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Key Components of an Amazing Minimalist Landing Page

Let’s admit, we like showing off our skills to potential clients. We feel the need to give all the information we have to show our expertise in a particular subject. This can work of course; maybe you’re doing it verbally but let’s talk blogging and landing pages. If you’re a blogger, you know the importance of a good landing page. We’ll have a look at how you can use a minimalist landing page to achieve what you want with your readers.

The question is, how much information should you put on your landing page, how much is enough?

It’s quite difficult to suppress the need to include everything you “feel is important” on your landing page. On the other hand, you don’t want to overwhelm your reader, so the balance needs to be found.

At Lander, you can get everything you need to create a superb landing page! We create good and effective designs which will elevate your presence online but more importantly, will increase your conversion rates.

Creating Landing Pages


You cannot underestimate the importance of having a not good but great landing page. It’s your blogs “crunch time” – it determines how you will increase conversion with your reader and whether they will follow through on your call to action.

Remember a reader will probably spend only a few seconds on your page and these have to count!

The good thing is, you don’t need special IT skills to create your landing page. There are several templates you can choose from that work for you.

With this in mind, how do you create your landing page? There are 3 factors to consider:

Solve a Problem

Minimalist Landing Page

Once you know your target audience, determine what their problem is and strive to answer this problem on your landing page. This will automatically trigger their attention when they land on your page as it creates an emotional appeal.

Your readers will be more likely to clock on your call to action if they can relate and what better way to do that than to solve their problem?!

Use White Space



Google. What do you see on Google’s landing page? That’s right, a lot of space and the search button. There are no distractions, you don’t have an option but to search.

White space balances out the elements on your landing page; “but isn’t that a waste of space?” you may ask. No, it isn’t. White space gives your page a serene, welcoming feel that immediately makes visitors feel at home.

While creating your home page, consider using lots of white space to avoid clutter, balance your elements and welcome your visitors.

Break-up Text


Do you know the feeling you get when you’re presented with a long paragraph of words to read and digest? Your brain freezes.

No matter how well written, break-up your content; use bullet points, secondary titles etc. Make your work as easy to read as possible. Sometimes even a one-sentence tagline is enough!

TIP:  You can always use content-rich media i.e. videos, high-quality pictures

Why use a Minimalist Landing Page?


Minimalism is a design concept whose mantra is – Less is more. Minimalism speaks of functionality and efficiency.

The internet scene has changed a lot in the recent years and using lots and lots of elements on your website is so old school.

It was so trendy to have all those fancy numerous pictures, videos, cool elements on your website but that’s so antiquated right now.

Even professional designers are advising their clients to use minimalist landing pages. Web users are now looking for functionality.

Minimalist landing pages are famous for having only one call to action; a good example being Google.

Applying Minimalist Landing Page Template Design


While designing your landing page, you should ask yourself what it is that you need it to work and only include those things.

Let’s use the example of a chair, what do you need to make a chair? You need the seat, the back and (maybe)armrests. There, you have a functional chair.

You may choose to add other intricacies in the design and design the back in the shape on a lion’s head but all these won’t make the chair more functional.

To apply minimalism to your landing page, only include the characters that it needs to make it functional.

Create your page around these features and only these features. Everything else you include will just look redundant and distract the reader.

Let’s have a look at some important features to consider while creating your minimalist landing page:

Minimalist Landing Page Tip #1: Color


You’re using a few elements on your page, therefore, color will be very noticeable. Many people misuse color on their pages. Even while giving your page a personal touch, remember when used wrongly, it can still turn off your reader.

The color palette you use on your minimalist page will play a very important role in the “feel” and you need to be very careful about how you use it.

Minimalist Landing Page Tip #2: Navigation

Minimalist Landing Page

Have you ever visited a website and you just sail through effortlessly? Your minimalist landing page should have a navigation that visitors use without even thinking; intuitive. That applies to the graphics as well; they should be simple & uncomplicated.

Minimalist Landing Page Tip #3: Images


Even though there is the usual urge to have a lot of images on landing pages, it is a design flaw.

A single image is often enough especially if you want to leverage and maximize access to mobile users; pages with many pictures tend to drag when accessed for the first.

And, you know what happens to pages which take long to load- well they are dropped. Images sell, but for effectiveness, use them on specific pages because too many of them could lead to loss of conversions and increase the bounce rate of your pages.

Minimalist Landing Page Tip #4: Professionalism


Minimalist landing pages exude professionalism because they appear to be better organized that is why minimalism is trending for landing pages and are considered to be the modern landing page.

Very flashy web pages give the impression of a hobby website and businesses do not want to give that impression.

A landing page with so many things going on can be a turn-off. A lot of graphics, several images, navigation that requires a lot of input, too much sound effects etc. is exhausting and a distraction for the person visiting the site or page.

TIP: You can use anchor links to move/jump to different sections of your landing page.

Advantages Using a Minimalist Landing Page


Professionalism - Minimalist pages look better organized, more polished and ultimately more professional.

Functionality - Like we’ve said, your minimalist landing page will only have one call to action. The navigation is also very smooth making your page’s functionality top notch.

• Visitors promptly understand what your offer or products is and act on it quickly.



Now, you know that a minimalist landing page template is purely about a specific goal or objective and principally aims to employ effective features and eliminate all the unnecessary elements and distractions so that every person that lands on your page or visits your site is directed to the things that really matter for quicker understanding, decision making, and action.