Facebook Text Rule

How to Design Great Ads within The Facebook Text Rule

Facebook Text Rule: Text plays a vital role in deciding the value a picture gets. Facebook has been a premium source of advertising for all the business organizations.

Though Facebook has time to time changed its policy regarding texts related to images for ranking them as low, medium and high.

The new Facebook text rule as implied by Facebook in relation to texts is that certain guidelines are issued including a 20 percent text rule, which means that the text on ad photos cannot take up more than 20 percent of the photo.

It should be noted that this guideline is only specified for ads featured on the News Feed and all the business organizations also need to make sure that if they are planning on promoting a post or doing a News Feed sponsored story they need to follow this rule and comply with it in all due respect and it should not be avoided.

Facebook Text Rule

To follow this rule Facebook has opted for a certain measure are taken by them as to how this rule is to be applied.

To apply this rule Facebook has adopted the policy of dividing the picture and then creating a new grid-based text detection tool which acts as a general standard for determining the percentage of text that appears in any image.

This tool was designed in such a manner that it should ensure consistent and objective enforcement of the policy which is followed by the business organization.

It is very important to understand how this new Facebook text rule works and the same is shown here via a practical example. The tool divides the image into a 5x5 grid with a total of 25 boxes.

Now, in order to determine and to meet the 20% test, a percentage is drawn up considering those 25 boxes and then the number of boxes are allotted as per the 20% rule for example, in this case, the text may appear in a maximum of five boxes (5/25 = 20%).

What is to be considered is the fact that the text should, in any case, go for more than 5 boxes as in this instance and if the image has text in six or more boxes, every business organization must realize the fact that in such instance the image is not eligible for an ad in News Feed. Now the next question that needs to be answered is:

Under Facebook’s new guidelines, an ad won’t be outright rejected if it contains more than 20% text, but it will have its reach limited — in some cases significantly. Instead of using a “run or reject” system, Facebook will now categorize your ad according to the following ratings:

Facebook Text Rule

With Facebook’s new text overlay tool, you can upload an image to see what the chances are it will have its reach restricted.

How to design ads with this Facebook Text Rule

Facebook Text Rule Tip #1: Use Powerful Images


As it is always stated that, “A picture is worth a thousand words?” Well, the same goes for the ads for any business organization as well. As stated earlier as well that ads play a very crucial role in any business organization.

It is to be considered that the ads photos/images are the first things people are going to see when they visit any of the pages for any business organization.

What is to be thought is that if at any time or a majority of the time if any of the readers or any potential customers choose to read the ads or the text describing the ads for any business organization it must be kept in mind that it is possible because it will be because the photo or image is compelling enough for them to seek more information about the business organization.

So, the organizations must be sure to use a hi-res photo that is clear and not too cluttered. It is also recommended that using a human in these photos in order to give a personalized touch to the picture or the ads.

It is to be considered that people are on Facebook to socialize with their friends and family so showing the human side of a brand adds some personality and is more attractive than a logo or a product photo.

If the organization wants to show their product or company headquarters/store etc., they can consider featuring a photo of someone using their product or standing in their business which helps the people relate to or connect with such situations.

Facebook Text Rule Tip #2: Have Strong Content


Not only the image should be good but it is equally important that every business organization uses their quota of 20% rule or the Facebook Text Rule judiciously.

The good news that can be derived about the 20 percent text rule is then when any business organization applies for an ad to Facebook, mere applying to News Feed ads offers the business organization to have a lot of space to work with for content.

This helpful document from Facebook helps the business organizations in breaking down every type of ad and not only that it also aims at providing recommendations to all such business organizations for the number of words and image sizes that they must choose in order to reach maximum benefits.

It is also safe to say Facebook recommendations should be taken in high regard as they are made to aid the business organizations only. For example:

Facebook Text Rule

Here it is very evident that as per the recommendations, Facebook recommends no more than 500 characters and also an image that is 400x400px for News Feed ads which provide maximum coverage area in terms of audience.

This means the business organizations have up to 500 characters to further engage and sell to their audience.

Because Facebook users are used to reading status updates supported by a photo it’s more likely their ad content will be read and their photo becomes more of a supporting document, something to draw the eye in.

Facebook Text Rule Tip #3: Use Facebook’s Text Overlay Tool to Test Ad Photos


The business organizations must adopt such policies which include no text on any such pictures to be used as ads but if the business organizations must absolutely feel the need to do so i.e. they want to include any sort of text in their ads they must try and include all such content on their ad images.

It must be kept in mind while doing any of such acts that Facebook has created a nifty tool that will save a lot of time and also avoid frustration for the business organizations and also manage the entire work for such business organizations.

These business organizations can also be located on Facebook’s text overlay tool which can also be found at this link:  https://www.facebook.com/ads/tools/text_overlay

This tool allows the business organizations to upload all such photo or pictures which the business organizations want to and then they can also highlight the boxes that contain text and Facebook will help such business organizations in telling them as to what percentage of that photo is text and whether it can be placed within the ambit of Facebook text rule or not.

It must be kept in mind by all such business organizations that there is no simpler way to design ads which are around the 20 percent text rule as laid down by Facebook than this.

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