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Facebook Live Ads: Best Practices That Yields Conversion

The outstanding increase in the number of Facebook users has prompted advertisers to come up with different advertising options available for users to watch. There is a lot of video adverts and advert placements that require tasting and Facebook live ads are one of them.

Live advertising on Facebook has increased visibility for both users and businesses. It also engages fans and calls for attention to events in real-time.

Facebook has even improved the live advert platform further by allowing some users to use in-stream adverts to monetize their live video adverts.

Facebook live ads have a lot of benefits to businesses doing advertisement campaign and the viewers streaming live.

What are Facebook Live Ads?


This is short advertisement videos that interrupt organic videos on Facebook. Facebook has decided to use mid-roll advertisements instead of a pre-roll advertisement.

People will not continue to watch the organic videos without watching the live adverts if the adverts appear at the start of the page.

However, they will be forced to watch live adverts that appear in the middle of the organic video.

During live streaming, users are provided with an option to have a short break and it is during this time that advertisers play their adverts before live streaming resume.

Having these adverts appear in the middle is the only remaining option since Facebook is running out of space in the newsfeed.

Can Live Ads Run On Instagram too?


Instagram users can as well stream live to watch videos, however, live adverts are only available on Facebook at least for now.

There is room to change this with time in order to allow users of both platforms to access live video adverts.

Who can Run Facebook Live Video Ads?

Facebook Live Ads

Not everyone is capable of running live video adverts during their live broadcast. Facebook is strict about running video adverts which is a good thing for marketers.

Restriction on running live video adverts allows marketers to find clicks or viewers for their adverts. For this reason, one must have a given number of followers for you to be allowed to run Facebook video adverts.

However, Facebook gets stricter with time on running the video adverts in order to increase revenue and to ensure that only correct and appropriate content that meets the guidelines are being published.

Facebook Live Ads for Live Streamers


It is important to look at Facebook live ads from the streamer’s point of view and from the advertiser’s point of view.

Live streamers are the people to make a decision on when and if they want the ads to run during the broadcast.

Benefits of Facebook Live Ads to Live Streamers


There is one main benefit streamers get from Facebook live adverts, that is money.

Streamers can monetize their Facebook video content by taking a quick commercial break in the middle of their broadcast. Monetizing ability has made Facebook compete with other sites like youtube.

Facebook is trying very hard to improve placements for adverts and push for more video adverts. Through this, streamers are able to upload as many video adverts as they can and monetize the content.

How to take a Commercial Break for Facebook Live Ads


It is very simple to take an ad break on Facebook provided that you have reached the requirements. If you have reached the required number of followers, you will see a bright blue sign of dollar mark in the comments section on the dashboard with a message asking you if you can take an ad break.

You then click on it and your viewers will be able to see an advert that will last for a few seconds.

After the ad break, you will just resume the broadcast, this process will repeat itself after some minutes of broadcasting.

How to run a Live Advert without Losing Viewers


Running live video advert on the broadcast is a very challenging activity that only a few Facebook pages can do, this is because it requires a very high number of audiences.

Users who choose to broadcast would want to make sure that they don’t lose their viewers.

Besides boosting the advertising revenue one earns from Facebook, one should also be keen not to lose users in the process.

There are a few ways that one can use to ensure their users stick with them:

Engage Your Users before You Take an Ad Break

Facebook Live Ads

If you engage your viewers well, they will stick around to watch the video advert as they wait for the broadcast to resume. Explain to your users that you are taking a break be the actual break.

Cutting broadcast for another video advert suddenly without warning viewers will confuse them because it is not a common thing.

The sudden cut of broadcasting will also make viewers feel that you don’t care about them and your only goal is to use their views to cash money for your site.

Before taking an ad break just tell your viewers that you are going to take an ad break for some seconds and then the broadcast will be back.

Be Transparent


You should always try to be transparent with your users. If you are not transparent with them, they will feel that you have abandoned them and none one would like to feel abandoned especially in the social media.

Tease Information before the Break


If you want to make your users stick around after telling them that you are taking a break, then you will tease them with information that will keep them on your site.

Use the information that will make them want to view the next part of the broadcast. You can use cliffhangers to help you keep your viewers for the rest of the broadcast.

Mention the Break In The Video Comments


You should try to leave a comment on the live broadcast that will announce the ad break to the new users. This will enable them to understand what will be happening.

The new users will have a clue on what they are expecting in the course of the broadcast.

Strategies for Making Successful Facebook Live Ads


Advertisers should keep in mind the following strategies and practices;

Tell a Story


Choose videos that contain story elements and make sure that you tell that story within that limited time. You can also choose a video with a problem that you can offer a solution to.

The story should appeal to the viewer’s emotions because that is what they remember most.

Keep Your Message Clear


Advertisers should have one clear message. Tell them what you are, what you do for your viewers and what your mission is.

Target Cold Audience Members

Facebook Live Ads

Most of your ad viewers are not familiar with your brand. Turn this to your advantage and introduce your viewers to your brand. You can also show your viewers values that your brand is providing them.



As advertisers, you should always try to create short videos that are appealing to the users. The Facebook live ads are also associated with risks but it is beneficial for both viewers and advertisers.

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