Facebook Landing Page

3 Critical Points for a Facebook Landing Page Template

Are you marketer who wants to maximize conversions through a Facebook landing page? consider this:-

1. Purpose of a Facebook landing page


A Facebook landing page has the sole purpose of increasing visitor traffic. It tends to be published at a custom tab within the Facebook page instead of a lone web property. It further acts as a jumping point to other parts of the page.

The Facebook landing page has reduced distractions but left the unavoidable ones like chats, navigations etc. This brings in numerous conversions making such a page an advantage for any business.

For Facebook landing page templates, one requires access to the dashboard of the chosen landing page for customization. If the landing pages are larger than the available Facebook templates, the scroll bar provided can be used.

2. Steps for creating a Facebook landing page


• First, your account should be integrated with Facebook. The integration section should be scrolled down to from the landing page dashboard. Click to open the Facebook window then integrate your account with the lander.

• Select your fan page. This happens after the account has been connected. If you have several fan pages, select one when asked to.

• Afterward, write the Facebook tab title then upload an image. The Facebook tab name can be customized then uploaded together with the image and installed by clicking on the install button.

• Publish the page. After creation and installation, the new tab can be seen by clicking on the guiding button. The tab can be further edited if the page doesn’t have the desired outcome.

Facebook Landing Page

• Use custom URL to promote the landing page.

3. Qualities of a good landing page


• Have a bright and visible CTA button to make it stand out from the chosen background. It should always be one that can convince people to press it.

• Have a short form, preferably one that only requires the provision of an email address which is information most of the visitors find easy to provide to the site. The less the information requested is the higher the conversion rates are likely to be.

• The page should have an eye-catching headline that can easily draw a reader accessing the site. It should briefly imply how beneficial the particular site could prove to be for any user.

• The brand name should be associated with the landing page you wish to create.

• The image placed on the site should create a visual hierarchy. This helps in drawing attention to particular aspects of the site.

• The CTA button should always have text beneath it that informs the visitors to the site that they can unsubscribe when they desire to do so as it makes them more comfortable to subscribe.

Facebook tends to be a distraction for the page users as it has plenty of distractions such as the many buttons, posts and not forgetting reviews making the Facebook landing page a preferred tool that uses the advantages of Facebook as well as those of a landing page.

Uninstalling a Facebook tab


Facebook Landing Page
Uninstallation can be done by accessing the landing page dashboards, scrolling towards the integration section followed by selecting the Facebook option. A window will be visible, similar to the one seen during creation. The uninstall tab button can be used to uninstall.



The landing pages should always be made simple as all that’s needed is a form, short and simple content and lastly, a clear action.

A Facebook landing page template can always help in making pages go viral as well as improves on social media strategy.

Facebook is a social media site that has a high number of users that when interlinked with other tech proves highly beneficial for marketing. Facebook landing pages are therefore encouraged for any business.