Great Marketing Blog

The Essential Elements of a Great Marketing Blog

Business blogs have unique practices and features that distinguish them from personal and media blogs. This article will highlight great marketing blog best practices, features and techniques.

It is necessary to have a great marketing blog so that you can command a large number of followers and stand out from your competitors.

Features of a Great Marketing Blog;

Great Marketing Blog Tip #1: Authority


Your blog should ooze a sense of authority. Treat your blog with professionalism, only writing articles that are related to your niche.

You cannot have a fashion blog, then you write pieces about politics. This will not add any positive value to your blog. In fact, the followers will question your sanity and abandon the blog page altogether.

Set up a self-hosted blog for the best niche authority.

Great Marketing Blog Tip #2: Content

Great Marketing Blog

The blog must have a great content. Be as creative as possible and write content that interest your readers. Your content must focus on the following:

• The kind of information the readers would like to read.

• The kind of information that would incite them to buy and use your products.

• What information would keep them entertained and hooked to your blog posts?

Great Marketing Blog Tip #3: Timing


Time is money. Your blog posts should come at the right time. Consider posting when most of your readers are online. This will ensure that the post is seen by as many readers as possible.

It is so bad to start a blog only to fail to maintain the frequencies of your posts.

A great blog finds the right frequency and tries to stick to it.

Great Marketing Blog Tip #4: Style


The right voice in your blog post is an excellent feature. Different posts may have different tones but just be sure to speak with one brand voice.

Great Marketing Blog Tip #5: Engaging Posts

Great Marketing Blog

A great marketing blog should engage the readers as much as possible. Provide comments sections.

This way, you get direct feedback from the readers. You can moderate the comments using the approval process in cases of spam.

Good Marketing Blogs Practices You Should Adopt


You should create great business blogs that give value for your visitors and leads. While doing this, you should also create and implement strategies that will see the expansion of the business.

Adopting the best marketing blog practices will help you achieve the goals. These practices include:

Think like a Vertically Integrated Publisher


Publishers must create relevant and interesting content. They should also find the best way to publicize and advertise the contents.

Take business blogging just like a vertically integrated online publisher. You should however be keen to gear your effort towards the growth of your business.

Ask your Readers Questions


It is important to ask your visitors what they want. You may feel like you have it all figured out.

But trust us when we tell you that you might not know what the readers really want after a few months of blogging. After all, change is constant and inevitable.

Don’t write blogs based on assumptions. Instead, carry out a short question survey. This way, you will get direct feedback from the customers and know how best to write your future posts.

Connect your Blog to your Website


What will be the point of having so many people reading your posts if you cannot actually turn them into leads?

A business blog is one of the best avenues for generating traffic.  It gives the first impression of your business.

Make the blog part of your corporate site to allow new visitors access to more information about your products. You can have this as a sub-domain or as a page.

Ensure that the navigations and the design elements are user efficient and user-friendly.

Focus on Non-branded Keyword Content

Great Marketing Blog

If you give much attention to your products, readers will get bored and abandon the post. They can get information about your company in the search engines.

Focus on the products that your company offer or your company’s best practices. This will increase traffic to your blog and in return generate more leads for your website.

Write with Empathy


Empathy is a powerful skill you can use to create great content. Use it to guide all your editorial decisions.

This way, your contents will be directed towards directing the pains of your readers and offer them the best solutions to their pains.

This will enable you to get many followers. Who doesn’t want to associate with people who understand their pain anyway?

Take the Right Criticism


Not everyone will like what you post. It is normal.

Take positive criticism and strive to make improvements. Remember the feedback you get will be really helpful.

Just know what should be acted upon and what should be ignored. We discourage you from engaging in a heated argument with the readers as this may paint your business very negatively.

Only respond to and act on what adds value to your business and the followers. Ignore the rest and don’t give up because of the negative energy.

Reveal your Personality


Don’t try so hard to make it all briefcases. We don’t dispute the fact that you are doing a business blog.

Infusing personal elements will not hurt at all. In fact, your readers will understand and connect with you better.

After all, people like interacting with whom they know. The reassurance that your readers are actually reading from a person will give them a special feeling.

Employ all the Necessary SEO

Great Marketing Blog

SEOs are important for your blog. They make it easy for your visitors and readers to locate your blog on search engine result page.

The most important SEO items to include in your post include:
• Appropriate title tag

• URL that reflects your keyword title. We discourage you from using a randomly generated URL.

• Meta description

• Images with an ALT tag

• H1, H2, and H3 to allow easy scanning and user-friendly blog layout.

Use Relevant Social Media Networks


Writing a great content is an excellent digital marketing idea. You should also welcome the idea of social media evangelism.

Provide sharable links so that your readers can share your contents with their friends and contacts.

To be more effective, facilitate the social media sharing with a social share button or a follow toolbar. You can also use Hootsuite to allow re-sharing of blog posts.

Install Analytical Measures


You need to install analytical measures to track your progress. You can use Google Analytics as it is easy to use.

Below are some of the information you should keep track of:

• The number of people visiting your blog

• Pages viewed and whether the readers view them at once or in multiples.

• How long visitors take on your blog

• Where your visitors come from, whether organic or social.

Just Write


Don’t be scared of writing. It is the only way to connect with your followers. You may feel that you are not good enough. Just write your first article and gain experience as you write the next posts.



Turn around your blog with these good marketing blogs best practices. For any further inquiries about social media marketing, contact Lander. We have an experienced and dedicated team to guide you.