Pre-Cart Landing Page

The Anatomy and Elements of a Great Pre-Cart Landing Page

E-commerce and online marketing is the trend in most businesses today. Most businesses are now selling online as opposed to just marketing. But, not many online marketers are successful in online marketing and this has raised the need for discussing the use of pre-cart landing page template.

What Are Landing Pages In The First Place?


A landing page is a page specifically designed for visitors to a website. The page shows promotional messages and any other relevant message to the visitor.

Landing pages are built for promotional purposes that are to increase sales for the web owners. Landing pages show visitors the new products the web owners have or any other advertisement information that can help increase sales.

Marketing strategies have become more digitalized nowadays by the use of landing pages in most marketer’s websites.

Landing pages are pages dedicated to visitors for showing them marketing messages or any message relevant to them.

It is advisable that you use new dedicated landing pages for new visitors to your site. The problem with landing pages is that most of the web visitors do not respond as expected to this landing pages.

A pre-cart landing page is mostly used for online shopping especially when for the website owners with online stores. Creating the best pre-cart landing page can do miracles to the number of sales you are currently having.

This is because online sales are highly influenced by the design of the landing page. You, therefore, need to create a good landing page with the help of a well-designed pre-cart landing page.

How can you improve your product pages to give the great impressions to your new visitors?

The following tips will help you design your pre-cart landing page template to attract more visitors to your page:

Introduce Your Company to The Customers

Pre-Cart Landing Page

This is the first thing you should do on a landing page to your new customers. You should allow your visitors or new customers to learn quickly about you by introducing your company your products and your companies story.

Include Pictures in Your Pre-cart Landing Page


Most customers shop for what they can see. This means there is a high probability for a customer to leave your site if he or she can’t see exactly what you are selling.

Pictures are mostly used in web owners who operate online stores

While having an online store you need to add the add to cart button on your landing pages. This will create a great impression on the customer and the customer might end up buying some of your products.

Have a Description of Each Product That You Are Having


Never assume that your customers will go searching for the description of your products. Add a description of all the products that you are offering

Also, ensure that the pre-cart button is visible. It should not be too tiny or at the bottom of the page. The best place to position the pre-cart button is next to the product being offered for sale.

Funnel Your Pre-cart Landing Page


Plan your pages to begin with the best page for the new customer. Make sure that the customer visits the right category page.

Arrange the pages according to the production levels. Your pages must also be engaging enough to encourage the customer to move to the next product page.

You need to include the right information in the category pages for your customers to find the right products they require.

You should also remove distractions such as unnecessary advertisements which may distract the visitor in your page.

Get the Analytics For Your Pre-cart Landing Page

Pre-Cart Landing Page

You should look for each page analytics such as the page session for each of your pages. This will allow you to gauge the level of engagement of your website with your customers.

Customers get confused and this may be noted when they move forward and back when browsing.

But if they spend about twenty to thirty seconds browsing on your page this may indicate a positive feedback for the page.

Some customers may abandon the site because of the product page that you are having. The most important thing is having the data on which page is the best to show to customers first and which one should follow.

Make the Sign-up Easier For Your Visitors


Make the sign-up process easy by asking for less information from your potential customers. Too much information will create a sense of insecurity to the customer.

Customers are discouraged by too many questions and may abandon an online purchase because of this. Ask for the essential information only.

Don't make it obligatory for the potential customers to sign up. Most of the potential customers will abandon their carts if they will have to have an account before check out.

Alternatively, instead of filling in the sign-up form you can create sign up options such as sign up with google or Facebook.

Be Clear


Provide clear and specific instruction to your shoppers to avoid them getting confused. Remember what is obvious to you is not obvious to everyone.

Never assume that your customers are aware of how to go about the various activities on the Pre-cart Landing Page. This is essential to avoid instances where customers are making a purchase and they get stuck.

Develop a Site That Is Accessible By a Mobile Phone

Pre-Cart Landing Page

Make sure that you have tappable buttons which can work well on small screens. Make navigation also easier by aligning vertically form fields.

This will make sure that the mobile users can comfortably access your site. You should note that mobile phones are mostly used nowadays for online purchasing by many customers.

Consider also using some of the psychological pricing techniques.

Some studies reveal that shoppers tend to respond better to a price without a dollar sign. Other studies suggest that if the price looks small the product may seem cheaper to the customer.

You can also add debit and credit cards which can be used by your customers during payment. Online payment methods such as PayPal may also make the payment easier for the customers.

Ensure That You Set Up Recovery Emails for the Shopping Carts


Recovery emails are sent out after the visitors have abandoned a product they were intending to purchase. It is a lead to the customer showing them that they can continue with a product that they were intending to shop.

The emails act as reminders that the items are still in the customers shopping cart and can also contain offers to the customers after buying the products. Studies have it that the emails are effective and a third of this leads to a sale.



Creation of the best landing page template will result in the best landing page. Use the above tips to add to your landing page to ensure that you have the best marketing techniques to boost your sales.

Learning the marketing techniques for e-commerce might be quite essential if you are to take your online sales to the next level.

You can also look for template creators like Lander to help you create the best template for your landing page. We will help you create the best landing page by designing the best pre-cart landing page template.