Google AdWords Sitelinks

Key Points About Google AdWords Sitelinks

What are Google AdWords Sitelinks? Sitelinks are the most commonly used extensions on Google AdWords. Sitelinks provide advertisers with the ability to promote additional links to their website using one PPC ad.

These additional links are only allowed to be visible for the ads that typically occupy the first and second position on search engine results page.

These Sitelinks provide advertisers who use them with a number of amazing benefits. Sitelinks are usually placed under the headline and description lines of your PPC.

Advertisers have the option to add description lines to their Sitelinks so as to develop the context further.

Why Should Advertisers use Google AdWords Sitelinks?


Google AdWords Sitelinks


When you utilize Sitelinks in your AdWords campaigns you will get so much additional value as an advertiser. The following are some of the reasons as to why you should use Sitelinks as an advertiser:

They increase click-through rates

Sitelink extensions make it possible for PPC ads to effectively use more space on the search engine results page. The result of this is an increase in the click-through rates that an ad receives.

Sites that use Sitelinks have a click-through rate of up to 20% higher than that of those sites without Sitelinks.

Increased conversion rates

When you provide users with a number of alternative links to landing pages that can meet their user needs, they will have the opportunity to make a conversion even faster.

When you implement your Sitelinks effectively you will be able to significantly increase the number of conversions you get from your Adwords campaign.

There is no change is CPC

Whether you decide to use Sitelinks or not to use them, the amount you pay for each click on your Ad remains the same.

The Sitelinks are not charged extra which is an amazing benefit for advertisers who are working with a budget.

How to set up Google AdWords Sitelinks


• Go to the ad extension tab on your Google AdWords account and then select Sitelinks extensions

• The next step you should take is clicking the +extension button

• The last step is waiting for the Sitelinks that you have chosen to appear

Best Practices for Google AdWords Sitelinks


When going through the process of choosing the links and copy for your Sitelinks, you should use these tips about best practices to guide you.

• Ensure that your link text is concise and directly relates to the landing page you are linking to.

• Ensure that the link text and the content on the landing page are directly related to the standard ad that the Sitelink in question is paired with.

• Make sure that you do not use the same link text in more than one Sitelink.

• Make sure that you use a unique Sitelink for every landing page or URL that you plan to use in your ad campaign. You cannot have two or more Sitelinks linking users to the same landing page.

• Avoid using symbols and excessive punctuation marks on your Sitelinks

• You must avoid using phrases such as “download now” or “click here to download” on your Sitelinks although you can set them to take users to a download page.

When should you use Google AdWords Sitelinks in Your Ad Campaigns?


Google AdWords Sitelinks


Sitelinks are useful and applicable in any campaigns where they can be applied. The only trick you need to learn is how to implement Sitelinks effectively and which ones you should show.

What ads get Sitelinks?


Google AdWords has a number of different Sitelink formats. These are:

Three-line and two-line formats

In this format, the Sitelinks are designed so as to be triggered in situations where a particular Ad provides the ideal answer for a particular search query. These types of ads are highly likely to trigger Sitelinks based on some unique brand terms.

One-line format

This type of format has its Sitelinks triggered with some generic terms but they can also use brand terms.

Embedded format

In this type of format, the Sitelinks are triggered to appear when your ad qualifies to appear above the search results and when the text in your ad matches one or more of your Sitelinks exactly.

The basic idea is to use Sitelinks for queries or ads that you see to be highly relevant already so as to increase their click-through rates.

Reasons Why Your AdWords Ads Are Not Showing Sitelinks


The main reasons as to why your ads are not showing the Sitelinks you added to them is that they simply haven’t been considered as “authoritative” or “relevant” enough by Google.

It is clear from the description above that Google wants to award Sitelinks only to those sites that have proven to be synonymous with a branded query or which are appearing above the search results.

How to Create Google AdWords Sitelinks That Speak To The Queries They Speak For


As you are thinking about which URLs to use for which particular query it is important that you clearly understand where your Sitelinks will be showing.

You can get a clear picture of where most of your impressions located above the fold are being generated by taking a look at the top vs. side reports.

You can also take a step further and look at how the different extensions perform in the ad extension tab.

You should aim to tailor your Sitelinks to refer to the queries generating impressions above the fold. You can achieve this using a number of different techniques for optimizing your Sitelinks. The following are some of them:

• Take the time to understand your customer’s behavior

• You should make sure you test different themes for your Sitelinks

• Make sure you implement proper tracking and also closely monitor the results

The tips that we have given you in this article are assured to help you through the process of creating and using your Sitelinks effectively.

It is important that you take a lot of care when it comes to selecting the Sitelinks to use in your AdWords Ad campaign as this will greatly affect whether or not Google will accept to recognize your Sitelinks.



You should make sure that you take proper advantage of Sitelinks when using Google AdWords campaigns. Sitelinks offer your business an edge over your brand competitors and increase your chances of improving your conversion rates and ultimately increasing your revenue.

You should make sure that you tailor your Sitelinks in such a way that they offer you the right balance between increased clicks and increased conversions.

Make sure that you test different aspects of your Sitelinks and analyze the data that they give you so as to know how to improve the performance of your advertisements.

Sitelinks have proven to be a powerful means for advertisers to build their click-through and conversion rates. When effectively created and executed they can provide a lot of added value to your standard PPC ad campaign and they do so at no extra cost.

If you are an online advertiser and you have not yet started using Sitelinks then it’s about time that you did. I hope you found the information that e provided to you to be helpful and relevant.