Writing Landing Page Copy

First Time at Writing Landing Page Copy? We have Got You Covered!

Writing a landing page copy is a crucial checkpoint that decides whether your product is going to have uphill sales or a bad downfall. Well, it’s fairly normal to have some trouble initially while you give landing page copy a whirl. But we’re here to save your day (and most probably your product too). To begin with, a landing page copy should be such that it not only increases sales but also helps in gearing you up for a neck-to-neck competition with others in the market. It might be overwhelming at once but don’t worry, we’re giving you a foolproof guide here to help you create the best copy for your landing page. Take a look at what all you need to do.


Make your ultimate Checklist

Copywriting is not just putting words randomly about your product or company. It needs a blueprint that most successful companies follow to make sure everything is covered. Therefore, making a checklist of things that you need to include in your landing page copy is the right thing to do. This is what we’re talking about:

  • A headline
  • A subheading
  • A brief introduction of your product
  • Product benefits and features
  • A section for CTA or call-to-action button
  • A statement of privacy, if you prefer
  • A user’s testimonial


Once you’re through this, be all engines go for drafting your landing page copy.


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Craft a slaying headline

This is when the prospect is going to decide to either read further or just bounce back. Your heading should be both engaging and informative, a reflection of what you’re selling. Be creative with it but at the same time, make sure it’s understandable. The goal of your headline is to keep your prospects engaged until they reach the CTA button. Keep the font bold and the color different from the rest of the content.


Just below the headline, give a brief description that supports or backs what your headline has to say. The subheading should be such that it brings credibility to your headline. The font should be smaller than that of the headline.


Write about what you’re selling

After the headline, comes a brief introductory paragraph where you have to describe your product. Keep it simple and sweet. Your product might have zillions of good features but make sure you write about what people look for in a service. Put the most important features on top of the list followed by the rest. Do not write a thesis, just mention key features using bullet points.


Make sure you create a perplexing Call-to-Action

This is the most important section of your landing page. The copy of a CTA plays a crucial role in a prospect wanting to buy your product. Hence, it is something that calls for action from your leads. A CTA should create a sense of urgency for your user to be subconsciously drawn to buying your product. Using words like “subscribe now”, “download”, “get your copy now”, “book now”, etc are all great phrases that portray an urgent deal that is not only beneficial but also running out-of-stock soon. Your CTA button should be big, visible and bright colored (such as red). In your CTA copy, ask only that much information which is necessary. Avoid asking for too much information that you do not even need. People do not prefer sharing a lot of personal info, especially online, and hence, they bounce back! Keep that in mind.


Highlight your product benefits

We’re all aware of why we buy goods and services. Everyone makes purchases only when they know how useful it would be for them. More than your product features, people are attracted to the benefits that it renders. Highlight and draft the benefits in a personalized way. For example, writing “XYZ milk makes your children grow faster and stronger” instead of “XYZ milk is good for bones” reflects that you care about their children.


Include a privacy statement

It is of paramount importance to include a privacy statement in your copy so that your leads know where all of their data is going. It is a part of cyber safety where it is mandatory for a company to inform their customers about how, where, why and to whom is it going to disclose their client’s personal information. Doing that will not only bestow your credibility but also make your prospects feel safe about their data.


Add customer testimonials, it works!

When it comes to an online purchase, people trust social reviews and testimonials more than what the company is saying. If your product or service is rated 5-star, make sure it makes it to your landing page copy for getting high conversion rates. Also, include customer testimonials, especially of the first users to enhance the reviews you are already sharing with them.



Along with being a skill, copywriting is a long-term investment that greatly affects your sales and popularity. Being different and rendering quality products will only be known to people through a stunning landing page copy. Make sure you take your time through it and enhance your sales to multi folds with it. Keep trying and A/B testing different versions of your copy and see which one brings most sales. Get your copywriting right and watch yourself get skyrocketing sales!