Good Click Through Rate

Google Adwords: What Is A Good Click Through Rate?

Marketers always think about the best optimal way to target potential customers. They are always on the move to ensure that they reach as many customers as possible to ensure that the business is successful. A good click through rate is therefore very important for advertisers.

It is in most cases abbreviated as CTR. This is because it helps to determine the rank and your cost per click.

It is usually known that when the good click through rate, the better ranking you will have and the cost will also be lower.

It involves the percentage of total ad views that have resulted in clicks and it’s also an important factor in Google’s quality score formula which is used to determine your ad position and the real cost per click.

A Good Click through Rate Tip


A good click through rate, depends on your industry, your business, and your goals. To determine your ideal CTR takes time as it depends on your industry and keywords and how competitive they are.

High-quality scores are led by high CTR and also it has served a good purpose of leading to higher conversion rates.

AdWords Performance Grader is usually used to measure your CTR and also compare it to competitors which helps you to identify how to spend on a certain advertisement.

It is a good measure to first know what you are measuring with Google AdWords. Search and display ads are types of advertising which are done by marketers.

When a potential customer searches for a product, what will appear is the search ads. Whereas when it comes to displaying ads, it is simply what appears on a website while browsing.

Average Cost Per Click

Good Click Through Rate

Usually abbreviated as CPC is the amount of time it takes a user to click on your ad. The maximum cost per click reflects the most that you have been charged per click however, you will be charged less.

The actual CPC is in most cases less than the maximum CPC since with AdWords auction, what is minimally required to hold your ad position is what you will pay.

Just looking at your highest or lowest CPC doesn’t tell all but however, you need to focus on how the ads are converting and getting away with those ads that are not having a good conversion rate.

Average Conversion Rate


Commonly abbreviated as CVR, it is used to track the total amount of conversions that you get from an ad.

When you notice that you are not getting a good amount of conversion from an ad, it means that there is a problem which needs to be reviewed.

To improve your CVR consider leveraging negative keywords which prevent your ad from people who are just searching for a specific word or phrase.

Average Cost per Action (CPA)

Good Click Through Rate

It simply refers to the amount that you pay each and every time an action that involves your ad is performed. These actions include form submissions, impressions, and registration.

According to AdWords, leveraging information about target CPA is a way to automatically find CPC bid for your appearing ad. The bids are set to achieve average CPA which is equal to your target.

In optimizing the experience of the user, Google makes sure at all times that the results are relented to search inquiries.

It assigns quality scores based on data points as a way of measuring user experience with ads in its network. The CTR is one of the important aspects in determining the total score.

Google earns a large percentage of its earnings from advertising and giving ads good scores on the highly visible parts of a page.

Therefore, more revenue is generated when ads are clicked. Factors that are used to find out the quality score include overall performance of each ad, the relevance of search inquiries and also keywords.

In many cases, the CTR is the one that provides performance measurement when these elements are represented in the quality score.

In AdWords, quality scores are found when you click the speech bubble for the keyword and the score will just appear.

Having a relatively high CTR that translates into high score has a lot of benefits. These benefits include low cost per click and a relatively high page placement.

The maximum CPC bid is usually multiplied by the ads quality score as a basic calculation.

The ad which has the highest score gains the best page placement with the best visibility.

These ads can reduce CPC costs while also winning the page placement. Ads with low-quality scores cost more per click than ads with good score.

Actually, there is no definitive value which defines a good average CTR but the metric plays a very important role in the success of your online advertising campaigns.

Never underestimate its importance of how your PPC initiatives are comparing to your competitors.

All in all the CTR affects the quality score for each and every one of your ads which is a factor when it comes to placement of your ads and how much you will gain in every pay per click.

A Good Click Through Rate Must Have…

Good Click Through Rate

1. How long is the keyword? Longer keywords have a good chance to make ads receive high CTR.

2. Keyword qualification. When the keyword is more qualified, you have a high chance of presenting a tailored ad and your CTR will be high.

3. Relevancy of your ads. When you tailor your ads to the keyword the better you can prove to your researcher that you are able to cater for their requirements.

4. Qualified ad message. To help attract only your target audience, you will need to qualify searches to help attract more.

5. Having enticing message makes your CTR be higher. These messages include percentages, discounts, and prices.

6. Using brand extent in the keyword. This will result in a very high CTR.

7. The amount of competition. When a great number of ads show on the keyword, the searcher has a more choice to click on the competitor thus lowering your CTR.

8. Make sure that your brand and trademark show that you are the only one, therefore, you will end up to receive a higher CTR for your brand keyword.

9. The bid amounts. When you bid more, you show more and thus your ad receives more and, in the end, the CTR will be higher.

10. The quality of competition. When your quality and enticing your competitor’s, ads are the lower your CTR will be. Thus, ensure that yours is more enticing and of greater quality.

11. The extent to which ads extension appear with your ads. Your extensions are usually shown based on the effect that Google believes it has on the CTR. Therefore, there is more showing of the ad and thus a greater CTR.



CTR actually doesn’t sell anything but is very useful when comparing like for like. It rather determines how successful your ad will be as it affects if it’s highly shown or not.

A good click through rate will keep you high in the ranking and will make your business stand out among others. For the best website marketing, Lander is known to be the best.