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Ways To Create Incredible Facebook Landing Pages

If you’re not already using Facebook advertising you probably know you should be. It is cost-effective the reach is huge and the targeting capabilities are phenomenal. Read about how to make Facebook landing pages in this article.

But there’s more to Facebook Ads than just the ads! If your campaigns are going to succeed, you also need great Facebook landing pages.

Although creating compelling visual ads for your Facebook campaigns is crucial, it’s only half the battle – your accompanying landing pages need to be just as strong (if not more so) to ensure your visitors go the distance and convert.

Facebook landing pages are pages that a visitor is taken to after clicking on a Facebook ad. You might think there’d be nothing much to distinguish Facebook landing pages from paid search counterparts.

But there are several elements you should consider before launching your campaigns.

Consider Using Intent on Your Facebook Pages


Facebook restricts advertisers to using just 20% of an ad’s virtual real estate for text. The ads often look great which makes them easier on the eye and significantly more clickable.

They also blend in much more effectively with organic content in users’ news feeds, resulting in a much better experience for the user. In text ads you can send visitors to pretty much whatever page you like (as long as it’s relevant to the ad).

For Facebook ads you have to consider the user experience once they’ve clicked on your ad.

Ensure a Visual Connection Between Your Ads and Landing Pages


Facebook Landing Pages

We said that one of the greatest strengths of Facebook ads are they’re visually rich. Well, this provides both opportunities and challenges for advertisers, as visual continuity between your ads and your landing pages becomes even more important, especially on mobile.

The ad and the landing page are aligned closely in terms of aesthetics and overall design. It’s the perfect progression from ad to landing page, and gives exactly what is expected when clicked.

The landing page also follows a number of other best practices such as reinforcing the benefits of the service. It includes compelling language with minimal copy and features such as discounts etc.

This is what makes Facebook Landing pages successful.

Optimize Your Facebook Landing Pages for Mobile Usage


Almost half of Facebook’s 1.49 billion monthly active users only access Facebook from a mobile device. That is a huge number. That means that 655 million people more than twice the entire population of the US never accesses Facebook from a desktop.

This trend is likely to continue, as it has for almost two years now. With this kind of data, failing to optimize your Facebook landing pages for mobile could quite literally doom your campaigns to failure.

Not only are millions of people only accessing Facebook from a mobile device but a norm that today’s Internet users have come to expect.

You wont get conversion if you try to force visitors to scroll around a page to fill out a web form on a page which is not mobile friendly. This will probably damage your brand while you’re at it.


Use Best Campaigns for Your Facebook Landing Pages


Facebook Landing Pages

There are many similarities between search and social media landing pages. The most important distinction between the two is that with Facebook, you are searching for users .

At this point you can effectively think of Facebook ads as a component of your landing pages or the first action in a longer process.

Some campaigns may be able to offer users a simple direct path to conversion directly from Facebook. Other campaigns may require a longer more indirect conversion path.

The complexity of your landing pages will depend greatly on the desired action. This is what you want prospects to take and their content will depend on the nature of whatever you’re offering.

As with any marketing initiative, Facebook advertising campaigns should be designed around the intent of the user.


However following the guidelines above and landing page best practices in general will help you increase conversion rates. It will in turn provide a better experience for users interacting with your brand on Facebook.

Now go out there and use Social media as a harness to bring traffic to your page, because this method will not fail!