Google Analytics

Awesome Things You Can Do With Google Analytics

Google analytics, introduced by Google after its acquisition of Urchin in November, 2005 is a business model to make it easy for every organization which is provided at free of any charge.

In other words is a freemium web analytics service aimed at tracking and reporting the traffic of a certain website or any such platform on the internet.

With the span of time, Google Analytics has become the most widely used web analytics service on the internet. Like any other service which is provided on the internet, Google Analytics comes in 2 different versions:

Google Analytics 360


This is a subscription based service provided by the Google. It certainly contains more advanced features as compared to the other version.

This version is also termed as the Google Analytics Premium mainly targeting the enterprise users.

Google Analytics for Mobile Apps


Google Analytics


This service is launched by Google especially for the mobile phones and is in the form of a mobile app. It is considered as an SDK service that allows gathering the usage data from both the IOS and the Android Apps.

What is the need for Google Analytics?


As explained earlier as well, Google Analytics (GA) helps in shaping the strategy of any organization operating on internet by providing valuable insights.

GA not only helps in understanding the customers and their behavior but also keeps a check on the performance of the business by analyzing from time to time the satisfaction level of the customers.

Further here are some of the reasons that help us to understand the same better:

To Know From Where The Visitors Come


Awesome Things You Can Do With Google Analytics


GA helps in understanding the channel of traffic and that helps in analyzing the market strategy for any organization.

It is really crucial to know as to what the customers want and setting up GA takes an organization closer to the same.

Not only has that it also helped in understanding as to which geographical area brings in more customers.

Keep A Check On Goals


GA helps in tracking the progress of any business. A number of goals can be set up but what is crucial is to understand how to meet the goals and to keep a check over the same.

GA helps in nurturing the first time visitors for any business organization online whereas facilitate the regular user accordingly.

Study Competition


GA not only keeps a check on our business but also ensures to keep the competitors growth intact. This can be done via regular comparisons or the future policy making by the competitors.

Features of Google Analytics

Setting Growth


Setting up goals is the primary step towards success by any organization. If no goals are set even GA cannot take you very far.

Once the goals are set up, then all the data can be analyzed by GA as to the market trends.

GA will also compare the goals of the current year with the previous year’s which helps in bringing on a comparison as to the rate of growth amongst the years.

Email Reports


GA has brought up this concept of automatically going through the results and also delivering them to the superiors on its own via mails etc.

After the results are formulated, it becomes important that they are compiled into proper reports and this feature of GA makes life easy for the organization.

Keywords Source


It’s important for organizations to know on internet as to how the customers work and how customers find different organizations for various services.

GA ensures to keep a track of the keywords that are searched by the people to find various sites and from there the common words can be picked up for various services.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Analytics



• Free of charge

• Collect data from different platforms and sources

• Create a custom report based on our needs

• Use of different digital environments such as websites, mobile apps etc



• If more traffic then beneficial to upgrade to premium @ $150,000

• Need of training because of the complexities of the services

• Information is sometimes hard to find

• Too complex

There you go folks !!!