5 Good Landing Page Examples To Inspire You

5 Good Landing Page Examples To Inspire You

A landing page is any page that someone lands on after you click on an online marketing call-to-action. For you to score a conversion you need a great page and in this article we will give you good landing page examples to consider. But first how do you create a good landing page, examples follow:

• A landing page layout needs to be flawless. A good and persuasive landing page compels visitors to complete conversion.

•  Organize  and have a smart design. The overall structure will affect how effective a landing page will end up. Attributes for test include color, placement, and size so as to find the most effective page layout.

Maintain a clean page with natural navigation and no distractions e.g. popups. Too much information overwhelms visitors so one should maintain simplicity and only provide essential information.

Use headers and promote broadcast offer value. They enable a person to explain why a particular offer is valuable in clear and precise words.

Make a  mobile friendly page. The landing page should easily navigate on mobile devices as there is an increase in web traffic from mobile devices. The landing page should be easy to navigate, first loading etc. on such devices.

Short forms. The longer the forms the less chances for visitors to fill it. Only ask for the essentials from any particular forms.

 Good Landing Page Examples

• Landing pages should be tailored for individual audiences and matched with the page copy of PPC ads.

• Test to ensure that the landing page is effective and serves its purpose. Track the results for insight on the effectiveness of the landing page.

Examples of good landing pages include:

Good Landing page examples #1: Shopify

Good Landing Page Examples
It has a simple landing page and a user oriented headline that relies on bullets rather than paragraphs. Forms are short with few fields to fill out. It has an extra advantage to function on any device.

Good Landing page examples #2:Industrial strength marketing

 Good Landing Page ExamplesThis landing page example has the header “Don’t make me zoom”. It speaks of user experience that one has to go through when browsing on phones and tablets. The color is strategically placed with a purple drawing of a person closer to the conversion event.

Good Landing page examples #3: Inbound Emotion

Though this site is in Spanish, its conversion capabilities are remarkable. The form in this site stays fixed as one scrolls through the site. It has directional cues in the form of hands that direct one while filling the form and sharing content with others.

Good Landing page examples #4: H. Bloom

Good Landing Page Examples
The landing page has high quality graphics and a lot of white space thus it is captivates the visitor. It has an above the fold form, a clear and precise description of what happens when the form is filled. A bright orange ‘submit’ button is available which is specific to the offer at hand.

Good Landing page examples #5: Zendesk

Good Landing Page Examples
Zendesk has a free trial landing page that is way simple in both copy and design. It has two CTA buttons as well as egg drawings that seem to be wiggling and about to break . It has a simple form that only needs an email address and password to create the account.

If a google account is used for login, the conversion path is further shortened.