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8 Inspiring Benefits of Good Landing Pages

Good landing pages are a distraction free zone without a navigation menu, sidebar or footer. The goal is to convert a website visitor into a lead. A good landing page is clear, concise and holds the hands of visitors to set points.

A poor landing page is an unappealing information overload. Think of it like this: your landing page should be like a vortex! There’s no getting out of it.

Landing pages have specific benefits that set them apart from a business website and make them an effective lead generating and marketing tool. Here are some benefits of landing pages:

 Good Landing Pages: Logging User Information


It is a quick and efficient way to directly influence campaigns, research projects, product creation, future sales, and customer service initiatives.

By optimizing landing pages to fill out quick info forms, one can analyze the data to determine factors about the audience, such as demographics and social preferences.

Good Landing Pages: Advertising


Good Landing Pages

Efforts can be measured efficiently with carefully planned landing pages. By using tools like Google Analytics, Adsense, and built-in WordPress plugins, one can track the effectiveness of campaigns. This is one of the most prominent benefits of your landing page.

Good Landing Pages: Boosts SEO


The search engines’ goal is to give relevant content in their search results. They favor organic content that is not on other websites. Adding good landing pages to your site with good content will increase your search engine ranking.

Good Landing Pages: Creates Anticipation for New Stuff


Anticipation for startups and new products can be aroused with a “Coming Soon Page” or “Countdown” style landing page. Zero programming / design skills are needed as layouts and template themes for our convenience.

Good Landing Pages: Increasing Conversions


Just as your website contains information that influences a visitor’s decision to take action, a good landing page will do the same.

A landing page sets up a clear action for users to take and makes it as easy as possible for them to take that action. As a result, you will see more of that action being taken (also known as conversion).

Check out the high-converting landing pages here to help you get started

Good Landing Pages: Improving Paid Search Campaigns


Good Landing Pages

One more benefit of a landing page is that it is specifically created for an advertising campaign and it will bring interested people to one web page. Since this is exactly what the audience is looking for in their search.

And as the landing page further facilitates the ultimate goal of the user, they are more likely to click on that link and follow through with all of the steps.

Good Landing Pages: Provide Credibility


A landing page focuses on one particular task, objective, or path for a user. One can optimize the content and elements of the landing page to facilitate that task as much as possible.

When users feel like their course of action is clear and you are helping them to achieve it. They recognize that you understand their problems and have put thought into creating the best process for solving them.

Good Landing Pages: Spreading Brand Awareness


When designing a landing page it is important that the landing page style, look, feel, and the copy are consistent with the content that links to it.

When users land on your landing page, they’ll be more familiar with your business’s branding and more likely to recognize your business again.

Landing pages are a gold mine of leads and opportunities for you in your real estate business. They take your normal website and kick it up a notch. Landing pages work for you and show that you are a trusted advisor for your website visitors.

These benefits of landing pages show you the same thing. You’ll be able to achieve all of the above if your landing page is worth it, and if it meets your requirements.