was replaced with a 4-field version, resulting in a 160% increase in the number of forms submitted and a 120% increase in conversion while the quality of submissions stayed the same.

The numbers of fields an organization can have in a form is also dependent upon the perceived reputation of the company.

Well-known and trusted brands can get away with more, but even they cannot go overboard.  I have heard the New York Times subscription form used to be 18 pages long (!) when they first launch their online presence.

Signup Forms Tip #2: Sell the Email Signup


Getting people to give the business organization their email (sign up to your list) is a transaction. An organization wants them to give them their email address (and maybe other data), they want something in return.

Generally speaking, you should ask for as little as possible on the signup form, and give the user as much as possible in return.

Signup Forms Tip #3: Form Design Matters


People trust beautiful design more than the alternatives.

Signup Forms Tip #4: Communicate Errors Clearly


If they fail to fill in a mandatory field or do something wrong, be very clear about it. If they did fill the form incorrectly and you need to show an error message, make sure the fields are populated with the data they entered. If they have to start from scratch, it causes frustration and they might not do it.

Signup Forms Tip #5: Don’t be Picky


When asking for information. There is nothing more annoying than a form that requires information to be entered in a very specific format.

For example, if the business organization is asking for a date, accept the year as in 11 and 2011 both. Let them use either slash (/) or dot (.) in between the numbers.

When the business organization asks for a phone number, do not require spaces, brackets or anything else – let the user enter their phone number as they please.

If the organization needs the data in a specific format, make it clear, or better yet have it converted by a script. You can also design the interface in a way they do not have a choice.

In the case of dates for example, they can have them choose it from a calendar.

Signup Forms Tip #6: Don’t ask for the Password Twice


The more fields the business organizations ask people to fill in, such potential customers will do the less. Having two fields for passwords is stupid considering the same.

Most people do it as “everybody is doing it”, but for no good reason. The idea is that entering it twice makes sure that there is no typo in it. Well, a better way to do that is to give the option to see what they typed.

Some business organizations in such sign up forms even have a “check your password” checkbox you can tick to show the password instead of *********. A much better way to verify whether there are any typos

Signup Forms Tip #7: Avoid Clear Fields Button


Nobody who fills in the form wants to clear the fields. If they do not want to fill it in, they can just leave. If they fill the form and accidentally clear the fields, there is a good chance they will not start again.

Signup Forms Tip #8: Don’t use Captchas on Forms


Captchas are those anti-spam things. One study done over 6 months found that when forms use captchas, the company could miss 3.2% of all their conversions.

People could failed/incorrectly answer another study found that up to 30% of the captchas as they’re too hard to figure out.

So Instead, What do you do?


If it is an email signup form, just use double opt-in. If it is a quote request or another type of form, you can use the “Honeypot” captcha technique.

It involves using CSS to hide a form field that is supposed to be left blank. Every time the form is submitted you check the field and see if it is blank, if not, mark it as spam but not delete it.

Some Sign up Forms examples  to Inspire you

Bubble Signup Form

Signup Forms

Bubble signup form is an interactive template with a lovely background. The transparent form uses dark shade to differentiate itself from the colorful background.

Calm soothing background animation effects gives a pleasant experience to the users. With this registration form template they get a username, email address, create a password and confirm password options.

They also get the option to include a checkbox for terms and conditions. At the footer, they have the option to take the users to the login page if they are already a member on your website.

It is a mobile responsive Bootstrap registration form, so it will be easy for they to integrate this form into their mobile responsive website template.

Signup and Subscribe Form

Signup Forms

Signup and Subscribe Form is a modern and creative Bootstrap registration form. With its split design, this template be used for dual purposes; it can be used as a registration form as well as a subscription form.

The user can dismiss the subscription form if they find it as intrusive. In the registration form, you have the option to sign up via the social media, which is one of the most preferred ways by the users because they no need to remember a bunch of passwords for different sites.

Since it is a full-width form, the designers have used image background to fill the whole screen.

The form fields supports field validation, so even if the user left a field, they will be promptly noticed. With the subtle animation, effects and professional design this type of from best suits for corporate website templates.

Multi Step Form

Signup Forms

Multi Step form is more or less like the Bootstrap wizard like registration form template. Instead of providing a long boring form you can use these type of step by step interactive Bootstrap registration forms.

The visual effects on this template are neat and sleek, so it not only gives a lively feel to the form but also make sure the user is not waiting for a long time for the next sheet to appear.

There are three stages in this form to collect different details like account setup, social media details, and personal details.

None of the form fields supports field validation, so make sure to add it if you wish to use this form on your website. This is also a full page form which uses trendy gradient background to cover the full screen.

Those are enough tips and insights to help you know why you require a Signup form. You can save on costs and time by getting one of our well-priced templates.

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