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10 Tweaks of Good Copy that Boost Conversion

Good Copy:  Though it may be defined in many scholarly ways, copywriting simply means writing that is designed by a marketer to sell a product or service to a consumer.

It refers to the persuasive language used to compel readers into making a specific call-to-action. You can make amendments to the content of a copy yourself, or you can hire someone to do it on your behalf.

A key element of a good copy can be identified in its ability to woo customers to your store. There are many ways to conduct a copy tweak; one of them is by using A/B testing software.

You don’t have to consult your designer or web developer to help you with this. It works by improving conversions on your website to increase sales and essentially increase profits.

How do you copy write?

Get Used To Your Own Voice


Not everyone is skilled in persuasive writing.  Make use of recording devices if you feel that this writing thing just isn’t made for you.

You can record your thoughts and ideas and hire someone to transcribe them for you. Voicememo app is one such tool that will go a long way in case you ever run into a writer’s block. will only charge you 1 $per minute to transcribe. Not only will this save you time, it will also get your creative juices flowing for longer.

Use Contractions


These are shortened forms of words that we use in our everyday speech. For instance, use can’t instead of cannot, it’s instead if it is.

You will find that it softens the tone of your writing and makes your article more conversational to your readers.

Your message should stand out more than the big fancy words you use to decorate your article.

The more genuine it is, the better it is at convincing first time readers to subscribe to your site. Also, avoid using words that are foreign to you, the message might actually get lost in the delivery.

Forget What Your English Teacher Taught You


This might sound counterintuitive but it actually works. The best way to write is how we normally speak to our close friends and family.

Incorporate comedy, satire or suspense in your writing to better connect with your audience. If you normally don’t use big words when you talk to the people around you, then don’t bother fitting them in your article. Authenticity is the key.

Get Specific


Avoid using vague and ambiguous statements to sell your products. Include exact values, a sense of timeliness and list all the products and services that you can deliver for your clients.

Laura Belgray once said “ People don’t like vague statements, they want concrete statements that paint a picture.” Vague statements often cause people to become disinterested in your campaign because it sounds boring and fake.

Outline all the perks and opportunities that he customers stand to reap from if they get on board with what you are offering them.

Always Be Willing To Ask For Help


Don’t allow yourself to be stuck in a rut as far as writing goes. Seek advice from your contemporaries and allies who are willing to lend you a helping hand.

They can pitch in and offer to proofread your articles for you, while at the same time offer suggestions for possible amendments.

Professionals in copywriting will assist you in the process of drafting an article, just the way that you have it visualized in your mind.

Below are some content tweaks you can incorporate in your copywriting to improve sales conversions:

Good Copy Tip #1: Headline Tweaks


Good Copy

This is obviously the first thing that shouts to the reader once they land on your website. It should inform your subscribers exactly what to expect from your brand.

Do not exaggerate your claims by going above and beyond what you can deliver. Instead of using the claim ‘We are the best’ in your headline, go for something that you can prove, like, ‘We can deliver to your doorstep at no extra cost’.

Another option is to highlight your data, like displaying the number of subscribers that you have garnered so far on your page.

Good Copy Tip #2: Display Your Contact Number Prominently On The Website


This will serve to not only improve your credibility, but allows for communication between you and your clients.

Customers can call in and ask for assistance, make inquiries or make complaints through this number.

Good Copy Tip #3: Show Before-sale Prices Too


According to Dan Airley’s book ‘Predictable Irrationality’ when promotional items are displayed on their own, customers cannot conceptualize the true value of those items.

It is important to include the before-sale prices in order for them to make a comparison. He also stated “Humans often need contextual cues for evaluating prices, the basis of this comparison makes it easier for them to make decisions.

Good Copy Tip #4: Add Privacy Lines To Your Lead Generation Form


With today’s fast paced technology it is becoming easier to get access to peoples private information.

It is because of this that marketers find it challenging to get access to their customer’s personal information.

By adding Privacy lines to a form, you will help alleviate those fears and improve sales. By doing so you promise not to misuse their information or spam their emails.

Good Copy Tip #5: No security seals? Use Assurance text


Security badges from companies like VeriSign, PayPal, McAfee and BBB help to enforce credibility to your website.

They are oftentimes used as signs to assure customers that their information is covered from threats.

They can however be very costly and they will not always guarantee that visitors will convert to paying customers.

So what is the solution? Include an assurance text in your checkout process; it will put your clients’ fears to rest.

Good Copy Tip #6: Use Narrative Lead Generation Forms


Good Copy


Try using the Narrative Mad Lib style forms for your website when you need customers to sign up or give certain information. The simpler it is, the higher the conversion rate for your company.

Also you can make it easier to fill these forms by adding a help-text within each field. The aim is to make the form easy to understand and fill in the quickest time possible.

Good Copy Tip #7: Use the Right Testimonials


Make sure to include detailed testimonials that speak about more than one feature or products that your company is offering.

A simple comment like ‘I love your phone’ just won’t cut it. Instead go for something like this’ I have always used Nokia Xperia Z for all my mobile needs because it has so many perks. It is waterproof, scratch proof and has a two year warranty.

The front and back cameras give me crystal clear shots and the phone never runs out of storage space’. Lucy,

Good Copy Tip #8: Communicate Value


Remind your customers of what benefits they stand to receive from you by remaining subscribed to you. This should be the first thing to assess even before asking new visitors to subscribe to your website.

Customers need to be assured that they are getting a better deal from you as opposed to anyone else on the market.

Articulate the benefits as clearly as possible to your audience in order to ensure more swift conversions for your company.

Good Copy Tip #9: Experiment With Button Text


Use compelling words or phrases on the buttons you choose to display on your website. By simply adding the word ‘FREE’ to their signup button, the Social Company increased their conversion rate by 18.6%.

You can also use Basecamp’s approach by mentioning that the signup will only take 60 seconds to complete. It not only creates a sense of urgency, but it also assures the customers that you won’t waste their time

Good Copy Tip #10: Repeat Your call-to-action as a Postscript in Your Newsletter

Good Copy


We are all guilty of quickly browsing through the terms and conditions segments on online pages.

A postscript that is boldly written at the bottom of the page will capture your reader’s attention because it is made to stand out from the long monotonous script. You can make people notice it even more by repeating your call-to-action at this juncture.

In conclusion…


Copywriting is a something that anyone can do when they have the right mental attitude, skills, and tools at their disposal.

Entrepreneurs can benefit so much from it given they take these steps.  It is a skill that can be taught to those who are passionate about their business.

Learning how to write for your brand can be very rewarding because you get the chance to speak your mind and vocalize your intentions for your customers.

Anyone can write, so long as you have something to say. With that being said, you no longer have to wait for your editor to show up to work for you to get the job done.

With these tips on how to tweak and fix u your copy, you can be assured to succeed in converting visitors into regular, loyal purchasing customers.