Google Landing Page

The Secret Behind Google Landing Page Conversions

A landing page is identified as the first page new visitors of any particular website see first. A Google landing page is a standalone web page . It's design is mainly to convert prospects who end up on a particular page through the Google search or in an advertising network.

How do you Improve sales from your Google landing page?

Send the visitors to your landing page


Customers tend to click on an ad while on the quest for a particular product or item and your ad matched their needs. Sending them to your homepage may, however, frustrate them.

You design homepages in most cases to give a general overview of any particular business. They dont focus on customers who used ads to arrive at your page.

Google in such a case has developed mechanisms such as Quality Score to enforce the quality of an ad. Quality score rates an ad based on its relevance to consumers.

If the customers using an ad lands to the business’ homepage, the ad he uses will warrant a lower quality score. This makes the page a less offered option to potential customers or visitors.

There should be a message match


The ad headline and page title should be similar. The web searchers are usually looking for a solution and the search terms used in your ad may act as the answer to the potential visitor’s problem.

The title on the page the researcher lands on should be similar to that of the ad to ensure that they do not backtrack and leave the site due to inconsistencies perceived by the researcher.

Have different landing pages that relate to the available ads


Google Landing Page

There are in most cases, more than one ad or campaign for any business. This is the case as businesses tend to produce many then identify the ad that has the greatest performance rates.

The different ads produced are created with various keywords and their combinations. The ads should all have their own unique landing page that matches the different ads perfectly.

There should be keyword targeting


Google Landing Page

Main keywords used for the AdWords should be used for the landing page as well. The keywords should be similar for both in a way that is not completely identical or perfect copies but instead variations that have the same implication or meaning.

Google analysis tends to award higher quality scores to those displaying well-written content.

Ensure the landing pages offer attractive experiences


The advertisement created should match set guidelines. The landing page should thereafter provide relevant information that is both clear and accurate. Images with captions can be used as well to increase site traffic.

Have pages that are quick to load and are of high quality. Keep the CTA simple and make the forms simple for subscribers to increase the conversion rates. Use testimonials of other users to encourage more.

Differentiate your content


Distinguish your content , products, and services from other business that offer similar items. The differences should be clearly visible upon arrival on a site for the maximum impact on the visitor.

Initiate a way to track sales


Google Landing Page

Measure the click-through rate of the pay per click ad. Set up a sales funnel to further monitor the habits of the site visitors rather than only knowing their numbers.

Google Landing Page Conclusion


If one ignores the AdWords rules that have been put in place by Google, it may decide not to approve or even display your particular landing page.

Landing pages not approved by Google tend to be given low quality scores that ensure the Ad is less frequently displayed but cost more.