Facebook Sitelinks

How to Use Facebook Sitelinks to Promote Your Social Media Page

What are Facebook sitelinks? These are sub-listings that usually appear under the first placed results in a search engine results page.

They usually appear when a user is searching for brands. The main purpose of using Sitelinks is to help the users navigate through your website faster and easier.

They help to remove one step from the navigation by placing the important links within the search results. These facebook Sitelinks help advertisers and webmasters to direct the users to the best results in the shortest time possible.

They also make your site or ad campaign more prominent on the search results page which is very important for the purpose of branding. This amazing marketing tool has been around for over a decade now and they are going to stick around for many more years.

Using AdWords Sitelinks to Promote your Facebook Account


If you are running PPC ads you can use the Sitelinks on the ads to promote your facebook account as well. You can set up AdWords campaigns that link to your facebook account and other social media accounts if you are working on building your brand’s presence on social media.

Many people are oblivious to the fact that they can users to their social media accounts including Facebook, using Sitelinks. Most people assume that Sitelinks are only restricted to the same destination domain rule.

The only restrictions you get is that you have to use descriptive text such as “like our facebook page” when creating the Sitelink to your social media accounts.

It is important to note that although you can link your social accounts including Facebook to your Adwords campaign, you don’t necessarily have to do it.

The reason as to why we are saying this is because the Sitelink could be more valuable to you if used to link to something on your site than to your facebook account.

You should also consider what content is on your facebook account and how well you maintain this account before allocating it a Sitelink. If the account does not have meaningful and valuable content then it would be better to use the Sitelink to link to one of the important pages on your site.

Best practices For Facebook Sitelinks Extensions


Facebook Sitelinks extensions can be extremely valuable to nonprofit organizations. They help to effectively work around the one domain policy found in Google’s Ad Grants which is an Adwords product for nonprofits.

This basically means that the content you post on Facebook and other any other social media accounts for that matter can be discovered by users through search engine marketing (SEM).

The following are steps that will guide you in effectively setting up and managing Sitelink extensions for your AdGrants account:

1. Prepare your Facebook Sitelinks URLs


Before you can even think about setting up the Sitelink extensions, you have to make sure that you have your Facebook URL at hand.

The URL length has to be 2048 characters or less and should not initiate a download once clicked. You should go through the effort of ensuring that your Facebook profile is ready to receive more traffic.

You can do this by ensuring you have the best content pinned at the top, all the information about your brand is updated and also ensure you use all your best visuals.

2. Add your profile as a Facebook Sitelinks Extension


Facebook Sitelinks


Once you have chosen Facebook as the social media profile you would like to promote on Google AdGrants, go to the tab labeled Ad extensions which are located on the dashboard and add it to your Sitelink extensions site.

3. Add a little Information


In this step, you should set up the details you want for your Sitelink extension. Ensure that you don’t use “Facebook” in your ad copy as Google is very strict about trademarked content.

You can use abbreviations instead or even make the ad copy about what type of content you post. You can submit a request to Google to ask for an exception to use the name of a trademarked social media channel like Facebook.

4. Monitor Performance


Facebook Sitelinks


After successfully adding your facebook account to your Google ads, you should remember to review the metric performance of the Sitelink.

You can segment the total number of clicks by ‘click types’ so as to see how many users clicked on your facebook page as compared to those who clicked on the ad title.

There are typically two types of clicks for Sitelink extensions which are ‘headline’ and ‘Sitelink’. You should take a look at the clicks for ‘Sitelink’ which actually refers to the actual clicks that your Facebook link got.

Ensure that if you plan on promoting your facebook account on your AdWords Sitelinks you make the platform look as attractive as possible. Ensure that the page remains on topic about your brand so as to avoid from looking like it’s where you dump any content that you can find.

Ensure that the account you promote meets your expectations as well as those of your users.



It is important that as a marketer to promote your brand on any platform available to you. It is important to make sure that you utilize this opportunity to promote your brand’s Facebook account on your Google AdWords ads.

This will greatly improve the number of CTRs that your ad receives and this will go a long way in positively influencing your ad’s ranking on the search engine results page.

This will also positively affect the rate of conversion that your campaign gets as most users will assume that your brand is more superior to that of your competitors because it occupies the first positions on the SERP.

If you had not yet started using Facebook Sitelinks to promote your social media accounts including Facebook then you better start right away.