Google Sitelinks

10 Hacks to Get Google Sitelinks for Your website

What are Google sitelinks? It is important that you clearly understand what Google Sitelinks are, before you can start discovering how to get them.

They are basically hyperlinks to the subpages of a website and are links that pop up in the Google search listings, when a user searches for a particular site or item online.

They actually act as shortcuts to direct visitors to those pages of your website that you want to be viewed first and more often.

These Sitelinks are of benefit to visitors as they are able to get the information they need effortlessly and quickly.

These Sitelinks are triggered when an advertisement offer the search results that are most applicable.
Effective Sitelinks are created by webmasters when they create brand terms that are appealing and are able to attract the attention of the guests.

These terms need to be able to stand out from all the others. Google does not allow the website owners to add Sitelinks as they wish.

Google is making a lot of effort to ensure that they make it impossible for websites to manipulate rankings. They recommend that the website creators actually design sites that are user-friendly and also adhere to a clear hierarchy of pages.

This practice helps in the creation of sites that are more liable to the Google analysis algorithms.

Tips for acquiring Google Sitelinks for your website

1. Clear Navigation


Google Sitelinks


It is important that you create a site with clear navigation because it not only benefits visitors but it also assists the search engine to decipher the topic on each page.

Google can use this information to greatly improve search results and create the appropriate Google sitelinks.

2. Know What Sites With Adequate Google sitelinks in Common


Google usually takes the following into consideration so as to spark off good Sitelinks:

• If the site ranks first for the keyword(s) that generate Sitelinks listings

• If the site has a coordinated navigation which is clear-cut and spiderable that generates high organic search traffic

• The site has click-through rates that are solid and which stem from the search results page

• The site has very creative titles and meta descriptions

The above features will greatly increase your chances of getting Sitelinks.

3. When you are creating your site’s structured navigation, use the HTML 5 < nav >tag, use other HTML features such as CSS-fashioned menus and unordered lists (UL) which have aesthetic appeal.