Good Website

10 Critical Elements Every Good Website Must Have

In today’s technological world for a business to survive and become successful it has to have a good website.

The consumers expect to find every business online and thus if you do not have a website for your brand then to them your business does not exist.

Though there are still some businesses which are reluctant in embracing websites they should know that they not only need to create a website but they should also incorporate a number of essential features if they want to keep up with their competitors.

The following are the feature that you absolutely must have on a good website:

1. Good Website: The Domain Name


The first thing that your business website or any other website for that matter needs is a domain name. The domain represents your brand, the product or services you offer and also who you are as a business.

It is better to have domain names that end with .com because they are easier to remember for the users and you can check if the domain name you want is available for purchase before you can settle for a name.

Ensure that the name you choose is not too long or difficult to spell. This will make it easier for your prospects to remember when they want to search for your website on the internet.

2. Good Website: Contact Information


It is extremely important that you include your contact information on your website just in case people want to contact you for queries.

The contact info that you should provide include your email address, the location of your business, a phone number and a contact form.

This type of information should be placed above your homepage fold which is the area of the page that is easily visible to people before they scroll down your page.

You can also add other details such as your business’s social media handles and your business operation hours.

3. Good Website: Navigation Bar at the Top


Always make sure that you place the navigation bar on your website at the top of every page. Always ensure that when people visit your website the first thing they are able to do is to navigate through your website.

This will make it easy for them to get what they are looking for on your site and they can even be converted into customers.

4. Good Website: Calls to Action


Good Website


Make sure that you have a fully optimized and effective CTA on every page on your website. You can include a CTA before and after your fold on your website homepage.

You can also create a contact page where you will put your contact information so that it is more visible and easily accessible by your visitors.

5. Good Website: Fresh Content and Images


You have to ensure that the content you place on your website is useful to the users and it is also relevant.

You cannot just place any content that looks good on your website and expect that you will have high conversion rates. You have to do a lot of research on the type of content that your prospects would like to see.

In the event that you ask someone else to write your content for you, you must give them a clear guideline of what exactly you would want on your website and also provide them with research if you have any.

Every page should contain fresh content that is original and has no plagiarized information. You should also utilize images that are relevant to your brand so as to create an amazing user experience.

You should make sure that you use small but high definition images on your website so as to reduce the site load but still make it possible for the users to see what is in the image.

6. Good Website: Responsive Website


Good Website

People will access your business’s website from their smartphones, laptops and computers and thus the need to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

You can use two methods to achieve this; the first is creating a separate website that has a similar URL to your main website which is specially created for mobile devices.

They usually have a URL that looks like The second way is to use a website development platform that will adjust the website to the device automatically.

The second option is the cheapest one and you should utilize it if it’s available to you. Google is currently giving preference to those sites that support mobile devices and this makes it essential to make your website responsive.

7. Good Website: Professional Coding


Creating a website has become very easy recently thanks to the number of tools that are available to aid you in this process and what’s even better is the fact that most of them are free. You can easily create a website, which might be basic, using these tools to get started.

It is however essential for you to seek a professional to make sure that your website is put together perfectly so as to ensure smooth operations because you are running a business and the smoother the process is the more business you will get.

This will help eradicate errors that would otherwise appear or your page if the creation and design work is done by an armature which would lead to you losing a lot of business.

8. Good Website: Testimonial and Reviews


Good Website


Ones you have done the job of attracting people to your website they will start evaluating you and your brand to see whether you are the right business to give them solutions to problems that they have.

It will be up to you to convince them to trust you and to conduct business with you. The best way to do this would be to post reviews and testimonials from customers who had done business with you before and were satisfied with what they got.

Consumers are more likely to trust the word of another consumer than they would yours. When they read positive things about your product or service they will be more like to make a purchase and even become repeat customers.

9. Good Website: Trust Badges


These are images that show your business is legit. There are two types of badges available currently and these are SSL badges which prove that there is a connection between your website and the browser your visitor is using and the other type are images which show the relationship between its users and your website.

These badges do not offer any security they just show relationships but they are important to your website.

10. Good Website: Offer a Guarantee


Most buyers need the assurance of knowing that they are safe in the event that the product the purchase is faulty or does not meet his/her expectations.

When you give your prospect a guarantee you will help them get over the sales hurdle that they are stuck in. the good news about Guarantees is that most of the buyers do not end up returning their purchased products.

This also helps to build the consumer’s trust in your product because no one would offer people their money back if they knew that their product could not live up to the advertised expectation.

This will also increase the number of repeat customers that your business will get because people trust your brand.