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Benefits Of Facebook Landing Pages In Conversions

More than 1.5 billion people actively use Facebook today. This fact coupled with new ad technologies that allow targeted advertising,  make Facebook a must-use for all businesses. In this article you can read step by step on how to create Facebook Landing Pages.

However, when you are using those flashy advertisement tools, don’t forget the old and proven method to engage audiences: Facebook landing pages. Let’s look at some reasons why you need Facebook landing pages and what benefits they provide to your business.

What is a Facebook landing page?


A Facebook landing page is just like any other landing page except that it is published on a custom tab on your Facebook page instead of as a standalone web item. Like other landing pages, it also has one function, driving visitor action and compelling visitors to do what you want them to do.

Facebook Landing Pages

Here are some reasons why you need a Facebook landing page.

Facebook Landing Pages are a Great platform for  ads


If you are not using Facebook advertisement yet, it is advisable you try it already. Facebook advertisement is one of the most powerful and effective ways to drive traffic, increase reach and drive up conversions.

But when you use Facebook ads where should you drive the traffic?  What should your Facebook ads link to? If you are steer the traffic to your Facebook page it is a waste of valuable leads and poor marketing idea.

When you drive traffic to your Facebook page it is same as a push of traffic to your homepage. It’s a bad idea. Your Facebook page has tones of distractions. When a user lands on your Facebook page they are met with plenty of buttons, posts, reviews and so much more.

And although they might explore and visit other parts of the page, it will just drive them away eventually before they convert. On a Facebook landing page there are far fewer distractions and higher chances of the visitor to convert.

Facebook Landing Pages gives audience ownership

Facebook Landing Pages


You may have more than 1 million Facebook likes and thousands of comments and shares on your Facebook posts. You may have spent thousands of dollars to build a large audience on Facebook. And while you may have been successful, do you really ‘own’ that audience?

Think about it: What will happen if Facebook disappears overnight? Technically, all your audience will varnish and your efforts will go in vain. Unlike your website, your Facebook page is a rented property.

And unlike your email list you don’t own your Facebook audience. You have no way to reach out to those people who showed interest in your business if Facebook is gone one day. And even if Facebook will be here to stay the fact is it changes every day.

There are algorithm updates every day which mean those people don’t even get to see your updates and posts in their news feed even if they have liked your page and followed it. Unless you spend real dollars in advertisement to reach out to your audience organically has become more difficult than ever on Facebook.

So instead of building on ‘rented property’ and trying to expand your organic reach, try Facebook landing pages. They can help you get  visitors onto your email list and reach out to them beyond Facebook as well.

This way, you can send them personalized emails about .product launch, giveaways and important announcements.

Facebook Landing Pages Offers better conversion rates


It has been often noticed that your exact same landing page when published on Facebook gives a higher conversion rate. This is because your audience on Facebook trusts you more than the visitors of your website.

Your Facebook fans already engage you and you have a chance to reply to one of their comments or their messages before. So, the level of trust is higher on Facebook  when you compare to your website.

Hence, when you ask them to give you their email address they feel comfortable with it. That’s the reason why your lead generation efforts get better response rate on Facebook than on your website.