Give a Warm Welcome to Our New Blog!

Give a Warm Welcome to Our New Blog!

As you may know, earlier this year we completed a huge makeover of our website, but we still felt that something else was missing. Well, we've finally decided, that the big “something” was actually our blog.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we love our blog, but it was time for something different, refreshing. We needed a new and improved blog that goes hand in hand with our new design and aesthetic. So, we took this opportunity to improve a few things, offering you the best possible blog experience

So, with the old blog under our creative microscope, we quickly identified some errors and things that we could improve. We realized that even though our blog content was good, the way the old blog was presenting it...well, just wasn’t.

And, because we know that content is not everything, we also wanted you to experience something new when it came to reading our content.

With that, let’s take a look at some changes we’ve recently made:

Improved Readability and Legibility  

Give a Warm Welcome to Our New Blog!

We realized that their were some inherent difficulties with reading some of the content. So, one of the main things we decided to change was the overall readability and legibility.

To achieve this, what we did was enlarge the typography and improve the line spacing and letter spacing. Also, we decided to modify the hierarchies of elements and improve our lists.

We also decided to drop the old font for a new one that’s much more modern and legible. We adopted a font called “Proxima Nova” as the new and official font in our blog.

These changes should make everything more readable and also pleasing to the eye. Even Bold letter phrases and links will be so much more visible thanks to these new changes!

So, in brief, what we basically did was change the general appearance of the blog to a new one that is clearer, simpler, and much easier to read. This is so important as it brings a higher level of value to our marketing content overall.

Categories Above the Blog

Give a Warm Welcome to Our New Blog!

We also rearranged the placement of our blog categories as well. We moved all of the categories from the side bar, and placed them at the top end of the blog, just above the posts.

We made this change to offer more ease of navigability to our readers. The idea was, that by placing them there, they’ll be so much more visible, and also allow our readers to go from one post to another in just one click.

Also as you’ll notice, we reorganized them into 4 principal categories, including a “More” option where we grouped 4 more categories together. We think that with these changes, navigation throughout the whole blog will be that much easier.

We Change Our Blog’s Home

Upon first visiting and opening the new blog, you’ll instantly see that our blogs home is sort of “different” in a new way.

What I mean by that is: notice that all of the posts headlines are much larger? And, you’ll also see that we've added a card like feature to each post allowing you to easily differentiate one post from another as well.

With these changes it will be so much easier to identify each post and continue reading once you've selected the post you want to read.

New Author’s Page

Give a Warm Welcome to Our New Blog!

Next we wanted to give our readers the possibility of seeing all posts from any of our blog contributors with ease.

So, for the new look, we decided to add the name of the posts author right next to their particular post on the top right. This way, whoever authored a particular blog post will be up front and visible to the reader in a bigger way.

New Sidebar

Give a Warm Welcome to Our New Blog!

You’ll also see that we even completely redesigned the Sidebar as well.  What we did was streamline it a bit by removing some of the older elements, cleaning it up a little.

The new sidebar will help to emphasize more of our blog’s resources, newsletter and also our most popular posts.

This will make overall navigation and selection of certain elements much easier. Also, it’s less intrusive and distracting to the reading.

Popular and Related Post

Also upon observation, you’ll now find two columns at the end of the post. One about popular posts and another one about related posts.

We added this because we think it makes everything more useful, emphasizing reading value and related content making the blog, once again, much easier to navigate.

We Matched our Blog With Our Site

As we mentioned previously, the old blog with the old look and aesthetic just didn't cut it when compared to the look of our new site. That’s why we decided it was time for an overhaul of the blogs design to bring it inline with the new look of our website as well

So, now if you’re navigating from the website over to our new blog, you won’t feel that it’s not associated with our product or website. You’ll easily identify with the similar look and feel of the website and feel like you’re right at home!

Blog Mobile

Give a Warm Welcome to Our New Blog!


Just like we did with the new website, the new blog is completely mobile friendly also! So if you’re connecting to our blog through your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to read the posts without any difficulty whatsoever.

Which is also why we ended up changing the overall length of our posts as well so they aren't so troublesome to read them and interact with.

So if you’re stuck in a traffic jam in L.A. or bored on the city bus or subway in New York just killing time, get connected to our blog and read and download some of our content already!

Any Suggestions?

Ok, now it’s your turn to give it a look, interact with it, check it out and tell us what you think about the new look and feel.

We’re personally really proud of our new Blog and the work we put into it, but we know there’s always things we can improve.

Maybe you have an idea about improving something that we missed? There’s some kind of a feature that you’d like to see us add to our blog?

If so, any ideas, suggestions and feedback that you’d like to provide about our new blog will always be more than welcome. We hope you’ll enjoy it and find it useful.