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Tips to Create Attractive Facebook Tabs for a Business Page


Custom Facebook tabs have always helped to deliver a better social media experience to the audience. Basically, these tabs are nothing but the regular Facebook apps, which over time, have evolved.

Don’t get intimidated by the new changes in FB’s layout; for the most part, they do not make the task of creating custom tabs challenging.

Custom tabs are valuable to for social media marketing strategy as they let you create a much richer user experience on Facebook and control the content your visitors and followers see when they come to your page.

Are you wondering now how to create your very own custom Facebook Page tabs? Just follow these steps, and you'll be up and running with a customized Facebook Page experience in no time:

North Social


Facebook Tabs


North Social is a Facebook fan page application developer that maintains a large and growing stable of widgets to add hype to your facebook presence.

In addition to photo galleries, video applications, discussion boards and other options, North Social has a custom tab creator called First Impression.

North Social’s setup and configuration process is outstanding, and customization of their apps happens exclusively within Facebook, making it fast and intuitive.

The one challenge with North Social is that if you’re only looking for a custom tab solution, it’s more than what you need. North Social packages their apps together for one monthly fee.

So, you get access to 15+ customizable apps for one price, but if you care primarily about just one app, it’s like the easiest thing to do.



SplashTab takes a WordPress approach to custom Facebook tabs, offering customers a gallery of templates from which to select a tab layout. This is a smart approach, especially for non-designers.

They leverage their proprietary, award-winning platform to quickly build sophisticated, custom social campaigns. The SplashTab team will fully customize a tab for you if you want to get fancy. Currently, SplashTab is $6.95/month, with a 14-day free trial.



This is a Facebook application developer that specializes in giving businesses easily customizable tab pages. Tabsite allows you to create and manage the content on your custom tab as if it was a web page or blog post, including adding multimedia.

Instead of having a basic custom tab with one image, you can have multiple images, videos, text, etc.
In fact, it allows you to have up to 5 “sub-pages” that operate underneath your custom tab.

You can create coupons, add supporting information, etc. as you can see in this example Tabsite from Digital Hill Multimedia.

Tabsite is free, or $5/month if you want to add a custom tab name, video, or PDFs. Tabsite is not difficult to install, but isn’t entirely obvious either. It’s best for experienced users.

Also, there is no free trial at this time, and the “preview” feature is a bit cumbersome, so you may need to tweak your design and layout a few times.



PageModo functions similarly to SplashTab, like we discussed earlier although their template selection and customization interface is a bit easier to use. It is is free for personal use.

Business packages start at $9/month. PageModo wisely includes an “agency” edition that includes up to 15 customized pages for $59/month. It’s a good option for small business social media consultants.

Remember that regardless of which system you use, your custom tab must be no wider than 520 pixels.

Also, once your tab is completed, don’t forget to click on “Settings” on your fan page, and use the pull-down menu labeled “Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else” to select which is your landing page for non-fans.

There are many Facebook custom app creation tutorials online. If you want, you can also look for an app that helps you simplify the process of creating custom Facebook tabs. It also helps to look at a few custom tabs from leading brands, for inspiration and ideas!

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