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Tweaks of a Good Fashion Landing Page That Really Converts

If you are a marketing professional working in the fashion industry you need to have an effective fashion landing page if you would like to increase your conversion rate and hence your revenue.

Creating the perfect fashion landing page template will require some skill but, do not be scared, at Lander, we will help you to create and design the landing page you want for your fashion website.

The fashion business is very competitive and you need every inch of advantage to get ahead of your competition and to reach your target audience.

Needless to say, fashion is visual and to succeed, you will have to begin by having attractive and effective pages to get your audience engaged.

Tips for the best fashion landing page to crush your competition

The following features will help you create a landing page template that will help you stay a step ahead of your completion in the fashion industry.

Use a Headline That Grabs Attention


Ensure that you make your headline clear and use compelling words that will be sure to grab the prospect’s attention.

The headline should tell the prospects exactly what they should expect when they open your fashion landing page.

The title of the landing page should be designed to give the users a sneak preview of what is on the page and make them want to read more.

You should place the headline at the top of your page to ensure it can be spotted easily by the prospects.

Remove All Navigation

Fashion Landing Page

The main aim of getting prospects to your fashion landing page is so that you can pitch your offer to them and get them to make a conversion.

For this to happen, you have to get rid of all distractions that could lead them away from your fashion landing page.

Ensure that you get rid of your site’s navigation bar as well as all other hyperlinks. This will ensure that your visitors focus all their attention on the offer you are giving them on your landing page.

Write Consumable Copy


This is the next thing that your visitors will land on after they have read your title. You have to ensure that you copy will keep them interested in what you have to say.

You can write an overview of what the download piece is all about and how helpful the advanced content will be to the prospect and also give them a glimpse of what is in the download piece.

Include Graphics


Inserting interesting images and videos that are related to your heading will ensure that you keep your prospects scrolling down your page.

Using videos on landing pages has proved to increase conversion rates by up to 80%. This will help you enhance the user experience on your landing page template.

Be cautious to not use graphics that will distract the prospects. The images and videos should aim to focus the attention of your visitors on what you would like them to do on that page.

The Placement of Your Form Is Very Important


It used to be basic knowledge that the form should be placed above the fold but now times have changed.

Users in this current date and time are more likely to leave a page if they see a form immediately they land on a firm/company’s page.

It is important that you give the users some information before you can give them a form to fill out their information.

You can place the form either in the middle of your page or at the end by having a pop up that is prompted when the user wants to leave the page.

Ask Relevant Questions


It is important to only ask important questions on your form. The questions you ask users on your form will determine whether they will fill it or not. You can achieve this by doing the following:

• Ensure you ask visitors for their basic information before you ask any more detailed questions. The basic info includes the user’s name and contact details.

• Limit the number of questions you have on your page to be between 3 and 10.

Give Visitors an Offer

Fashion Landing Page

You should make sure that you give visitors an offer they can’t refuse so as to entice them to make a conversion.

Ensure that the offer you are giving is something that users find valuable and it’s something they cannot find anywhere else. Most people will only do something if they have something to gain from it.

Social Proof Your Fashion Landing Page


It is important to social proof as this will help build the confidence that your prospects will have in you.

It is a fact that consumers will always trust the word of another consumer rather than the marketing team of a given company.

You can post testimonials from previous customers that show your fashion company in a good light. Make sure that the testimonials you post are backed up by facts so that they can be believable.

Add Your Contact


It is important to make it easy for prospects to get in touch with you. You can add your contact info to your landing page which prospects can use to contact you in case they have any queries.

The contact info could include your phone number and email address. Sharing your own contact information increases your company’s credibility and thus will go a long way in convincing visitors to convert on your page.

Offer a Guarantee


Consumers love products that have guarantees. This to them decreases the amount of risk that comes with making a purchase as they know if the product is faulty they can always get a refund or get it fixed.

This will greatly increase the chances of people making conversions on your landing page.

There are many different forms of guarantees and you can choose to offer any of them. Ensure that you place the guarantee statement close to your CTA which will give the prospect final reassurance and also help them be ready to make a conversion.

Ensure You Have A Powerful CTA

Fashion Landing Page

This is the most important aspect of your fashion landing page. Make sure that you get your CTA button correct if you would like to have a successful landing page. Ensure that the CTA button if large enough so as to capture the visitor’s attention.

Make the copy of the CTA compelling and place it somewhere where the user cannot miss it. This could be above the fold, in the middle of the page or at the bottom of the page.

You can also use a colour that contrasts with the background colour so that the CTA stands out on the page.

Tip: Do not forget to run an A/B test on most of the elements on your landing page so as to ensure that you only use content that your prospects will like.

In conclusion, it should be your main aim to create a fashion landing page template with features that are effective and will get you a high conversion rate.

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