Image Advertising

Key Common Elements of a Great Image Advertising Campaign

Image Advertising: The human brain is able to understand images faster. Including relevant images on your page will enhance visibility and memorability and in return give you the maximum lead generation. This is why image advertising is the current big thing in digital marketing.

In this kind of advert, images or videos are strategically placed so that users can easily view them when they click your page.

The main secret here is to customize the images to target a specific audience by having a keyword list.

Below are a few tips to help you compile an excellent keyword list:

1. Carefully choose your keywords. Don’t forget that one word may have several meanings. You don’t want to risk your advert running into other unrelated articles. Do you?

2. Add your competitors to the list. This will increase the chances of your ad appearing in any articles about them.

3. Including negative keywords to limit chances of your ad running on irrelevant articles.
Reasons You Should Choose In-Image Advertising for Your Company

Image Advertising  Advantages


Image advertising has several advantages than the standard ads with no images. These advantages include:

1. Image Advertising gives users more understanding about the ad within the shortest time possible.

2. In-image ads contain other related visual content, allowing easy viewing.

3. The Image Advertising is customized and personalized and geared towards serving a particular market segment, this makes them more relevant and reduces spam rates.

4. The Image Advertising operates on cost per click. In other words, the advertiser is charged on each click made by a customer.

This makes it necessary for the business owners to work towards providing high-quality content targeting a particular market segment. The result is more conversions and therefore more returns for the business owner.

Quick Tips for Creating an Excellent Image Advertising Campaign


1. Create and customize your own images. It is an excellent idea to build a customized image which you can upload later to the template store. To make them effective, have special and relevant business niche graphics.

2. You can also re-use graphics from previous promotion campaigns. Just ensure that the graphics meet the Google promotion guidelines.

3. Create an effective ad display. It should be relevant and related to your ad text. Don’t forget that display ads provide several alternatives. Test the different colors, images, texts and content to know what work best for your business niche.

4. Effectively use the text, images, and color.

5. Make good use of the ad gallery templates.

6. Use a great company banner. Get it right here to retain your visitors and give them reasons to continue reading deep into your page. Position your banner above the fold and use it to clearly display your best visuals and calls to action.

If you properly do this, people will get hooked on your image and in return read through what you have to offer.

7. Use statistics to make the customers believe that your product is the best. People believe that the best products are used often and will be in limited stock after a short time. Utilize this belief to the advantage of your fitness page.

Give limited offers to encourage them to quickly jump into your offer. Be sure to give exactly the value of the offer you are promising the visitors to build trust and business credibility.

8. Take note of the needs of your clients and work towards satisfying them. Read the feedback you get on your website or from the customer survey and make necessary adjustments on your in-image aimed at providing better services to the customers.

Ensure that the information on your page is related to what your visitors need and offer solutions that address these needs. However, the image you use may be irrelevant in the case of remarketing strategy.

Examples of in-image ads

1. Contextual


Ripple Foods which provide alternatives to dairy product brand, created a contextually relevant in-image. Their image was featured in a dairy-related Pinterest.

The picture below shows their image

Image Advertising

How Ripple food made their image effective

• Their image is relevant and blends well with the ad.

• The image recognition technology helps them in identifying their target audience.

• Partnering with GumGum made it possible for them to track various customer needs, then, tailoring their ad to meet the needs.

2. Remarketing


An article about The Titanic returning to theatres displayed in the Newsfeed of the Daily News. The ad has an in-image below in one of their famous images.

Image Advertising

This ad was created by Ford to advertise their end year sales activities. The ad is not related to the image, but Ford used remarketing strategy to achieve higher sales.

Before the viewer sees this image, Ford provides an article about automobile to the readers. The image is just used to entice visitors to click on the next offer button.

Citi is another company that uses the remarketing technology strategy. They came up with the strategy after conducting a research on their credit card pages. The ad was created with the main aim of promoting the Citi savings account.

Their choice of words, “earn more with a limited time offer’’ gives a sense of urgency, curiosity, and scarcity. This manipulates people to jump on the offer.

The image of footballers is not even related to savings. But, hey, this is a remarketing strategy.

Below is a picture of the image that Citi used to achieve the remarketing strategy:

Image Advertising

3. Product Advertising


This image is designed to encourage the customer to purchase the particular products offered by the company. Vonage used the image to advertise their Amazon Chime. They featured the image in an article on The Independent.

Below is the in- image picture they used:

Image Advertising

4. Corporate Image Adverts


This contrasts with the product image advertising. It gives attention to the company rather than the product being promoted. Corporate image advertising aims at:

• Promoting the name of the company

• Creating awareness about the brand

• Building the reputation of the company

Invisalign featured their corporate image advert in the modern article about dogs. The ad doesn’t just promote the product or services offered by Invisalign, rather, it promotes the company itself.

Below is the image of what we are talking about:

Image Advertising

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Active Campaign is another company that uses corporate image advertising. Their ad contains the logo of the company and the ‘’signup for free’’ call to action button.

There is no doubt that their major concern is promoting the company rather than the products or services they offer.

Below is the image of the Active Campaign ad:

Image Advertising

Important Suggestions


1. Use free online tools for creating images to design your images. You can Google to learn more about these tools and how to use them.

2. Image editing software is a must-have tool for image advertising. Most of the editing software are free and come with your computer when you buy it.

3. Make contact and seek help from other graphic designers. Knowing a few creative agents will do you no harm, if anything, they will simply help you to create the best image advert for your business.



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