Facebook Like Campaign

Best Practices for a Successful Facebook Like Campaign

Facebook like campaign: Getting many likes on your facebook page is the best form of social proofing.

When you have hundreds of Facebook likes on your brand’s page it will build trust with your audience and this will get more people to be interested in your brand. The one thing you should always remember is that you should earn your likes.

Getting fake likes will adversely affect your brand. You should grow your likes organically by sharing meaningful content on your page.

Buying facebook page likes is not advised as people will not trust a page which has many likes from people who do not engage with the content on your page.

When you have a number of inactive and non-engaging users liking your product page it will make you look bad to the Facebook algorithm. This will reduce the number of people your post reaches.

What Is A Facebook Like Campaign?


This is a paid advertising campaign that is directly aimed at increasing the number of likes that a Facebook page gets.

The aim of this campaign is to target people who may be interested in the brand you represent and the post you share on your page.

If the users like your ad they will click on the CTA button on your page. You can later choose to target the users who click on your CTA and send them additional ads and offers.

How do You Set Up A Facebook Like Campaign?


It is simple to create your facebook like campaign. All you are required to do is to create an ad campaign with the intention of getting more likes on your facebook page. you can set up the Ad campaign using Facebook Ads manager or AdEspresso.

If you choose to use Facebook Ads manager you should follow the following steps:
• Click on the button “create a new campaign”

• Select “engagement”

• Click on “page likes”

• Click “continue”

When you decide to use AdEspresso

• Find the Facebook like campaign in the new campaign setup phase.

• Select the page you would like to advertise

• Select the target audience

There are a number of different audience groups that you can choose to target. The two most common audiences are interest-based audiences and custom audiences.

It is recommended that you go with the custom audiences as these are people who are already aware of your brand and they have also engaged with it.

If you don’t want to create a custom audience, you can choose to target people using the following criteria:

• Their age

• Their location

• Their relationship status

• Their gender

• Their educational level

• Their purchase behavior

You should avoid targeting people who show no interest in your brand as this might be wasting a lot of resources. Ensure you narrow down the campaign audience to the people who have the potential to like your Facebook page.

The design and text you use in your ad campaign are the major factors in determining its success.

You have to attract the attention of people if you would like them to like your page or check it out.

Ensure that you include a description of your brand when coming up with your ad copy. Start your copy with a strong value proposition and explain to your users what they stand to gain from liking your page. This will help in getting more people to like your page.

Best Practices For Facebook Ad Copy

Facebook Advertising

• Be clear and straightforward about what your brand represents

• Show your users what they stand to gain from engaging with your brand

• Use attractive verbs such as “do”, “like” etc

• Ask questions so as to get the attention of the users

• Use exclamation marks which are great for getting attention.

The final step which is very important in creating your Facebook like campaign is choosing your bidding method.

You should always start with a small budget such as $10 a day and then if the results from the campaign analytics are positive you can increase the budget.

You can also let Facebook optimize the ad delivery for you by using the Automatic bidding method.

Tips For An Effective Facebook Like Campaign

The following are tips on how you can improve your facebook like campaign to be more effective:

Optimize Everything On Your Campaign For Mobile


Facebook Like Campaign

Most people today use their mobile devices to access the internet.  Most of the traffic on your campaign comes from a mobile device.

This makes it essential for you to ensure that every aspect of your ad campaign can be accessed using a mobile device.

These include your facebook page, website, landing pages, and all other associated pages. These aspects should also look great when being viewed on mobile devices.

Create a successful integrated marketing campaign with lander templates

Ensure You Target The Right Demographic


Unless you are targeting the right people your ad campaign will not be successful. Just because you have people who like your page at a cheaper cost, it doesn’t mean that they will turn into meaningful clients.

It is advisable to spend a little more on a like that has the potential to turn into a customer than to get cheap likes that will never be of actual value to you.

Add Incentives To Your Campaign


You can add special offers and promotions to your ad campaign so as to encourage people to like your page and engage with your brand.

Most people will do something when they know they stand to gain something from it. You can use pinned posts so as to ensure that people get to see the most important piece of info in your content first.

You can also have a pinned post that leads people to your website just below the offer on your ad.

Most people usually visit a website before or after liking the brand’s Facebook page so as to find out what else it has to offer.

Track  Sales, Not Vanity Metrics


Social engagements and clicks are important but what really matters is how much money you make from your ad campaigns.

Getting many clicks on your ad can give you the wrong notion that your ad is working. The main goal of having an ad campaign is to boost the sales that you get.

If the number of likes you get on your ad campaign doesn’t transform into sales then you will continue losing a lot of money on something that is not profitable to you.

It is going to be hard to determine which ads are performing and which ones are not if you don’t use conversion tracking.

This may lead you to make some very wrong decisions when it comes to managing your ads.

Avoid Using the “spaghetti against the wall” Approach


This is the theory where if you throw a bunch of spaghetti on the wall some will stick. In other words, we are talking about the concept where you create a number of ad campaigns where you create a number of ad campaigns and release them to the public and hope some will perform.

It is important for you to take your time when it comes to optimizing you Ad campaigns. You should come up with a strategy on how to go about testing your ads.

Never Assume Anything


You can never know which ad approach will be received positively by your audience.  You need to test all aspects of your ad so as to know which ones will perform well.

Customer Lifetime Value Is More Important Than You Think


Facebook Like Campaign

Most marketers lose a lot of opportunities as they try to make a quick buck. Long-term planning can really give you a lot of business.

Most people lose a lot of opportunities when it comes to Facebook advertising because they do not consider LTV when planning their strategy.

Set Clear Goals For Your Facebook Like Campaign


It is important to clearly understand what you want to achieve with your ad campaign.

This will help you to measure the results you get from your campaign and know which aspects or ads are not performing so as to know where you should put more effort.

The best way to go about this is to break down your long-term goals into short-term goals that will help you track your successes.

You could come up with the goal you would like to achieve at the end of the year and then break this down into a goal that you should achieve at the end of each day.



Facebook like campaigns is a great way to improve your business and get people to interact with your brand.

If you are a marketer and you are yet to try it out it’s not yet too late to try. When you set up your ad campaign correctly, you will be able to get so much value from it.

Like campaigns are not expensive and they offer business so many opportunities to get new customers.