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Detailed Guideline on how to Track Backlinks in Google Analytics

Track Backlinks: You can track backlinks in any site through the use of Google Analytics. When it comes to Google Analytics, backlinks are commonly referred to as referrals.

There are easy steps that tend to be carried out when you want to track backlinks. First, of, one should choose a Google profile that is correct.

You should recheck and confirm that the views, profiles and Google Analytics account being used are correct before you track backlinks.

Guide on How to Track Backlinks


After one has logged on to the Google analytics account the first thing you’ll note is that the site will appear at the top right-hand side of the page. Afterwards, you can drop down the menu and from there pick the site that is correct.


Track Backlinks

Secondly, dropdown the acquisition reports>all traffic>referrals. Backlink traffic tends to be categorized as acquisition data by Google.

To navigate through the backlink report, one should first select acquisition which tends to be on the left-hand menu.

After clicking on it, all the acquisition reports will drop down. After this, select the option saying All Traffic from the drop down. At the very end, select referrals.


Track Backlinks

Thirdly, one should then take a look at the backlinks by making use of the referral report. The information concerning the backlink will most likely be where the referral traffic report is.

Track Backlinks

However, there are more advanced methods through which one can check the backlinks in addition to using Google Analytics.

Below are some of the more advanced techniques that can be used when one wants to track backlinks in Google Analytics.

Adding New Audience Segments. The backlinks should be sliced and diced through the use of audience segments.

This technique will be beneficial when it comes to the breakdown of a variety of visitor types that are accessing the site by the use of backlinks.

Track Backlinks

To perform this action, one has to first click on the Add Segment section that is typically located at the top of the Referral Report.

Performing this action will then open the segment options for the audience. After this, one should look to find the specific audiences by use of the search box.

Browsing can be done by use of a list of audience segment options but for beginners who’ve not done it before, the new users should be offered an opportunity.

Click on Apply after this so that the audience segment can be stored or saved.

The percentage of traffic will then be visible upon doing a check of the new audience segment. The comparative data will also remain visible upon checking the report.

An idea of the backlink visitors can be painted by the audience segments. Data won’t be visible when it comes to particular audience segments.

As is the case for organic traffic. This is the case as the audience is also the acquisition traffic. One should not be alarmed if they do not see data relating to particular audience segments.

Primary dimensions can be used to see landing pages that are receiving backlinks as well as backlink sources.

To see the backlinking domains, one should use the default primary dimension which is usually the “source”.

Track Backlinks

One can click on either of the domains so that they can see the backlink page. From this one will be able to see the referral path. The arrow icon can be clicked for one to arrive at the actual page that references the site.

Track Backlinks

After looking at the present backlinks, one should also determine the landing pages that are receiving references. This can be done by selecting the option landing page on the primary dimensions tab.

Track Backlinks

The data tables can be used afterward, to determine the backlinks and landing pages that are showing the greatest success.

Check the conversion data, behavior and acquisition as one will need to see the metrics heading on the upper side. It is better if the bounce rates are low.

Track Backlinks


Track Backlinks

Filter options will then drop down and one can select that indicating dimension/metric. This option is how one indicates how they intend to have the data dissected.

Track Backlinks Track Backlinks

The filters should be set on include if you only want to see the behavior metrics.

Track Backlinks

The less than/ greater than options should be used well. To provide bounce rates that are good one should set a bounce rate ceiling.

Backlinks can be used as a reference from online communities. While using backlinks, there are considerations to be made.

First of which is that backlink quality matters. Quality backlinks tend to act as a reference originating from domains that have high authority. Examples of such sites are BBC, Huffington Post etc.

One should also seek large volumes of backlinks. It would be good if the backlinks to the site were high quality but most of the backlinks tend to originate from low authority domains.

This will still prove useful there are plenty of references from online communities that come about when a lot of domains link to your site. All possible search engines will make note of this.

How To Use Backlink Analysis To Improve Google Rankings


The backlinks that are present within the site can greatly affect the ranking of the web pages which requires that you analyze them for efficiency.

One should be efficient as getting backlinks can be quite hard. The backlinks that have been acquired through investments should bring about the best possible results.

The Web Pages Should Remain Intact Before The Backlinks Are Built


The web pages should be prepared and ready to receive the expected high rankings. Getting good links can be difficult when the available website is not good.

The keywords used should be relevant to the pages in the site that one wants to have high ranking.

If relevance lacks, the wrong keywords will be the recipients of high rankings. Errors of the technical variety can hinder the search engines from displaying your particular webpages.

Find The Most Important Website In Your Industry


Check for the top 5 keywords in your niche from Google and take a look at the sites that have the mentioned keywords on the result pages that have appeared first.

There will be roughly 8 words that will have the keywords on the first results page and those are the ones to be used in the following step.

Know The Top Links Of The Websites Identified


To find out the important links heading to the top sites, one can use a link building tool such as the SEO profiler.

To know the sites linked to more than one of the top sites, one can make use of a tool such as the hub finder.

To know the quality of links that are directed to a top site one can use a link profiler tool. The importance of the linking site can be determined by how high the score will be on the link influence score.

A lot of influence is carried by linking websites concerning the top site rankings. Rankings will see significant improvement if only some of the links from the site are acquired.

Get Links From The Website That Can Link To Important Sites


Be creative to gain access to important links.