Awesome SharePoint Examples That You Might Need to Copy

SharePoint is a Microsoft dynamic generated server program that is developed to share documents and information across various organizations within a local area network.

Finding itself in a ton of companies, SharePoint allows different departments to have total control over their own documents, information, as well as security.

Just like any other website, to gain access to the SharePoint site you need to enter a provided URL which is easily accessible using a common web browser.

Oft times, SharePoint is used for the storage of documents such as Excel worksheets and Word documents.

The common method used to share documents between users is by the use of email addresses. There is a big probability of documents mixing up. By sharing these documents, you provide access and visibility to your teams across your organization.

Additionally, the storage of several copies of the same document takes a lot of space. Due to the fact that SharePoint supports only a single storage source, viewing, and the update of documents, many of these factors are not included.

For the reason that SharePoint supports virtually all types of documents. It is seen as one of the best consolidated and file storage system.

The reason behind Microsoft choosing SharePoint as the best dais for publishing was because of its important built-in features which include the following:

Security: SharePoint provides support to both individual users and a group of users. Individuals and groups may or not be given access to some parts and sections of the site whereas selected users may have jurisdiction over whether to remove, add or adjust the site.


Versioning: the history of objects and data is automatically upheld and maintained in the program. Alterations can be made and taken back to an earlier point or state without considering time factor. The ability to alter these changes can be given to individuals without the DBA support


Recycle bin: the site has a recycle bin which stores deleted data. The data in the recycle bin can be retrieved at any time; furthermore, the undo feature is supported in this system.


Alerts: interconnected groups and users can receive alerts and notifications whenever a certain document has been added removed or adjusted. When users have been approved with certain authorizations they can have control over their own notifications.


End-user maintenance: the end user has authorizations and control on the upkeep of their SharePoint sites without the interference of the information technology sectors.

Though SharePoint pages are not malleable as dynamic web pages are, SharePoint developers have the option of adding, removing, or adjusting the page characteristics such as colors, headings, fonts, themes and other physiognomies of the page.


Additional features: each and every SharePoint website has various features, such as announcement and task list that provides users with the ability to shut them off.

Many organizations and companies that are related to computing and IT have SharePoint sandwiched in their networks.

SharePoint Examples that are an inspiration

Kuwait Airways


This is the chief airline of Kuwait; it has its headquarters inside the Airport.

The Kuwait SharePoint site was created using SharePoint 2013 program. The site provides an economical and viable flight service to your desired location.


Western Australia


Also known as “WA” Western Australia covers the all-inclusive western 1/3 of Australia. To the north and west, it is bordered by the Indian Ocean.

However, a considerable number of its inhabitants lives around the southwest corner. Australia has a wide variety of climatic experiences as well as the landscapes and physical features

The newly redesigned site was constructed using SharePoint 2013


Stora Enso


This is a company that specializes in the production of book paper, industrial packages, newsprint, and wood products.

The website portrays creativity and high responsiveness; it is built using SharePoint 2013. The website contains demanding web design elements and features such as a decent layout, a responsive navigation bar, and a smart drop-down menu.


Screen West


This is a screen financing and development company. It is situated in the west of Australia. It has formed a partnership with other screen industry to develop televisions and medial items.

The SharePoint website is built using SharePoint 2010. The site itself is completely dynamic, approachable, appealing and edifying.


SegurCaixa Adeslas


Adeslas is amongst the most effective health insurance providers in Spain.

Their site is created using SharePoint 2013. It is very responsive and eye-catching.


DePaul School of Music


DePaul music school is a radical firm in Chicago USA that provides music training to enrolled students from professional working musicians collaboratively.

To enhance conversions and attract traffic they recently came up with a responsive Share Point 2010 website.


Westfalia Fruit


The major fruit Activities that Westfalia specialize in are; growing, marketing, ripening, and distributing the lovely fruits all over the world

Their SharePoint website is constructed using Share Point 2013.


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SharePoint Intranet Examples



A SharePoint intranet homepage acts as the commencement point for staffs before hovering to other sites in the SharePoint milieu. It’s quite a smart idea to sandwich content that everyone in the organization understands.

The segment on the right-hand side is a responsive organization chart. It has been designed using out of the box web portion termed as “Organizational Browser”


Human Resource Site


This is a site that you can arrange and organize your data and documents by the use of views and libraries. You are also in a position of sandwiching videos.

The smart appearance that tabs in the corner of the upper part can be used in the navigation process.


IT Help Desk


An IT Helpdesk in SharePoint can be used to task log and track IT help request. It is also used to request tickets and modify it with metadata and the required views. Fresh ticket warnings can be completed through the use of Share Point notifications.


Sales Department


Is it just to a few people that it seems sales people only care about sales for last quarter? Anyway, am quite sure your finance and sales crews have a lot of great information sandwiched in Excel spreadsheets.

This example shows how a site gives permission to display and interacts with excel document having not downloaded the files to your PC.

The web portions you might want to use for this are called Visio Web Access or you can call them Excel Web Access.


Policies Library


Policies library are documents that have the ability of easily being pigeon-holed with the use of Share Point Metadata.

The example below is a document that keeps some of the policies of the company. It has no single folder to systematically arrange documents.

Every single document that is uploaded is labeled. This labeling helps with easy sifting, categorizing, and grouping of documents according to given search criteria.


Project Management Office (PMO)


You can decide to use SharePoint to create your PMO. The example below shows a site where footprinting your projects and rolling up distinct contents from several sites is possible.

SharePoint is one of the best and fantastic ways of keeping track to your records, managing it and communicating within cross functional departments of an organization.


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These are SharePoint examples; designs that are inspiring for their design, creativity, usability, custom functionality, and improved user experience.