Agency Services Landing Page

What Does a Great Agency Services Landing Page Entails?

Most marketing agencies get their traffic from unreliable sources. Getting clients by word of mouth could end up sabotaging the growth of your consultancy agency. This is because the prospects you get may not be the right fit for your business and also the flow won’t be consistent. You need an agency services landing page template to get the right people.

In order for you to scale up your business, you will need to have a reliable process of acquiring new customers.

This situation has prompted more agencies to get aggressive when it comes to running marketing campaigns for lead generation.

For your campaign to be successful you will need to have a compelling landing page design that will increase conversion. Lander is a leading company in agency services landing page template creations for the right price.

What should an effective agency Services landing page do?

Tell Prospects What to Do


This is the most important information to convey on your website. The prospects you get want to know exactly what you can do and if you can help them with the problem they have.

You should have a purposeful user flow that intentionally guides s prospect to a clear understanding of what your business actually does and how you do it.

You can achieve this by first telling them what you do, what your positioning is and finally tell them what they should do next.

There are different forms of information architecture on a landing page navigation menu. We have lists and indexes which are intentionally structured by objective criteria e.g. alphabetically.

Search tools and filters on the other hand present information to users based on relatively objective but chosen criteria.

All these forms of information architecture need to be neutral toward the action that the user might take in order for them to function best.

CTAs and buttons, on the other hand, are specifically designed to prompt action. This is because they visually represent a point of view toward what action the user should take.

This should take shape as a clear positioning statement that is accompanied by a single button that is prominent and which prompts the user to learn more.

It should be your main aim to get visitors to understand what your agency does and then quickly make a decision to delve further and learn more about you.

If readers don’t get this point from the get go then you may end up getting very few conversions.

This is because many visitors will only become buyers if they understand what you are selling. Make it very clear on your agency services landing page what you are selling to your prospects.

Features of an Ideal Agency Services Landing Page Template

The following are some of the features that should be contained in an agency services landing page:

A Simple Name


It is important to make sure that you use an easy to understand name for your agency services landing page template.

Most agencies have a common habit of giving proper names to very common work. When it comes to landing pages, always go for a simple language that tells users exactly what to expect. This will greatly reduce your bounce rate.

Be Brief


The page needs to elaborate on your positioning statement but don’t let it be too long. Your goal should be to guide the prospect to better understand what it is that your firm does.

The words that you use on this page should clearly state your firm’s mission and how you work to achieve it.

Social Proof

Agency Services Landing Page

It has been said time and again that your clients will always be better salespersons than you as long as they are happy with your services.

It is important to feature testimonials from your clients which speak about what your firm offers and how your service transformed their lives. This will go a long way in encouraging more prospects to become actual buyers.

List Your Services


This list should not be too long and it should not contain your deliverables. You should name a service and give it a brief abstract and then accompany it with CTA button.

The button should direct the prospects to another page that clearly explains to them what the service entails.

It should be your main goal to get visitors to go deeper so as to understand what it is your firm does. The list should contain all that you sell but not all you produce.

Make your CTA Buyer Friendly

Agency Services Landing Page

This will motivate a prospect to contact you directly so as to discuss working with you.

It is your main aim to design the page so as to entice the prospect to go deeper and understand what you are about but if a prospect is ready to make a purchase you should make the process easy for him/her.

Tell Them How You Do It


The agency services landing page is specifically designed to explain an agency’s purpose with more detail and then direct the prospect who is more informed to continue on the journey to learn more about how the agency fulfills the purpose.

It is important to make sure that each of your services has a dedicated landing page that is designed to explain what the service is all about, what it achieves and how it works. This is regardless of whether your services are stand-alone or they are connected to form one large picture.

In conclusion, an agency services landing page template should tell the users about the services a firm has to offer. It should entice prospects to want to learn more about the agency and the services they have to offer so as to eventually lead to a purchase.

If you follow the tips we have given you, you are sure to create an effective landing page template that will surely increase your conversion rate.