Facebook Messenger Ads

How to Use Facebook Messenger Ads to Grow Your Online Store

Facebook commands a large customer base. Well, this might be good or bad news for the online advertisers due to the stiff online competition. To beat the competition, Facebook messenger ads give you the opportunity to instantly reach your customers.

The ad is relatively a new Facebook feature. It enables your business viewers to initiate a text chat with you by simply clicking the provided button.

Destination ads, sponsored texts, and home section ads are some of the messenger ads that Facebook offers.

Destination Ads


This messenger ad display on your Facebook Newsfeed just like any normal ad. The difference is that instead of the normal ‘’shop now,’’ call to action, the button reads ‘’send a message.’

This helps you engage even the viewers who have little or no information about your products thus not scaring them away with calls to action.

Sponsored Message Ads


The sponsored message Ad makes it possible for you to deliver customized messages to the viewer’s inbox. It helps to engage your customers, keep them hooked, and minimize the clicking away rate.

Home Section Ads


This ad shows up on the home page of the messaging application. Its main objective is to generate real, organic leads.

After the initial contact with your customers, you can then customize your services to meet the individual needs of the users.

Reasons you need the messenger ads for your business:

Facebook Messenger Ads Reach People On A Different Desired Platform

Facebook Messenger Ads

Using live chat increases conversion rates. This is because you will be able to respond to the potential clients as soon as possible.

A study conducted by Harvard Business Review was aimed at finding how response time affected lead generation.

The study concluded that responding to your potential clients within the first five minutes after they contact you, increases conversion rates by 400%.

Drift study found out that many advertisers don’t respond to their customers within the five minutes of initial contact. This discourages many potential customers and they will just abandon your page.

We suggest that you respond to your customers as soon as possible so that they don’t wait for long.

And this is where the Facebook messenger ads come to play. It allows you to respond faster to many people, giving you maximum conversion rates.

Facebook Messenger Ads Enables You to Personalize Ads


The messenger ads allow you to send personalized messages to users who are already familiar with your brand and had initially interacted with you.

This is aimed at reducing the spam rate and in return increase customer conversion.

Facebook Messenger Ads Provide Better Local Targeting Alternatives


Building localized brand awareness is one of the best ways to use the ads. The local awareness feature allows you to create Newsfeed ad that allows massive engagement.

You have the option to select a particular local viewer depending on the location of your business. After selecting the audience’ location, you can provide unique offers that fit their needs.

Facebook Messenger Ads are Best for Starting A Conversation


Getting leads is never a walk in the park. But, with the messenger ads, the task is simplified. You can easily start a casual conversation with the viewers to gauge their needs and interests.

Quick Easy Steps to Set Up the Facebook Messenger Ads


It is important to note that this is a relatively new Facebook feature. It is still growing with new changes being introduced every day. This limits the options available for you to just three goals, i.e. traffic generation, lead conversion and app installation.

The steps are however easy to implement by anyone owning a Facebook Business Manager:

1. Click on the marketing objective you intend to achieve, then, create a new ad account.

2. Scroll down and select “messenger”. This is to ensure that the viewers can start a conversation with your business rather than being directed to a landing page.

This gives the viewers a sense of credibility about your business and limits unnecessary distractions. Ensure that the messenger is operational.

3. Edit your ad to fit your intended goals. You need to fill out the displayed form and customize the call to action, such that ‘’Send message’’ is the call to action visible to your customers.

4. Set up your offers. To be more effective, use a welcome image coordinated with a headline with multiple response options.

5. Add exit buttons if you wish to take your clients off your page.

Examples of Facebook Messenger Ads



Sephora recently conducted a makeover and cosmology campaign targeting U.S ladies. They placed ads in the Newsfeeds of those interested in the products, instead of the normal landing page. The result was an instant conversation with the viewers about bookings.

They achieved this by optimizing their chat box to collect all the necessary details about the viewers through quick conversation reducing the length of the booking process.

Pura Vida Bracelets


Most people tend to shy away from purchasing the products they have no information about. Naturally, they will do their own research to find more about the product before any transaction.

Carousel Ads, redirect new users to messenger so that they can chat with the business for more information.

The ad shows a few rotating images and messages on the product. The main aim of the Pura Vida ad is creating awareness, increasing visibility of the product and therefore leading to a higher conversion rate.

Command Burger


With the M Facebook assistant app, things are just made easier for the users. The app locates information and carries out simple tasks for users.

The command burger is a sponsored messenger Ad that is personalized to carry out simple tasks for the users.

Examples of the tasks that the app can perform:

• Asking customers different questions about their homes.

• Allowing customers to ask questions and offer advice.

• Allowing customers to book appointments for in-person valuations.

Shop Spring


Clicking an ad doesn’t necessarily mean generating leads. Maybe they just want to find more information about you and your products.

Shop spring targets top of funnel users. They ask a lot of questions on messenger thus learning more about the customers and their needs.

This helps them to build unique preferences for their customers and in the long run, they gain the trust of the potential customers.

Important Tips

1. Run ads on the messenger app home screen. This will increase the number of people you can reach.

2. Make the conversation customer friendly to encourage them to chat with your business. You can add ‘’click on messenger’’ button so that the customers are automatically directed into messenger conversation.

3. Make the conversation as interactive as possible with great experience. Go beyond the normal page messaging by creating a great impact and memorable experience using the great interactive send/receive API features.

4. Maintain and advance the existing leads by continuously updating them on any changes in your business.



Building a client base from scratch is not an easy task. This is the main reason why you have to take advantage of the Facebook messenger ads because they simplify the task for you.

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