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Google analytics: How to Track Your Facebook Ads

Google analytics can be considered to be the need of the hour from every organization operating on the internet.

Google analytics as introduced by Google after its acquisition of Urchin in November, 2005 is a business model to make it easy for every organization which is provided at free of any charge.

In other words it is a freemium web analytics service aimed at tracking and reporting the traffic of a certain website or any such platform on the internet.

With the span of time Google Analytics has become the most widely used web analytics service on the internet.

Google Analytics (GA) has tons of uses beginning right from following the traffic flow to learning what people want both on internet and what people are searching for on one’s website.

This also includes measuring the conversion rate of one’s social media ad campaign which includes Facebook ads as well.

A point to be considered is that though Facebook Ads manager has tons of own information about ad campaigns but still when combined with GA it can reach new levels.

The data is not just limited to the number of likes, share and comments but also includes the information regarding how people are converting and when and why they are converting, thereby providing the bigger picture into the scenario.

Why You Should Track Facebook Ads in Google Analytics?


Google analytics


The question is completely intact on its place, but when considering the Facebook analytics it has many limitations, it is based on a limited JavaScript thereby limiting its use.

But combining GA to the same, one can track visitors statistics, the source of the traffic, the visitors countries and the most important thing the keywords frequently searched by the people.

Further as stated earlier as well GA improves the conversion rates four folds.

GA also tracks the entire path taken by the users which can ultimately help in increasing the ROI and the same can also lead to huge success in future as it gives the organization about the mindset of the customers by highlighting as to what the customers are looking for,

How to Add Google Analytics to Your Facebook Fan Page?


Before coming onto the guide or the whole procedure it is essential to know that GA needs JavaScript code which is essentially to be included on the page for GA to work correctly but the Facebook Fan pages work on the limited JavaScript.

So, for GA to work properly one should use the free and open source FBGAT (Facebook Google Analytics tracker) and then GA can work properly on Facebook pages. Here are the further steps required for the same:

Create a Google Analytics Account

Creating of an account is of utmost importance. So to begin with a Google Analytics Account should be created and then if you have this account or you have created an account, a new website profile is to be created which will help in the separate tracking of the number of visits to the Facebook fan page.

After the account is created Google displays the tracking code and a message is asked regarding the activation of the website which is not mandatory.

Get your Tracking Images


Google analytics


As stated earlier as well that the Facebook page works around the limited JavaScript and the way to work around the same is creation of the custom images.

FBGAT is a free tool that generated the custom image code and then begins to track the number of visits on each of the Facebook Fan pages.

Here are the things to be included in the fields shown in the image.

After completing all the details, one has to click on the “Generate Code” and a code is generated which is to be copied in full and a separate code is to be generated for each fan page

Add code to Facebook


The code generated is to be placed in your Facebook page using an app like Static FBML. And then GA needs only about 24 hours to show the report from the data.