First Anniversary: One Year of Lander


What we did

On February 7th of 2012, exactly one year ago and as the result of several months of hard work Lander was released. After a beta version and a lovely coming soon page the world of online marketing witnessed the birth of a new landing-page creation platform offering marketing professionals an easy-to-use, powerful tool for their online campaigns.

In just a few months, to the original features such as functional layouts, A/B testing, Email Marketing and CRM integration, we added many others: Mobile Version, Google Analytics Integration, Welcome Email, Confirmation Pages and some performance improvements that made the app stronger and more effective for our early users. Every new feature was -and still is- thought out and developed to respect Lander’s heart: the User Experience. From the first draft draw in a piece of paper to the current app, the usability and user experience have both been the key. We hope you have loved that from Lander as much as we do.

What we've learned

Maybe the most important lesson we’ve learned last year was that the path to success doesn’t need to be fast and crazy, and that a progressive, safe growth is the best way to achieve our goals. Along the year we found ourselves in situations of choosing between the quick way to make Lander known and massive or the everyday work of building a community around it. Today we can say that shortcuts can be tricky. If you believe in your product (as we do in Lander) give it the time to be and you’ll find the results you’re looking for.

Also, Lander has taught us how small the world can be. In a couple of months, our Support Team was answering questions from the entire globe (I mean, ALL over) and we had to start thinking really carefully in terms of time zones to be able to take care of all of them.

What we'll do

We’re getting ready for a 2013 full of challenges and growth. Our team has gathered from users and friends a bunch of ideas that we will be happily applying to Lander very soon. New features, more integrations and new landing page templates are some of the next steps we’ll be taking this year to make Lander a better app. Also, and because we know many of our users were asking for it, we’ll be launching our Agency Model. This program will be a great option for those clients who use Lander everyday and are required to manage multiple accounts. Stay tuned!

We love your feedback

After a year of thinking on how to make Lander a better tool, we have a (kind of long) list of things we’d like to offer our users. Do you have ideas about what you’d like to see in Lander? Do you think we’re missing something? We’d love to know! Please enter here and give us your feedback, we’ll keep it in mind and will do our best to fulfill all your expectations.