Google AdWords Certification

Beginner’s Guide to Google AdWords Certification

Many Google AdWords certification companies pitch to their prospects that they are Google Authorized SEO consultants just to get more business but there really is no such certification in existence.

There are different levels of certification that an individual can attain and this has really been a confusing topic but don’t worry we will list them for you so that you know which authorization is which.

Google AdWords Certification #1: Google AdWords Certified Company


This is basically a company that contains a few individuals who are certified and also has a higher spend in the MCC (My Client Center). The requirements for a company to be awarded this certification by Google include the following:

• The company must employ a minimum of 2 individuals who are qualified as Google Adwords certified individuals but don’t necessarily need to qualify under the same MCC

• The company has to a mailing and billing address in one of the countries in their MCC

• They should have a minimum spend that is specified by the country that they operate in.

The biggest challenge to becoming a certified Google AdWords company is the minimum cash that the company has to spend in its respective MMC.

It gets worse when you have to maintain the same spend over a 90-day time period which can be a bit hectic considering the fact that clients come and go as they please and thus you cannot maintain a fixed income.

The advantages that come with acquiring this certification is that you will be given a badge by Google and you will also get a professional status page which will be hosted by Google and which you can link any interested parties to.

Google AdWords Certification #2: Google Website Optimizer Authorized Consultant (WOAC)


 Google AdWords Certification


In order for your company to get this certification from Google, you have to email Google a document that shows you meet all the criteria that have been defined by Google. The following are all the things that your email should contain:

• Your company should have successfully designed and implemented at least 3 verifiable website optimizer tests with at least 3 different referenceable clients.

You have to provide Google with screenshots of the tests that you have run meaning they want some really in-depth references.

• Your company has to be providing a number of services which are dedicated to Google website optimizer which include setup, training, and consultation

• Your company has to be willing to attend and also pass technical training sessions on Google website optimization at a Google office. The training is supposed to be funded by your company and not Google.

• Your company should also be committed to launching at least 3 website optimizer experiments every quarter.

The benefits that come with this certification are worth all the hustle. There are only 33 companies which have WOAC authorization. Other than getting to be on this exclusive list you will also get the following benefits:

• A fancy badge from Google that you can display for your prospects to appreciate

• A number of co-marketing opportunities

• You will get increased technical support

• You will also be placed on the website optimizer partners page

Google AdWords Certification #3: Google AdWords Certified Individual


 Google AdWords Certification


This is the most common Google certification on the market right now. It is also the easiest one to acquire and anyone can get it.

The only criteria that you have to meet that have been set by Google for an individual to become Google Adwords certified are as follows.

• You have to accept the terms and rules of use

• You have to be managing a minimum of one Adwords account in an MCC for 90 days

• You also have to maintain a minimum spend of at least $1000 or equivalent amount depending on the currency in your MCC during the whole 90 day time period.

For most of those who go after this certification, the exam is what is most important. The exam costs about $50 each time you want to take it which is an unlimited number of times.

It is easy to pass the exams as long as you are familiar with Adwords and you study the lessons. It is important to take a look at the lessons even if you use Adwords on a daily basis because they cover a lot of topics which include invoicing and they also contain questions about the whole ads spectrum.

All you need to attain in order to pass the exams is 75%. You should also make sure that you familiarize yourself with the whole system, not just the aspects that you use on a daily basis.

The benefits that come together with becoming a certified Google Adwords individual are the fact that you will get a professional status page which will be hosted on Google that verifies your status, as well as a link to it.

Google AdWords Certification #4: Google Analytics Authorized Consultant (GAAC)


 Google AdWords Certification


The people who have attained this certification are very few in the market today. This is because the criteria that have been set for you to be able to attain this are much more challenging.

For one to get this certificate one must first go through an interview of some sorts. You have to send Google an email containing a document that details reasons why you should be authorized to become a Google Analytics consultant.

Your email should also contain the following:

• It should contain evidence showing that you offer a range of Analytics services which include configuration, implementation, training, and consultation

• Evidence of a proven expertise in the field of web analytics including speaking, blogging, and whitepaper

• Evidence of at least 3 verifiable, paid and expertly deployed Google analytics project with a minimum of 3 different clients who Google can contact for the purpose of referencing.

The case studies should show details such as the instances where you customized the GA code for your client.

• You should also show evidence that you have employed at least 2 people who have taken the GAIQ test and actually passed.

Other than the main criteria mentioned above there are other criteria that you also have to meet which include:

• Annually sending at least one employee to the Google Analytics Authorized consultant summit at your company’s expense

• At the end of each quarter, you should provide a detailed report that has details of all the GA projects you undertook during the just-completed quarter including the names of the clients and the results that you obtained.

The following are some of the benefits that you will receive from acquiring this certification:

• You will get better technical support for your Google Analytics

• Your company will receive referrals of possible clients from Google sales teams

• You will get a position on the list on the Google analytics partner page

• Your company will receive an invitation to attend the GAAC summit held every year at the Google offices

• Your company will receive a badge that they can display for the benefit of their clients

• You will get access to a very exclusive GAAC web forum where you can share ideas and technical tips with Google and other GAACs

As much there is no one Google Adwords Certification, the above-discussed certifications will put you in good stead as far as the respective certification disciplines are concerned.