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Facebook GIF Ads: Tips That Will Double Your ROI

Facebook has expanded its capacity by adding animated GIFs to adverts. Advertisers are now able to add animated Facebook GIF ads to their adverts for Facebook users.

However native GIF is off limits in the Facebook News Feed despite being popular in messenger. The GIF option is now available for advertisers in the ad format part of the ads manager.

To add a GIF, advertisers only need to select the single video option and then upload the GIF image you have chosen. Once you have added a GIF, it will automatically in the news feed.

GIF is being uploaded by pasting it in a link because it can’t be directly uploaded. It should be hosted elsewhere for it to work.

This allows Facebook has it made optional, you can decide to add a GIF image or not.

Creating Facebook GIF Ads

The following is a step by step process one can use to create Facebook GIF Ads:

The process begins with opening a power editor and then select “create ad” option.

Creating Facebook Gif Ads Part 1


For an existing ad or a campaign, you only need to type the name of what you need in the requisite field. After naming the ad click to create an option to finish the first step.

Creating Facebook Gif Ads Part 2


At this stage, it is necessary to use a radio button present in the ad-editing menu. After selecting a video option in the menu, a new menu will surface on the lower part of your screen, click the add option.

Facebook Gif Ads Creation Part 3


It is at this stage where you decide whether to upload your GIF or to select the one that you uploaded previously on Facebook.

Facebook Gif Ads Creation Part 4


This is the third last step, here you will need some ad copy that will accompany the GIF you uploaded in part 3. You should think about you’re the purpose of your advert and how you can make your creativity to align with it. This is the place where you add the necessary texts your GIF requires.

Facebook Gif Ads Creation Part 5


It is at this stage where you make sure to put your ad tracking in order. Adding a tracker to your ad will help you know whether your ad is a success or not.

Facebook Gif Ads Creation Part 6


It is the last step. Not much can be done at this stage. It is here where you finalize the process and publish it.

Best practices for Facebook GIF Ads


Every advertiser should arm themselves with Facebook ad best practices. The following are some best practices every advertiser should consider;

Quality Matters

Facebook GIF ads

It is important to make high-quality images and animation but you should make sure that your creative work is discernable. If you can’t be able to design it then you will not be able to get enough returns.

Subtlety is Key


This is trying to keep the theme, don’t use excessive GIF ads that will divert from the main theme of the advert. Keep your message as simple as possible.

Gif or GTFO


Advertisers should always try to use a right file extension for their Facebook GIF advert.

Limit Use of Text


You should limit the use of text within your GIF. There is always room for text in your GIF, however, you should not write a lot of text in it.

It is recommended to use a series of GIFs instead of single flashy ones.

How to make A GIF

Use a GIPHY’s GIF maker to create a GIF.

Using the graph to make Facebook GIF Ads


For an existing video file, you only need to drag and drop the GIF image into the UI. For people working for the web-based asset, it is a beat different. In this case, you will need to insert the link to the video file you would like to make a GIF from.

From this point, you will be directed to an editing screen which has three options that are duration, caption and starts time. You can only create GIF that lasts for a few seconds using GIPHY.

The sliders will help you to approximate the starting point and the ending point for your GIF. You can then use the time-fields to convert the GIF to the exact time you want.

The starting and ending points of your GIF should be abrupt. There should be a very good transition between the starting point and the ending point.

Your GIF should include a call to action element and if it is missing, you should the caption feature to include it.

It is equally important to include a call to action element in the GIF itself the same way it should be included in the supporting ad copy. Once you are through, download your GIF and you are ready to make an advert.

How to upload a GIF

In Ads Manager

Facebook Gif Ads

Advertisers should begin by adding a new campaign and then choose the object that supports the video.

You can then select a single video in the format section. Upload your GIF the same way you would upload any video.

In Power Editor


To upload a GIF in a power editor, add a new campaign and then choose the appropriate objective for your video.

The second step is to choose the ad with a video or an image. Click on the video and then you can finally upload the gif file the same way as uploading a video/ you can decide to upload the gif or paste it into the link.

In Facebook Power Editor


For you to upload gif in Facebook power editor you just need to choose a video and then upload your GIF.

To Boost a Post With a GIF


To boost your post using a GIF, you should begin by uploading your GIF but you can also upload it directly.

If you are using a link, you should wait for the preview of your GIF to load and then post it to your page. Try to find the post on your page and if you can’t find it, you can load it again.

Click on the boost post to in order to promote it to an audience who is beyond your Facebook followers.

Using GIF to make any type of advert from a page may not be perfect but you can just find the post and then click on the promote button on the left where you can see all the ad format options.



Marketers are now rejoicing about because they are able to post GIF adverts on their pages. Facebook GIF ads offer many advantages to users.

First, it is easy to make. You just need to pop a video into GIPHY. By doing this you find yourself a GIF that will make your Facebook posts more interesting.

Facebook treats GIF as a link, therefore, you will need to upload it somewhere else is when you can post the link to it and before you delete the link, you should make sure that it has a preview.

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