9 Great Microsite Examples And Why They are Effective

In this article we will dig into what makes some microsites sell effectively. What are some of the great microsite examples that have great impact in marketing scenes?

Microsite refers to a website that is separate and distinct from the main site of an organization and which delivers more focused and relevant content about a specified topic or to an audience that is being targeted.

A Microsite is simply a marketing tool which can be utilized by any company regardless of its size to help it meet its marketing and sales objectives.

This type of website can either have its own promotional website address or it can be hosted in a subdomain which is located on the company’s main website.

You can use any technology and size to create your Microsite but since it’s first and foremost a marketing tool, you have to pay attention in how you design it, build it and finally manage it.

Great Microsite Examples That Drive Buyer Interest


Internet users are harder to engage in today’s world than they were before. They all want to get an experience out of the content that marketers provide them with and thus that plain old blog post will not cut it.

This is where the Microsite comes in because it provides your users with an experience despite its size or complexity.

When you provide users with what they are looking for they are more like to take the action that you want.

This marketing medium does not limit your creativity and also encourages the users to explore.

This type of website requires a unique layout and also needs to be flexible than all other content types in the marketing industry and thus does not limit how creative you can get.

The main aim of a Microsite is the communication of a single, but compelling message to your audience, which will incite them to take an action.

The following are some great examples of Microsites from different companies who have effectively implemented them.

Microsite Examples: Ferrari Infoseason 2015


Microsite Examples


This is a Microsite that was created by Ferrari so as to tell viewers the story of the 2015 Formula 1 season.

All that the users are required to do so as to fully interact with the site is just to scroll the technology used to create the site does the rest of the work.

This site offers its users an amazing experience that is not easily forgotten.

Microsite Examples: Chipotle - A Love Story


Microsite Examples


This is one of the most amazing Microsites I have ever seen. It is made of two parts with two different content mediums; one is an interactive game that users can play and earn free food and the other is a cute little CGI film.

This Microsite gives its users an amazing and fun experience due to the skilled combination of the two content mediums.

The message that this Microsite is spreading is “love can overcome our differences” and it does this using a very sweet story about young love, neighborly competition and also the restoration power of fresh ingredients.

Microsite Examples: Washington Post - A History of Denial


Microsite Examples


This Microsite was created by the Washington Post. This site has a very interactive timeline and also a star-studded featurette.

The most compelling bit of this Microsite is the question it poses to its audience, and how it tries to answer it. The question is: Is denial on the rise in America?

Such a question is very likely to stir a lot of emotion in today’s world of heated politics. It may be construed as a very risky move but the Washington Post was able to handle it with class and thus ended up being a successful Microsite.

The site starts off the users with an exploration of where denial comes from and the guides the users to a CTA that asks them to click if they would like to learn more about the Denial movie.

This ensures that even if someone got bored with the written copy on denial they would be interested in the movie at the end of it all.

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Microsite Examples: Wired and Netflix - TV Got Better


Microsite Examples

This is a Microsite that was created by both Netflix and Wired. This Microsite is so amazing that it even won an award.

It has everything that one would need to get an amazing user experience including powerful visuals, motion graphics, compelling narrative, interactive audio, powerful statistics, an interactive timeline and poignant videos.

If you are looking to give your users an amazing experience then follow the example of Wired and Netflix.

Microsite Examples: Collaborative Fund - Future of car sharing


Microsite Examples

This Microsite was created by Hyperakt and Collaborative Fund. This site is different from the rest in that instead of scrolling up and down you scroll left and right.

It has an amazing use of animation that is very clever and also interesting. The site has very many features that the user can explore as well as interactive content despite its simple design.

This site gives its users a fun but simple user experience that is quite memorable.

Microsite Examples: HBO -We Are the GOT Party


Microsite Examples

This Microsite was created by HBO to give users an experience of the 2016 presidential elections and takes it to the world of Game of Thrones.

This Microsite is both engaging and entertaining thus making it an unforgettable experience.

The site has very strong visual and user-focused CTAs that make it one of the most effective Microsites in the market right now.

The main aim of this Microsite by HBO was to promote its 6th season of Game of Thrones.

Microsite Examples: ProPublica - How Much Is A Limb Worth?


Microsite Examples


The headline from this Microsite created by a non-profit newsroom called ProPublica grabs the user’s attention from the word go.

It makes you start thinking of your limbs as commodities. This Microsite was intended to be an educational piece about the compensation of workers and the resulting lost wages.

It lets people know about the various amount that different states gave for the loss of a worker’s limb.

You can see the money paid out to different limbs lost by selecting the limb and then selecting the state.

It is an educational Microsite that makes sure its users don’t easily forget what they learn.

Microsite Examples: Highrise - Universe Within


Microsite Examples

This Microsite gives its users the experience of an IMAX movie on their computer screen.

This Microsite is a documentary that focuses on the digital lives of those highrise residents all over the world.

This site makes us really think about how technology has reshaped our brains and relationships.

This site utilizes big images, haunting music, 360- degree views and gives its users a personalized experience based on how they click around on the page.

If you want to get the whole amazing experience you should view this Microsite on your computer and not your phone.

Microsite Examples: Pharrell Williams - 24 Hours of Happy


Microsite Examples

This Microsite was created by Pharrell William’s team so as to market this amazing song with the same title.

Users were able to watch a 24hr music video for the song on this Microsite with dance moves from different people who were giving their own style to this fun and upbeat song.

This Microsite gives its users one of the best experiences available and that is why it has made the list.