Real Estate Landing page

Real Estate Landing page 101: Definition, Uses and Types

The world of real estate is a competitive one that keeps the realtors on their toes. The need to get clients, have your brand known to masses and get more people talking about your brand is clear. Thus, real estate landing page templates have been a great development in the field by allowing people to not only view your ads and content but also enables visitors to leave their details for future interactions.

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What is a Real Estate Landing Page?


They are stand-alone pages that are linked to from ads on different platforms such as Google, Facebook, Pinterest and any other website where you may have placed your ad.  As such, a searcher who comes across your ad and clicks on it is taken to your landing page.

The landing page is created with one purpose only, which is to collect contact information which it prompts the visitor to provide.

The visitor provides the information and I exchange you give them something they may need such as discounts, exclusive access to information or services or even free tips on the real estate market.

Why Landing Pages for Realtors?


You may still be wondering whether landing pages are really worth the effort. Why not just stick to ads on Facebook or Pinterest and traditional offline marketing?

Easier To Collect Information


Think about this. The main purpose of a landing page is to collect information. This means that no matter how little the attention of the visitor is to your page, there is very little of it required to begin with.

They are also only required to give information and do not have to go through other parts or pages as would be the case with a website.

Maximize on the Visitor’s Attention


The attention span of visitors is very little. Picture yourself as you surf through pages on Facebook or whichever other sites, and come across an ad.

You would most likely only look at it for a few seconds before your interest shifts elsewhere. These few seconds are all you have with your potential clients. The landing page allows you to get rid of distractions like other ads from other firms.

When the visitor lands on your landing page, they see only what you want them to see, seeing specific information that is relevant. Getting more potential leads is made easier by eliminating these distractions.

More Space for Detail


Compare the landing page with ads placed on Facebook or other sites. You have less space, which means you can only have very little information to fit in the space.

Landing pages, on the other hand, give you more space to work with. You will be able to have more information on what you are offering, and since they have nothing else to distract them, getting leads this way is better.

Ease for Trying New Ideas


Landing pages allow you to try out different ideas at once to determine the one that better suits you.

If you have two different ideas for your landing page, you can display one to some of your visitors and the other to other visitors, after which you can compare results to see which is better.

Play around with different images, colors, call to action button ideas and general look of the landing pages as you see which leads to more conversions.

Works With Offline Ads As Well

Real Estate Landing page

You don’t have to rely on online ads to drive traffic to your landing page. Just have QR codes on flyers and postcards or any other place where you have your ad.

This allows you to get a better idea of how many people visit your website from offline ad campaigns.

Real Estate Landing Page Types


There are several types of a real estate landing page that you should know about. You can view our landing page templates to learn about the prerequisite elements to be incorporated.

Home Value Landing Pages


This sort of real estate landing page is the kind used most by realtors. It offers the people free home valuation in exchange for information such as email addresses and names.

The realtor puts up an ad that is aimed at people who are interested in moving and selling their homes.

The ad offers a valuation of their home to get to know how much it would cost in the current market for free. The ad viewer who is interested would click on that link which takes them to the home value landing page.

The home value landing page may either be Instant or CMA. Instant landing pages offer the promise of instant figures on the valuation of the visitor’s home.

To do this, you would need to sign up for services like ‘Listings to Leads’ which offer estimates. The estimates may not match with the exact values.

For CMA offer landing pages, instead of instant valuation, your visitor is expected to give contact information and have a professional come up with a  more accurate valuation of their home for free as well.

Free Content Landing Pages

Real Estate Landing page

This, as the name suggests, offers the visitor free content in return for having their information. The free content may range from free E-books, list of foreclosures and such.

Basically anything in real estate that the potential clients may want from the professionals in real estate.

People love free things. They will automatically be drawn to such more. Thus, this type is bound to have more traffic flowing in compared to the other types of landing pages.

The problem with such a page is that it will have many people who are not necessarily interested in buying or selling real estate property which then leaves you with many to weed out and only few serious potential clients.

Home Search


This one is targeted mostly at people interested in buying homes. You will have an ad tailored for those interested in buying homes and offer them free listings.

Free listings are expected to bring people rushing to click on your ad. Once a visitor clicks on it, they are taken to the landing page where they are allowed to browse through some houses, saving their favorites. After a while, you can have a pop-up where they leave contact information so they can continue to view the listings.

Creating a Real Estate Landing Page

Real Estate Landing Page

Creating the real estate landing page needs that you pay special attention to the features. From the heading to the subheading, the image and call to action button.

All must be tailored to get more leads. Here are general tips to consider while creating a landing page.

• Have the call to action be impossible to miss.

• Have only relevant information on the page.

• Ensure it is mobile friendly.

• Use good quality, relevant images that call on to the viewer.

Graphic design can be quite the task, especially if it is not something you specialize in. This may challenge your need to have a landing page.

But instead of sweating through it, why not get one of our many real estate landing page templates and customize it to your liking.