Thank You Landing Page

The 4 Ingredients That Make a Good Thank You Landing Page

Saying thank you is a universal form of politeness. Expressing gratitude for a deed done is important for positive relations whether formal or informal. The same applies for digital marketing and to do it online you need a good thank you landing page template.

Take this scene for instance: you have launched an online ad, linked it to a landing page and the viewer responds to your ad by giving information or making a purchase.

What do you do next? Do you leave it at that? Saying thank you is a great way to have a follow up landing page that shows gratefulness for your clients and any leads you get from your ads. So, why not have a thank you landing page?

Not only is it a polite move on your part but it also serves other purposes like creating a deeper bond with previous clients. Get a sample of a thank you landing page on Lander.

What is a Thank You Landing Page?


Similar to any other landing page, it is a page where your visitors are sent to after completing a prompt.

For instance, if yours is an online store, a visitor makes a purchase; once they are done successfully, they would be taken to the landing page that thanks them for their purchase. It is as simple as that.

The thank you landing page defers from firm to firm, and also depending on its specific purpose. You may be appreciating them for submitting a form, subscribing or even just for waiting while a page loads among other things.

Elements of an Effective Thank You Landing Page


Every thank you landing page has some common features. There is the obvious message of thanks, and some more information on what they should expect next. Other things that will make the landing page more effective include:

Humanizing the Thank You Landing Page


This may be done by having a photo of the company representative on the landing page. You have seen before those pages with photo s of smiling staff and a thank you message. You can also opt for videos of staff saying thank you.

This gives the visitors a feeling of being closer to the company. It will make them feel that they made the right choice in associating with your firm. Furthermore, it gives a face to the company making the page look less generic.

Including Sharing Options on the Thank You Landing Page

Thank You Landing Page

The thank you page gives you an ability to have your clients expand the customer base. They can do this by sharing their experience with friends and family through the share buttons. This is beneficial to you as you get more leads and good marketing out of it.

Giving Information on Other Offers


It doesn’t hurt to have information about something else that you have to offer which the clients can take advantage of.

For instance, other than submitting a form they filled, maybe there is a website you would like them to follow, or make a purchase of a product.

You may mention this on the page. You may also include free things like a giveaway of a product, or a coupon all of which will market your brand.

Make Your Thank You Landing Page Short and Sweet


Your message should not be so long that it bores the audience. It must not have too much information. Instead, just have a nice, short thank you message, your offer, a call-to-action button and that is it.

A long message would be ignored by most, and they may not even click on the call-to-action button at all, thus it loses its meaning.

The thank you page should be a way for you to not only confirm the successfulness of the previous prompt but also to continue the conversation with clients. Make it something that tells them this is not the end. This is why we bring up offers for the clients and have them engage with you again.

Thank You Landing Page Templates

Thank You Landing Page

There is no need to build a thank you landing page from scratch. You can simply get a landing page template and customize it to create your personalized message.

You can choose from different templates which suites you best, depending on your preferences and purpose of the landing page.

Thank you landing page for Lead Magnets


Your lead magnet may be a webinar, where you get details of visitors in exchange for the webinar. Willingly offering information on the part of the visitor shows an interest in your offer.

So your aim here is to further this interest so that it is now in the company and not just the temporary offer.

You may have the page confirming their action and its success as well as showing appreciation for it, where they subscribe to a webinar.

Offer the next step. If the visitor gets access to an article, you can then offer a free course on the same or a longer resource which allows them further in your line of expertise.

Thank you pages for Email subscription


Joining an email list by visitors should not be taken for granted. You need to thank those who subscribe.

You can add a social sharing button for them to share the information with friends and family on the thank you page. Chances are they know others who would also be interested.

You can also add an invite to an event held for the members of that community. This is of course if you have such events that bring subscribers together.

What of when they subscribe to a webinar? Well, the thank you landing page can be used to give the visitors an option to get a reminder for the webinar.

The thing with webinars is that though willing to, not everybody actually attends it. It may slip their mind so it would be good to have a reminder.

The page thus allows you to have the event entered into their calendar automatically by them clicking a button. This way, when the date of the event is near, they will be reminded of it, and will be sure not to miss it.

Thank You Pages for a Purchase Made


The visitor has visited your site and made a purchase. What you do next may lead to more sales, which is your aim.

First thank them for the purchase, then use the platform to add something else to benefit you and your client.

You may use the thank you page to encourage them to interact with you on social media. This offers opportunities to market products to them in future.

You can also have the page displaying related products to the one purchased. For instance, if they bought a smartphone, showcase devices like power banks showing why they are good with the phone.

There are endless options for a thank you landing page, all of which are of great benefits to you. It is a chance which you would do well to take full advantage of.

Whichever path you decide to take with your landing page, start appreciating your visitors today.

Use the thank you landing page template to expand your market, inform more, interact more with the client, generate more sales and do even more advertising.