Third Birthday lander

February Means… Our Birthday!

Every time February comes around, we know that something big is brewing in our office. That “big” thing if you've been following us these past few years, is our Birthday cake!

Well, all joking aside, we love cake, but the most important thing, its that Lander is officially 3 years old!

And we couldn't be happier to celebrate and continue growing with you by our side. This is the best time to look back on all the great things that has happened last year.

Are you ready to go back in time? Ok, hop on the time machine with us, and let’s review the 2014!

A Journey Through 2014

1. New Website

Third Birthday lander

This past year was very important for us here at Lander and we started out with something really big, a huge goal for us.

What I’m talking about is our website. We completely redesigned it because we knew that the old site just wasn't up to par, and not as clear as we wished.

So, we put our noses to the grindstone and designed a completely new website just for you. A new site that properly shows the power and value of our Landing Page Editor.

Take a look to the article that we wrote showing each aspect of what we changed and how we changed it. Read it here!

2. Lander at Conversion Conference

Third Birthday lander

Last year we had the chance to assist with one of the most important events in the conversion optimization world.

But, because we like to make a splash, we wanted to take advantage of this chance and offer you our subscribers a sneek peak. This is why we scheduled some interviews with the most important names in conversion marketing,

We had the possibility to talk with and learn from some conversion giants such as Tim Ash, Rich Page and Bryan Eisenberg. It was a great experience for us to be there, and we expect to be in even more great events like this one in 2015.

If you want to listen to any of these interviews we invite you to read our post here.

3. New Infographics

Third Birthday lander

Also last year we decided to start building Infographics, because we know that’s a good way to show off good content. Infographics are funnier and easier to read than a regular article.

Let’s take a quick look below at some of the graphics we did this past year.

How to Run a Successful A/B Test on Your Landing Page

Optimizing Site Retention Rate With Landing Pages

Assembling the Puzzle of an SEO Website

Stay tuned in 2015 because we’ll still be working on even more infographics!  If you have any ideas at all, please share them with us here.

4. New Integrations and Features 

Third Birthday lander

Last year also marked the continued growth of our app, and the chance to team up with other great applications, making for a more complete and thorough Marketing strategy for you.

Let’s review some of our newer integrations and features


We teamed up with the folks over at Marketo to make your Marketing actions even easier than before. You can now easily collect lead information from landing page forms and integrate this data directly into your email lists.

Learn how to do it here!


We also integrated with VerticalResponse, an Email Marketing app.  Automatically send your leads from any Lander Landing Page to Your VerticalResponse lists in 3 simple steps.

Know more about this here!


E-goi, an Email Marketing platform is another one of last years recent integrations.  This integration also let’s you automatically send your leads to your E-goi lists easily and quickly. Want to learn how?

Visit our Help Center post here!

White Label

For you agencies and resellers out there, now you can brand all email notifications your clients will receive from captured Leads on any landing pages that you’ve built for them. Just change who the email appears to be from, add the subject line and then upload a picture or logo of your company or agency.

Learn how to customize your email notifications here!

5. Facebook Tabs

Third Birthday lander

One of the most important features we released late last year was our integration with facebook. That’s why we dedicated a particular section just for this integration.

As you may know, Facebook can be an important lead generation tool. But to do that, you’ll need some Landing Pages.What this feature does is it allows you to publish your Landing Page into Your Business Facebook page in 4 simple steps, and completely by yourself.

Take a look at the video below and learn just how easy is to build your own Facebook Landing Pages.

6. Awwwards

Third Birthday lander

An inspiring and humbling moment from last year was May 7th. Ok, what’s the big deal you may ask? Well, it’s because we had the honor to be named by Awwwards as "The Site of the Day" but as if that wasn’t enough, we also won the Developer Award.

Both awards were very important to us, because it was recognition of all the hard work and passion that we put into each and every day to make Lander work for you.

Take a look below and reminisce with us!

7. Particular Landing Pages for our Features

Third Birthday lander

Of course, our new Website was also accompanied by specific Landing Pages for our most important features.

We’re really proud of them, because we feel that they show our principal values in a funny and interactive way. Giving the visitor the information that they are looking for, and in an explicative way.

If you haven’t seen them yet, take this opportunity below and discover them now:

8. New templates

Third Birthday lander

This year our designers really kept at it , working hard to create a lot of new templates just for you.

We created a whole new category of templates, called Facebook. This new category has Templates, that allow you to create a Facebook Tab in minutes. Just customize it, add your logo and integrate your page with facebook.

Also we included some new templates in our Product & Service and in our Layout category as well. In case you haven’t seen them yet, just login, into your Lander account and give them a look,

9. New Blog

Third Birthday lander

When we launched our new website design last year, we still had a nagging feeling that something else was missing. That’s why we decided to redesign our blog also, offering you a newer, and better reading experience when it comes to our marketing content.

Here’s some of the new features and improvements of our blog:

  • Improved Readability and Legibility
  • Reorganization of Categories
  • New Sidebar
  • New Author’s Page
  • Blog Mobile
  • New Blog Home Page
  • New Style and Aesthetics

But if you want to know more about all the changes that we made we invite you to read our post that explains all the changes we made and why we did it. Read it here!

10. What’s New?

Third Birthday lander

You know, honestly, after another great year of news, features, integrations and releases, this past year is going to be a tough one to overcome.

But, one thing we promise, we have all kinds of exciting things planned for this new year.

We’re going to continue to work hard on all of the new features, integrations and templates that you want. But, we’re also going to create a lot of new Infographics, Ebooks and of course articles. We’re gonna focus on all of this because the big thing for this coming year will be our new Resources section.

We hope you’ll accompany us in this new year because we’re super excited about what is coming and we know that you’ll love the new stuff when it’s available.

But, it would be even better if you could drop us a line and tell us:

  • What features you want and need this new year?
  • Any Integrations that you’re interested seeing in Lander.
  • Any new templates category you’d like to see us add?
  • What you think about all the changes we've applied from last year?

Please share with us your thoughts because they’re really important and useful to us!

Share with us in the comment box below.